There are so many feelings and thoughts that jump in when you think of fishing – the quiet tranquility of the activity, the water, and nature. But nothing is more exciting and satisfying than actually catching and landing your fish. Thus, many of us always find ways to increase the chances of such occurrences.

The use of fishing nets is one way to enhance your chances of a successful catch and land. However, this may not be enough. You want to choose the best fishing nets that boast all favorable features to allow for a successful land.  Good quality and ideally designed fishing net will securely catch you fish without risking harm or escape. Furthermore, they will increase the speed of your fishing process without compromising your comfort.

Listed below re the 8 best fishing nets in 2023. Each unit boasts its qualities, features, and designs that make it an ideal choice. It’s all up to you to go for the option that appeals most to you.

How To Choose A Fishing Net – Buying Guide



When choosing the best fishing net, the size is an essential feature. You will notice that size is divide into three different categories. You will notice the size of the net (also known as the depth), the hoop size as well as the length of the handle. The net size and depth, determine if the net can catch the fish you intend to catch.

A deeper net size allows you to easily and comfortably catch your fish without risking escape or harm. A deeper net size also allows you to go deeper into the water which in turn means that you can catch more kinds of fish. The length of the fishing net handle is also an important factor to consider. The heavier or larger the net, the longer your handle length should be.

A longer and heavier-duty handle also allows for more comfortable fishing and reduces bending and flexing.  The net shape also affects size. The common net shapes are teardrop, circle, oval and flat bottom.  A circle or teardrop-shaped net typical measures anywhere from 10 to 12 inches and is ideal for shallow waters and smaller fish.

Oval shaped nets tend to be a little large-sized anywhere from 15 to 18 inches. These types of net shapes are ideal for larger fish, deeper and rougher waters.  Flat bottom nets on the other end are large and deeper. They also make the catch and release process easier because you don’t even need to lift the net as fish will be lying flat rather than sideways.


The material is also another important feature to examine when choosing the best landing nets.  The material of your fishing net is examined through the net, frame, and handle. The best fly fishing nets are made of rubber or nylon mesh.  Some even feature coatings such as silicone or latex. This allows for full waterproof qualities that prevent the net from becoming wet, lose, or rotten.

Additionally, the rubber material is also gentler on the fish thus, preventing potential harm when they are caught. You also want to go for nets with minimal or no knots at all to prevent the chances of harming your fish. Nylon nets are also favored because of their naturally durable and weather resistant qualities.  You also dot want your net to have a popping color to scare away your fish.

The best fly fishing nets feature subtle and clear colors that attract fish yet maintains visibility for you. For handle and frame material, you want to go for a lightweight yet durable option. You don’t want your fishing net to weigh down on you as you are handling it. But at the same time, you don’t want a material that easily damages. The best fly fishing nets are made with aluminum alloy, carbon fibers, or fiberglass frames. An EVA handle also enhances grip when operating your net.


Support is also a great determinant of the best fly fishing nets. Support comes from the fishing net handle. Dock or pier fishing requires a long and strong handle that will not bend. For fishing nets, this design is achieved by going for a retractable and extendable handle.

You also want to purchase a foldable or telescopic fishing net handle to make storage and transportation easier. A good fishing net handle should also be lightweight so you can easily use it. Material such as aluminum, fiberglass composite, and carbon fiber tend to be less heavy than wooden or bamboo handles.

Also, choose a handle that is easy to operate. For example, if you go for a telescopic handle, choose one that easily opens up and closes. When it comes to handling look for designs such as molded handles or EVA padded handles that enhance grip.

Additionally, fishing nets such as the Plussino Fly Fishing Landing feature a magnetic release which helps to make them more efficient. The magnetic release helps to keep fish and nest safe from harm and loss. Furthermore, some magnetic release comes with a sturdy carabiner that can be clipped on to your gear to safely hold them.

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When choosing a fishing net to purchase, you must keep in mind that there are four main types. These include landing. Casting, baitwell, and seines nets. Landing nets are used to capture fish that are caught on a hook. The best fishing nets for landing tend to be smaller. Whilst these designed for bigger and saltwater fisher are larger.

Casting and seines nets on the other end are ideally designed for bigger fish. When using them, you must balance their weight on the sides and use lines to retrieve fish. Their nets should also be constantly treated to prevent loss of shape. Baitwell fishing nets capture fish from tanks and buckets. They are ideally used for bait fishing. Teardrop-shaped nets are ideal for buckets.

Size And Shape Of The Hoop

The size and shape of the hoop are also goo determinants of its effectiveness. A smaller sized hoop is ideal for smaller fish. This ultimately means that the larger the fish size you choose, the bigger your hoop must be. If you are looking to fish for a varied size, you may want to invest in multiple fishing nets. Medium-sized hoops are also a good idea sometimes.

It is also good to do some research on the fish you want to catch to better understand the size. For example, a good hoop size for bass fishing should be at least 2-feet wide. The shape of the hoop similarly affects the function, especially for larger fish. The most common hoop-shaped are teardrop or rectangular shaped.

Handle Material And Length

As mentioned above, the material and length of the handle are important. The common and best material used for handles are aluminum, fiberglass composite, and carbon fiber. Treated wood is also a good material option, although sometimes, it may be a little heavier than the rest.

The other options are great lightweight options. They are also known to be quite sturdy and impact resistant. These characteristics are very important to the handle’s function to ensure it doesn’t bend or flex. Especially for larger fish, you want an extremely durable and strong handle.

The handle can also be either molded or padded with EV to enhance grip. In terms of the length, if you are opting for pier or dock fishing, a longer handle is ideal. If you are fishing at closer proximity, a shorter length should be a problem. Telescopic rather than foldable handles tend to be the best choice because there are minimal chances of weak points.



Q: Are Rubber Nets Better For Fish?


Yes. Rubber nets are better for fish. This is because they tend to b gentler on the fish skin when the fish is caught and easily releases them into the water.

Q: What Are The Different Types Of Fishing Nets?


The main types of fishing nets are landing, baitwell, casting, and seines fishing nets

Q: Do I Need A Net For Fishing?


If not for catch and release, a net is not necessary. A net will allow you to catch fish faster however, with little risk of escape compared to a hook by itself.

Q: What Is Landing Net?


A landing net is used when you want to catch and release fish. They normally made of woven fibers and suspended from a hoop whilst supported with a long handle. The net is a more reliable way to ensure you catch the fish without losing them. The landing net allows you to catch the fish, examine them then release them back into the water. These types of nets are ideally designed to prevent harm or loss of the fish.

Q: What Is Mesh?


A mesh is a type of fishing net. A mesh describes the way the fishing net fibers are stitched or woven together. A mesh also describes what the fishing net is made of. This is the actual fabric or material that captures fish and where they lay when they are aught.

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The fishing net reviews outline their concise use in the outdoors. Whether you are fishing for catching and release purpose or simply want to expedite your fishing process, the fishing nets do come in quite handy. The intricate relationship between their features also describes how choosing the right option enhances their effectiveness and function.

So the buying guide above is an excellent tool to guide you on exactly what to look for when choosing the best fishing net to invest in. and the list of the 8 best fish landing nets above is an ideal location to begin your search.

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