Nothing is better than being out on the lake with family or friends enjoying nature; talking, laughing, fishing. And it all gets better when you have everything you need for the day in the outdoors. When it comes to fishing, you need to have the right tools and gear to get the most out of the activities. For a good ‘ol fisherman’s catch, you better have the right hooks.

Fishing hooks are an underrated essential to the sport – thus, a deeper understanding of the purpose of the fish hook can help you become a better fisherman. Fishing hooks come in different shapes, weights and configurations that can optimize your success with catching a wide variety of fish or specific types of fish. Below are the 10 best fishing hooks in 2023 to outlining what makes them best, a clear lesson from those who know how to identify the best fishing hooks – to help widen your horizons.

How To Choose A Fishing Hook – Buying Guide


Type Of Fish

Naturally, the first thing you’ll want to consider is the type of fish you’re targeting. If you’re going after trophy-sized fish or angling for a marlin or a swordfish then you’ll want a fish hook that is large enough to match the power and aggressiveness of this fish. Otherwise, if you’re simply taking your kid out on a trip fishing for bluegills, then you’ll want to bring along smaller hooks in your tackle box.

Types Of Points

Fishing Hooks are available in a single point, double point, and triple point (treble hooks) for all types of lure and bait fishing. Lure hooks usually have regular-length shanks, straight eyes (not turned up or down), rounded bends, and straight or curved points.


Sizes matters a lot when it comes to catching fish; the bigger the fish the more intensive fight will be. Thus, you need a bigger hook for bigger fish. However, if you use a hook that is too big it won’t penetrate the fish’s mouth as quickly and you’re also not going to be able to present your bait as well. Due to this you need to use the smallest hook possible for the fish size that you want to catch as this will increase your chances of being able to make that catch. Fish hooks come in a wide variety of sizes so it’s important to check and many of these products come in assortment packs so you’ll be able to experiment with different sizes of hook.


Fishing hooks should be made from a strong and durable material such as high carbon steel. Some manufacturers use a unique Dura steel coating that not only makes their fishing hooks ultra-durable but also gives the hooks a highly reflective sheen which is very effective at attracting fish. Red fishing hooks, like the Eagle Claw Fishing Hooks, are also a great choice as the red color is like a wounded baitfish which is very effective at attracting the attention of nearby fish.


A hook isn’t going to last you for a lifetime as they are relatively small bits of metal that have to undergo a lot of stress but this is no excuse for having poorly made hooks. The most excellent fishing hooks will last a lot longer than cheaper models. If you get a cheaper hook stuck on a rock or some other hard-to-move object then there’s a good chance it will snap or blunt the hook. Having a high-quality hook reduces the chance of this happening but more importantly, high quality hooks increase the chance of holding onto a fish bite.

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Focus on the specific shape and versatility. The arch of the hook can make it easier to catch certain types of fish, while for others, if the shape of the hook is too curved, it may not fit properly in the fish’s mouth. Ask yourself questions such as can this fishing hook be used in fresh or salt water, or both? Some fishing hooks feature barbs or ridges to keep the fish on the line for as long as possible.

Value And Versatility

Value is where you sum up all the other metrics and put it against the price. It is hard to know whether something is a good purchase or not without knowing all that it offers. Purchase a good fishing hook that is worth your budget and one that is adaptive and can be used both in salt water and fresh water.


There are many different types of fishing hooks. The shape of the hook can vary widely with different types of curves, bends, and point or eye offsets. The hook’s point is the most important part of the fishing hook. It needs to be strong and sharp to penetrate the flesh of the fish so that the fish stays securely on the end of the line while you reel it in. The overall shape of the fishing hook will determine its overall hook penetration and bait and fish holding ability.


Q: How Many Times Can I Reuse A Hook Before It Rusts?


Most fishing hooks are meant to last long, they can be reused as many times as possible. That being said, if some of the finishes get nicked then rust can occur. However, if you would like to attempt to restore some of your old rusty hooks, you can throw in some elbow grease and use sand paper to scrub it off. If this doesn’t result in hooks as clean as you would like, you can later soak the hooks in apple cider vinegar until the rust dissolves.

Q: Does Color Matter?


Colored live bait hooks are becoming increasingly popular, but only few brands offer hooks in any color other than the original. Some fish like different colored prey, this why soft plastic bait can be multi colored, but for most part the hook color is for you.

Q: Are Hook Freshwater And Saltwater Specific?


Most fishing hooks that we have reviewed on this list were rated for both fresh water and salt water, except when specified. The main difference between the two hooks is the shape. Salt water hooks tend to have a thicker coating on them because salt water can cause corrosion much faster than fresh water.

Globosurf Overview

Fishing hooks are available in a range of sizes, each of which is designed to catch from a tiny sunfish to a gargantuan marlin. Despite being one of the most basic components of fishing equipment, many people still find themselves confused when it comes to choosing the right size of fish hook to use. If you are one of them, we are confident the brief lesson above has helped make the process easier for you. So take some time to familiarize yourself with these little life savers, talk to a seasoned angler and you know what go out to the waters and sample them until you perfect the art of choosing the right fishing hook.  At the end of the day, we guarantee a successful fishing experience.

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