Whether you are a weekend warrior, a professional fisherman or are new to the sport, you may be interested in a telescoping fishing rod. There are many appealing features to this style fo rod, the primary of which is their superior portability.

The best collapsible fishing rod is one that is made of high quality materials and can travel with you from freshwater to saltwater. It is important to choose a rod that is highly durable and will offer superior performance.

Choosing the best telescoping fishing rod doesn’t have to be hard. To start your search, we recommend getting a thorough understanding of the features to look for. It isn’t enough to memorize specs, having an understanding of the technology used will equip you with the knowledge to get the best rod for you.

To help you make the best selection, we have gone through to find the best rods available on today’s market. All of the collapsible fishing rods that we listed feature the highest quality materials and are designed for functionality. This is a great place to help you start your search in finding the best rod for you.

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How To Choose The Best Telescoping Fishing Rod – Buying Guide


Whether you are an experienced fisherman or new to the sport, you may be interested in getting a telescoping fishing rod. There are many reasons that make this such a desirable option. Having so many benefits, it is no wonder this style of fishing rod has grown in popularity so rapidly.

As with many all fishing rods, not all are made equally. Knowing the features to look for when making your selection will help you to find the best option for you. More than simply knowing what to look for, having a good understanding of the technology going into your collapsible fishing rod will help you to be a better fisherman.

These rods are a great option for many different fishermen and work to make this a more accessible option to so many people. Folding into a smaller size makes this sport more accessible to those who live in compartments, or who travel regularly.

Below, we go into thorough detail about all the features you will want to consider before making your decision on what is the best rod for your fishing experience. Be sure to consider the following key aspects.

Rod Length

As with any type of fishing, you will want to consider the length of your rod. The size of rod you choose should depend on your use and preference and not on external factors such as storage or even showing off.  When considering the full length of the rod, it is measured from the butt of the rod below the handle all the way to the very tip when fully extended.

For rods, it is important to remember that a longer rod is not necessarily a better option. You will need to go for a rod size that you can easily use. It is incredibly important to be able to control your rod when fishing. A rod that is longer in length may not be as easy to read hindering your fishing experience.

A bigger rod, if not properly controlled, will actually make you a worse fisherman. Not being able to use your rod properly could result in you jerking your line when reeling in and can even cause you to lose your fish. Having a smaller rod that you have better control over will allow you to smoothly reel in your catch and make you an overall better fisherman. Your reel size should directly depend on your experience level and general comfort.

Beginner fisherman will have a better time with a shorter rod. The fact that these rods are smaller will allow you to have better control over them and allow you to spend more time understanding the motions of the sport rather than focusing all your energy on fighting your rod.

The fact that these rods collapse down to a smaller size should mean that you don’t have to worry about how long your rod is. With this design, even the longest fishing rods will still shrink to become a manageable size that you will make transporting your rod easy.

While the full length of your rod is important, you will also want to look at the closed length of your fishing rod. While this length may be less important to you as it doesn’t play a direct role in your skills as a fisherman, it is still wise to note. This is especially true if you are looking to buy a bag to throw your gear into for travel. Having a compact size that can fit into a gear bag will allow you to take your fishing to new areas.


This spec is one that should be closely considered as it plays a direct role in your fishing experience. The flexibility of your rod refers to the natural movements it makes when you move it. This includes the movement to your rod that occurs when you get a bite.

The curve that you get to your rod plays a big role in many aspects of your fishing experience. The level of flexibility to your rod works to determine the power and the action behind your rod.

How much flex your rod has will play a big part in the quality of your fishing experience. It will work to determine how easy it is for you to reel in your catch and can even cause your line to tears in some cases.


Telescopic fishing rods have a lot of moving parts that make them more prone to breaking. A warranty will show how much faith the manufacturer has in their product. Warranties can range from 1 to 3 years while some may not even have one included. Those rods with longer warranties, or 100% satisfaction guarantees, will indicate the company’s use of durable build quality and high end materials. It will show that they have also designed the rod to last longer than a couple months.


Telescoping rods come made of a variety of different materials. As this type of rod increases in popularity, companies are continuously coming out with different materials that they deem to be the best options on the market.

The reality is, the different materials aren’t all made equally. The type of material that your rod is made of will be geared towards a specific purpose. Some materials are better at keeping your rod lightweight and ideal for travel while some are specifically designed for weather conditions and have desirable corrosion and rust resistant features. Some features materials built solely for durability and pack quite a punch.

The best telescoping fishing rods will be those that feature materials that serve many different purposes. Common materials used to make these style of rods are carbon fiber, a rugged material, and stainless steel, a material that excels at being weatherproof.

The material used determines every aspect of the functionality of your rod. For that reason, it is safe to say that your rod is only as good as the material used to make it. The material used determines the strength and flexibility of your rod. For this reason, it is wise to choose a material that will be able to perform under pressure.

The materials used to make the rod will most often be related directly to the rods price tag. Higher end rods will be made of expensive materials such as carbon fiber, graphite and fiberglass are most common.

Some rods even feature high end blends made from carbon fiber and carbon glass. These blends are powerful for many reasons, the primary of which is the amount of strength and flexibility this blend offers.

The aforementioned materials make the best fishing rods. All of the rods on our list features one of these materials. We strongly recommend against choosing a rod with any other materials. While they may be cheaper, their level of performance will simply not be worth it and result in a significantly less good fishing experience.


The power of a rod is essentially how strong it is. A higher power rating will give you the ability to catch bigger and heavier fish. The power is determined by the material just above the handle. A stronger and less flexible material will increase the power of the rod and decrease the sensitivity.

There are usually 3 levels when it comes to the power of a rod including medium, medium heavy, and heavy.  The heavy rods are quite strong but lack the sensitivity that the lower power rods have. This makes them great for large game rather than small fish. Many people will find the medium heavy rods the Goldilocks of the three. It finds the right balance of power between catching large game and being too sensitive. A medium rating means the rod is one of the more sensitive. You’ll be able to feel every fish strike and be able to react to set the hook. With that being said, telescoping rods are usually lower power than other types of rods.


One of the biggest issues with a telescoping rod is that they have a tendency to twist. Since these rods can extend they have to be made of lightweight material. This can increase the chance of the fish causing the reel to twist instead of bending as a solid rod would. You will need to pay attention when you’re extending or putting your rod together. Ensuring the rod is put together properly will ensure it doesn’t come apart while in bigger battles.


The action is how flexible the rod is when you throw a cast. It refers to how the rod moves when it has a fish on the line. The action works with the flex in the rod.

A slow action means your entire rod will move when you have a fish on the line. This is not ideal as the flex is harder to see. A medium action rating rod will feel the strike in the middle rather than the entire rod. This is getting better as you’ll be more able to identify when a fish strikes. But a fast action is the best. This means only the tip will react when you have to set the hook.

But that being said, slow action rods do have their benefits. Larger fish will be your target if you have a slow action rod as they will spread out effects of the weight. Fast action rods concentrate the weight transfer to the tip so that smaller fish will be more easily indicated.

You’ll want to have an action rod tailored to the type of fish and fishing style. Some fish act and strike differently so having different rods tailored for these traits will increase your chances of landing a catch. A slower action rod can make you react slower meaning you won’t have a chance to set the hook before the fish swims away.


As with any sport, you will want your gear to be durable enough to stand rugged outdoor use. The last thing you will want to do is feel like you have to baby your gear or be afraid of its durability. Having a rugged fishing rod is crucial to your enjoyment out on the water. Not only that, opting for a telescoping rod that is built for durability will increase the lifespan of your rod. This will end up saving you a lot of money in the long run.

How durable your rod is directly related to the materials used to make it. While materials such as graphite and fiberglass are common, they aren’t always the best for people who head into salt water. If you find that your rod will be used in both fresh and saltwater, materials such as stainless steel may be better to protect against these harsh conditions.


If there is one thing that telescopic travel rod rods excel at, it’s their superior convenience. There is one main reason to turn to this style of fishing rod and that’s its portability. This is a leading option for those like to travel as its compact size can be taken almost anywhere. This allows you to even take your gear with you on planes which greatly expands the areas that you can fish in and the type of fishing you can enjoy.

Not only simply for transport, this rod is incredibly easy to store. Many people living in small homes such as apartments will turn to this style of fishing rod as it allows you to store your gear with ease taking up far less room. The fact that this rod is more than just a simple convenience, it can even expand the lifespan as the easy storage will work to keep your gear safer.


All of these features combine to make your ideal telescoping rod. You’ll also have to factor in the species and size of fish you’re going after. Each rod will react differently in certain situations. You can even have multiple rods for different locations as well. If you want to ocean fish you’ll need a rod made from corrosion resistant materials. But if you’re going to take it ice fishing you’ll need one that can stand up to sub zero temperatures.

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Q: What is a Telescopic Fishing Rod?


To start with, it is important to know what a telescopic fishing rod is. These fishing rods are just like your average fishing rod, but with one very notable difference. Telescoping rods have the ability to collapse down to a smaller size. This makes them much more travel friendly and great for those who live in a smaller area. Some rods

It can get confusing as there are so many names that people use to describe these types of rods. Collapsible, portable, foldable, these are all regularly used to describe this type of fishing rod.

Q: How Does It Shrink Down So Small?


Telescoping rods work very much like you would expect. They are composed of several sections of rod, referred to as blanks. The section of your rod that sits closest to the handle will have the thickest diameter. Moving out towards the end of the rod the blanks start to taper in size with each section being slightly thinner than the next. This size discrepancy allows the blanks to collapse into itself when you want it to giving you a compact and travel sized rod.

Q: What Is The Rod Power And Action?


As you are battling fish out of the water, it is important that you have a powerful rod that is built for action, otherwise you risk losing your fish. You may be concerned by how much power can be drawn from a collapsible rod. While this is a fair concern, you will be pleased to hear that these rods still carry quite a bit of power.

Your fishing rods power rating is determined by the area just above the handle and reel of your rod. This area, referred to as the backbone section, determines the strength your rod will have. As this is the area that telescopes and collapses it doesn’t hold quite as much power as the average rod. With this being said, these rods still carry between a light and medium power rating. As you may guess, the thicker the diameter is of your handle and first blank, the more powerful your rod will be.

As for the action of your rod, collapsible rods will have a moderate or slow rating. The action of your rod is determined by how far from the tip your rod bends. Due to the build structure of your telescoping rod, you will likely not find a fast action rating.

Globo Surf Overview

For those that enjoy fishing, investing in a telescoping fishing rod may be a great thing for you. This type of rod allows you to take your fishing experience even further. Being able to bring your fishing rod with you everywhere you go will allow you to expand your opportunity to take part in the sport.

Many fisherman don’t fully understand the popularity of this type of rod and mistakenly think that all telescoping rods are about the same in quality and performance. Just as there is a significant variance to the quality in regular fishing rods, the same goes for these. That is why it is so important to know what goes into making a high quality rod.

All of the ten rods we have listed here are made using high quality materials and make up some of the best options on the market. Before looking to make your selection, it is crucial to have some background knowledge of what goes into making the best rods for you.

In this telescoping fishing rod review, we have given you in depth guidance of what features to look for, what to avoid, and how to pick the best telescoping fishermans rod for you. Being able to not only know what to look for but also having a thorough understanding of what technology is used for your rod will work to make you a better fisherman and provide you with a deeper understanding of the sport.

While no two fishing rods are made the same, choosing the best one for you will be based solely on personal preference and the type of fish you are hunting. Be sure to also consider how often you plan to use your rod as this should also help to determine how much to invest in the product.

Have fun and happy fishing!

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