The best dropshot rod increases the effectiveness of a drop shot rig in catching predatory fish that like to stay suspended in the water by placing a life-like lure right in front of their noses where they can’t resist a bite. Drop shot fishing is active, easy to master, versatile, effective where conditions are tough and a lot of fun. All these make it a favorite technique for plenty of anglers and its popularity is growing every day.

The right rod is crucial for success dropping drop shot rigs, sensing bites, setting hooks and fighting fish. So what is the best drop shot rod for the job? Overall, the ideal drop shot fishing rod will be a 7-feet long, medium light power rod with a fast action tip. To answer this question more specifically, we have evaluated and put together a list of the best dropshot rods that have the features and specs required to drop fish effectively and that have been tried and found to offer the best performance for drop shot fishing. Check them out below.

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How To Choose The Best Dropshot Rod – Buying Guide


So what makes a good rod for drop shot fishing? To help you determine the best drop shot rod to go for and to answer the questions you will have when selecting a rod such as what power drop shot rod to go for? What action do I need? What is the ideal drop shot rod length? Here is a buying guide with the features you need to pay attention to explained. 


A medium light power rod is ideal for drop shot fishing. Such a rod can cast lightweight dropshot rigs a long distance and has just the right combination of sensitivity, flexibility, and strength. It is sensitive enough to transmit the slightest bites to the blank and handle, has sufficient flex and backbone for good hook sets on thin wire hooks without ripping the hook out of a fish’s mouth and to fight running fish and bring them from cover while keeping the line intact. 


A 7 feet long fishing rod delivers the best performance for most drop shot fishing situations. It casts a good distance, handles the ideal weight range of between 5g and 15g for most small and medium weight lures well and is great for fishing tight spots. It is also the ideal length for a beginner or junior angler looking to master drop shot fishing. Some anglers prefer shorter lengths that offer more control for accurate casting. Longer lengths are ideal for longer casts, seasoned anglers, heavier weights and fishing from a boat. 


When choosing a drop shot fishing pole, there are different aspects of weight to consider. First of all, the best drop shot rod is lightweight so it is flexible, sensitive and comfortable to handle even for long hours dropping rigs.

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Another aspect of weight to consider is the fishing line pound test and lure weight rating the rod is designed for. Being a finesse fishing technique, drop shot fishing requires 4 to 10-pound-test lines and 1/8 oz to 1/4 oz lure weights. A spinning rod with these line and lure weight rating will be great for dropping dropshot rigs. 

Then there are the drop-shot weights tied at the end of the leader line to keep the line steady and bait life-like. A round ball weight is dense so it’s easy to feel the action easily. It suits vertical fishing under sparse cover. The long, pencil weights are the go-to when fishing in snaggy, weedy or rocky settings.

Dropshot weights have a swivel for easier clipping onto the line and for easier movement of the weights when the angler wants to adjust the lure position.


Using baits or lures that fish will bite is important for drop fishing success. The best drop shot baits are neutrally buoyant so they hover on the water mimicking natural movements and tempting the fish to bite. Some of the most effective baits for drop shot fishing include finesse worm, Senko worm, shad style bait, craw baits, creature baits, wacky crawlers, and shaky worms. Nose hook baits that are three inches long or smaller and watermelon colors work great. 


Hooks used in drop fishing should have sharp points for hooking the baits in such a way that they make life-like movements. Their unique shape keeps the lure in a horizontal position at a right angle to the line.


When drop shot fishing the more sensitive the rod, the better so that it is easier to feel what is going on with the lure and set the hook at the right time. This is why the one thing that dropshot fishing rods have in common is a soft tip. The ideal drop shot rod has a fast action tip that bends in the top third portion.

It helps with long distance casting, gives the bait natural looking movements, has excellent sensitivity and transmits even the slightest nibbles from the end of the terminal tackle to the handle, and its action enables a nice hook set. 

A fast action tip also has enough fish-fighting strength and complements the light-weight line used with drop shot rigs preventing line breakage when fighting fish. 



Q: What Is Drop Shot Fishing?


Drop shot fishing is a finesse technique that uses a weight and a Palomar knot to make the hook lie horizontally in the water so the bait is suspended in the water life-like and moved in a natural pattern by the water so fish find the lure irresistible.

Drop shot fishing is excellent at catching predatory species such as perch, zander, and pike that like to stay suspended in the water. It is also an effective fishing technique for when conditions are tough such as in rainy and foul weather, in the cold of winter and above cover and structure. It can be applied in canals, slow-moving rivers, and still waters.

Q: How To Drop Shot Efficiently?


To drop shot efficiently requires a well set up drop shot rig composed of the right rod, reel, line and leader, hook, lure, and weight. How to rig a drop shot properly is explained next.

Drop the rig straight down on top of your target position until the line goes slack. Reel up until the line is taut and almost straight down and the weight is at the bottom keeping the line steady.

Without lifting the weight from the bottom, shake the rod gently to wiggle the lure and suspend it so it is in the zone where the fish are at and looks alive.

Patiently wait for a fish to bite. You may feel a tug, a slight motion or detect just a little more weight on the line. This is why a highly sensitive fishing rod that transmits even the slightest of bites is crucial.

When you’re sure the fish has the bait in its mouth, set the hook.

Q: How to Rig a Drop Shot?


A drop shot rig is made up of the main fishing line tied to a hook and a trailing leader line with a weight tied to its end so that the weight is at the bottom and the hook and bait are above it. To rig a drop shot, you will need a 4-10 pound test fishing line and leader and a drop shot hook, bait and weight. Here’s how to set up the rig:

Pick the hook between your fingers and push the line through the top of the hook eyelet. Leave a foot or longer tag end for the leader. Use a light braid for your main line and a fluorocarbon leader.

Using a Palomar knot, tie a small drop-shot hook onto the line, about 12 to 20 inches up from the end. The hook should be perpendicular to the line. You can reduce line twist by using a swivel above the hook. At the tag end of the leader line, tie a drop-shot weight.

Bait the hook with a lure by impaling a tip of the worm on the hook. Push it down onto the bend to leave an open hook. Point the hook up so it will stick the fish better. That’s it. You’ve rigged a drop shot.

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Mastering drop shot fishing will give you a whole new way to fish effectively in tough conditions. Having the best drop shot rod will enable you to enjoy everything that drop shot fishing has to offer. If you’re not sure what rod is best for you, check out our best dropshot rod reviews above.

All fishing rods in the list are top quality, effective at this technique and top rated drop shot rods offered by different brands and falling under different price ranges. Follow the buying guide to identify one that will suit you best. With the right rod, an effective drop shot rig and patience, you’ll be amazed at the effectiveness of this exciting finesse fishing technique at catching fish.

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