Fishing for catfish has long been one of the most popular types of fishing that you can do for a specific fish and that’s for a good reason. They are relatively easy to find but catching them is far from easy as some of them grow to be very large and pulling them up can take a lot of strength.

Due to that level of strength, choosing the best hook for catfish is important otherwise you are going to lose the battle. Choosing the best catfishing hook involves selecting the right size first and foremost but also you want to make sure it ranks well in sharpness, durability and type among other factors.

Here at Globo Surf we have looked through the hook for catfish reviews to show you the best products on the market and have developed a buying guide to answer all of your questions. Once you’ve finished reading, you’ll be able to choose the top rated catfishing hook and start claiming more catches than ever.

How To Choose The Best Hook For Catfish – Buying Guide



It almost goes without saying that a fish hook needs to be sharp otherwise it won’t be able to pierce the fish’s mouth and you’re going to miss out on your catch. If you have hooks that have been made dull from use then you’re not going to be able to have the same success rate.

Hooks can be sharpened but if you buy one that is razor sharp to begin with and well-made then this is going to be able to last you for a long time. That’s why it’s important to buy quality as that way you ensure that you are getting a durable hook that is going to be reliable when the times comes.


Size obviously matters when it comes to catching fish as the bigger the fight, the bigger your hook needs to be. If you use a hook that is too big though then it won’t penetrate the fish’s mouth as quickly and you’re also not going to be able to present your bait as well.

Due to this you need to use the smallest hook possible for the fish size that you want to catch as this will increase your chances of being able to make that catch. Fish hooks come in a wide variety of sizes so it’s important to check and many of these products come in assortment packs so you’ll be able to experiment with different sizes of hook.


A hook isn’t going to last you for a lifetime as they are relatively small bits of metal that have to undergo a lot of stress but this is no excuse for having poorly made hooks, as the best ones are going to last for a lot longer than cheaper models.

If you get it stuck on a rock or some other hard-to-move object then there’s a good chance it will snap or blunt the hook. Having a high-quality hook gives you less chance of this happening but more importantly, more chance of holding onto that bite.


There are quite a few fishing hook types but circle hooks are the most commonly used type of hook for catfishing, as these are designed to hook into the mouth of the fish and the catfish will be able to stay on the end of the line, regardless of how much it struggles. These are ideal for catch and release fishing as they tend not to harm the fish in a permanent way.

Kahle hooks are another popular choice for catfish. These hooks tend to have a wider gap to them which will allow you to use larger baits to generally catch bigger fish. These are also effective in being used as a catch and release hook but work perfectly for any type of catfishing.

O’Shaughnessy, J hooks and flathead catfish hooks can also be used but these are less popular for catfish and can be easier for the catfish to throw the hook. One hook they won’t be throwing is treble hooks which are deadly sink bait holders. These aren’t suitable for catch and release fishing as they are often swallowed by the catfish and cause a lot of damage.



Q: What Is Catfish Hook?


As with most things in fishing, one item can be used for a variety of different circumstances and the hooks in this list can be used for a wide variety of fish and not just catfish. When it comes to a hook for a specific fish though then there are factors that you need to consider.

The most crucial is size as if you’re using a tiny hook or one that is big enough to get sharks to bite then you aren’t going to be very successful in catching catfish. There are also other key factors such as where the hook is going to be sat in the mouth, that type of bait it is going to hold and what damage it is going to cause.

A catfish hook is basically any look that can be used to catch catfish but these won’t specifically be just for catfish as they can be used for other similar species as well if you wanted to do a different type of fishing.

Q: Why Do I Need A Hook For Catfishing?


Unless you are casting a large net, you are going to need to use a hook to be able to catch some catfish and that hook needs to be appropriate for the size of fish that you wanted to watch but also your intended purpose as well.

For example, if you’re using a treble hook then you are not going to be able to catch and release the fish as this will more than likely be swallowed by the fish and be a cause of death. If you want to catch and release then using a hook such as a circle hook could be a much better option and a kinder option even if you wanted to keep the fish.

Getting a hook which is ideal for catfish will vastly increase your chances of getting a bite and a well-made hook will be able to turn that bite into a catch without harming the fish too much.

Q: What Is The Best Size For A Catfish Hook?


The answer to this question naturally depends on where you are going to be fishing for those catfish and also what size you are looking to catch. If you’re using circle hooks and looking to hook on some medium –sized channel fish then you probably want a hook around 5/0 or 6/0 in size.

If you’re using a kahle hook and are looking to claim catfish that re about 10 pounds in weight then you will want a size of around 2/0 or 3/0. The best fishing hook sizes though are not only determined by the type of hook and the size of the fish that you want to catch, but also by other aspects like the type of fishing you will be doing and the location.

These are only rough guides and this is where experience can count and also asking other anglers around you which is the best size for that area.

Q: Can I Reuse The Hooks?


These hooks are made to be strong and reliable and can be used time and time again if they are damaged. Two key aspects to look out for though is whether the hook has become dull and also if there is any metal fatigue, if your hook is showing these signs of wear then it’s best to move one.

Globo Surf Overview

Catching catfish can be a very rewarding experience as you most likely won’t be waiting a long time to get one to bite but when you do, you could well have a fight on your hands. You might have the best fishing backpack on the market and you could well be using the best rod but if you don’t have a suitable catch then that bite won’t ever become a catch.

Choosing the best fishing hook involves taking many aspects into account such as the sharpness of the hook, the size, durability and the type as well. When you have that all worked out then you’ll be in a much better decision to make a choice on which hook is going to be the best for you.

Hopefully this buying guide has been able to clear up any questions that you may have so you’re able to go out to the water and cast your fishing line knowing that you’re using the best catfish hook for your situation. When you do, you’ll be able to catch more catfish than ever before.

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