For surf and beach fishermen, a fishing sinker is a basic necessity of their fishing tackle. Not all fish swim at the same depths in the tides and a fishing sinker can help you increase your chances of making a catch. The main function of a fishing sinker is to hold your bait in place in the water. They can be added to virtually any fishing rig, which is perfect for versatile fishermen. Whether the fishing weight wafts in the current or stays in the same spot, there are a variety of shapes and sizes to help you get the best fishing advantage.

How To Choose A Fishing Sinker – Buying Guide


The best fishing sinker will depend on what type of fish you are trying to catch, the water, and your fishing rod setup. Below are the most important features that you should consider when choosing surf fishing weights.


The most common material that is used for saltwater fishing sinkers is lead because it is heavy and inexpensive. A lead sinker for surf fishing may have people worried about any harmful effects and it is true you will have to take more caution.

When choosing to use a lead sinker, be very careful to keep it away from the mouths of children and pets. For everyone fishing, try to limit the amount of contact that they have with handling the weight. If they touch it, ensure they thoroughly wash their hands.

If lead has you worried, there are other metal sinkers available. Bismuth and Tungsten are two metals that are as heavy as lead but have fewer side effects. The only drawback is that they are more expensive than lead. But with any metal, as long as you use it carefully, you should have no lasting effects.

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To get the best out of you fishing trip, there are surf fishing weights that are designed to specifically cater to your needs based on the fish you want to catch and the water in which you are fishing. Not all storm sinkers have the same shape and this plays to the fisherman’s advantage.

The most widely used and now standard shape is the egg. An egg sinker weight for surf fishing is used when you want to take your bait all the way to the bottom. It has a round design with a hole in the middle, so you can easily attach it to your fishing line. It is great for being stealthy because when a fish bites, it won’t feel the surf fishing weight, so it doesn’t get scared off.

A weight pyramid sinker for surf fishing is very similar to a bank sinker shape, but both can be used for bottom or current fishing. The bank sinker is a little more rounded, whereas the triangle has defined edges.

The split shot is the easiest shape to use because it takes no special knot to attach it to the fishing line. You can also quickly remove it, if your fishing conditions change.

A frog tongue sinker is the shape that is specialized for surf fishing. It is a great shape for rough conditions, like when the moon is full and the tides change. They can sit in the current or go to the bottom. With added tension, they can even bury in the sand to hide from the fish.



Q: What is a fishing sinker?


A fishing sinker is a small piece of metal that is molded into different shapes, which is used to help add weight to your fishing line and hold your fishing bait at a specific depth in the water. They are small and versatile gear that is essential for saltwater and surf fishing. They should be easily added to any saltwater fishing rods and line, which means you don’t have to worry about multiple surf fishing rigs.

Q: What are the benefits from using a fishing sinker?


The biggest benefit of using a sinker weight for surf fishing is the advantage and versatility to catch a variety of fish. Not all fish are surface feeders, and many will swim at different depths. By using surf fishing weights, you can optimize how you surf and target your fish. The surf sinkers will easily keep your bait below the surface of the waves, so that the fish have a chance to see it and take a bite.

Q: When should I use a sinker?


Any time you are fishing in the surf, you will want to use a surf fishing weight. But you can also use fishing weights for freshwater fishing conditions too. Any time you want your bait below the surface, a weight can be used.

It is important to note that fishing weights are about balance. You want to have enough weight that your bait sits exactly where you need it to be, but that it isn’t too heavy for a fish to take a bite. You can check different shapes to see how deep they sink bait, so you can find the perfect match.

Sinker for surf fishing reviews are also a great way to find a top rated fishing sinker. Many buyers will comment about what conditions they use their surf sinkers for and how well they worked. This can save you time by helping you eliminate poor designs.

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Fishing is a great activity that has a lot of benefits and learning to fish in the surf can be an exciting new activity. When you’re out in the tides, surf sinkers will help you position your bait in the best place to catch fish. The best fishing sinker is heavy, durable, and easy to attach to any fishing rod setup. We hope that our fishing sinkers guide will help you find the perfect fishing weight for your fishing adventure.

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