Fly fishing is a unique technique, which can be enjoyed by beginner or expert fishermen. But what do fly fishing and bamboo have in common? With every fishing trip you need the best gear and tackle. A top rated bamboo fly fishing rod makes for great gear because it is eco-friendly, organic, strong, and accurate.

We want to help you find the best bamboo fly fishing rod that you’ll enjoy taking on every trip to the river. Our list of the three best bamboo fly rods will help you get started in your search and a comprehensive buying guide is included to provide you with quality information. With a hollow built bamboo fly rod, you can take your fishing experience to the next level.

How To Choose A Bamboo Fly Rod – Buying Guide



Practicality is important when selecting a top rated bamboo fly fishing rod because it will depend on your fishing location and circumstances. Bamboo fly rod makers have plenty of designs with different lengths and actions, which are all suited for different fishing trips. You will also find that bamboo rods are practical because they can be used with a variety of fly fishing reels and baits. While the best bamboo fly rod will always be practical, but it is important that you take the time to find a design that suits your needs.

But you also may be wondering whether bamboo is even practical to use when fishing. The answer is yes. Bamboo spey rods are very practical for fishing because they are extra strong, flexible, and reliable. While most people would turn to a metal or graphite fishing rod or other material construction, bamboo is a great choice because it is heavier. The extra weight of bamboo can help you cast further and have an exceptional balance for a better fishing performance.


Natural bamboo is already a strong material and it takes a lot of force and strength to break it apart. When you have bamboo that is finely crafted into a rod, it is even harder to break because there will be high quality seals and varnishes that protect the bamboo from damage.

Similar to any other material used in fly fishing rods, bamboo has the strength to reel in large fish without snapping your rod in two. Plus, in addition to strength bamboo is also flexible. The flexibility of the bamboo will ensure that your rod can easily bend with the pull of a fish and you won’t be left with broken gear.

But the strength needed to reel in a fish shouldn’t only be put on the bamboo rod. You should also look for quality tackle like strong fly fishing lines to ensure that you have the best setup to catch different species of fish. Bamboo fly rod reviews can help you determine the strength of a specific design and tell you in what types of conditions or with what types of species of fish it is suited to be used with.

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The best bamboo fly fishing rod will be available in a variety of lengths. With any fishing rods, there is not a one length serves all fishermen design. Instead, most rods will come in lengths that range from 6-12 feet. You may also hear people refer to the length of the rod as bamboo fly rod tapers. This is because bamboo fly rod tapers define the length, line weight, and flex of your rod.

But overall, the longer the length of bamboo spey rods, the harder they are to control. With extra-long rods, you will have a lot more flex as your equipment bends with the force of a pulling fish. While you need extra flex for large catches, it also makes it harder to control your hollow built bamboo fly rod. Beginner fishermen would be better off with a shorter length rod because it gives them more control while they cast and reel.

But any high-quality bamboo fly rod makers will have designs that suit all types of fisherman and fishing conditions, which means it is important that you read the product specifications of each product to determine the length of the design.


The action of a fishing rod refers to how much the tip or end of the rod bends when a fish is pulling on your fishing line. It also relates to how fast the rod is able to return to its normal state of being straight. Different materials have different actions and different actions are best suited for specific types of fishing.

Bamboo will likely have a medium action, which means that about 1/3 of the length of the rod will bend as a fish pulls on your line. While it isn’t the fastest to return to the neutral position, it moves at a controlled pace to ensure that you have increased stability.

Bamboo fly rod reviews can help you determine the action of bamboo spey rods when you are shopping online, but if you are shopping in person, you can easily check the action for yourself. If you are in a store, you can gently press the tip of your rod into the ground, making sure that all the guides are properly lined up.

As you apply a little force, the rod should bend, and you can see where the flexibility is situated. A fast action has the least about of flex with only the very top portion of your rod bending. Slow action means that the tip of the rod could bend all the way to the handle, and this is the most extreme action and flexibility that a rod can have.



Q: What Is A Bamboo Fly Rod?


A bamboo fly rod uses a traditional fly-fishing rod design, but instead of using metal or graphite in the main body’s construction it uses bamboo. Bamboo is a natural fiber that is known for having high strength and durability. While bamboo fly rod makers once made them more for decoration, many fishermen are now eager to experience a more organic feel on their fishing trip.

Q: Why Choose A Bamboo Fly Rod?


The best bamboo fly fishing rod will have all the qualities of a regular fly rod, but include the additional benefits of being eco-friendly and eye-catching. Most fishermen won’t be using a bamboo rod, but those who do immediately have a conversation starter because of the beautiful and unique material. But beyond looks and being environmentally friendly, bamboo rods also have benefits that other rods don’t.

Many fishermen and bamboo fly rod reviews will tell you that a hollow built bamboo fly rod is more sensitive and has more finesse than other designs. This will provide fishermen will controlled and even casts that can also enhance your precision. With better overall motion, fishermen are more likely to have a great experience on the water and make more successful catches.

Q: What Is The Difference Between A Regular and Bamboo Fly Rod?


The only difference between a regular and bamboo fly rod is the material of the main body. Graphite is a popular material that is used in regular fly rods because it is strong and lightweight. Most fishermen will immediately turn to a graphite construction because of its useful features. But other metals may also be used in a regular fly rod’s construction, which can be more affordable for fishermen on a budget.

A bamboo fly rod will use bamboo in the main body construction, which is heavier than most graphite or metal regular fly rods. However, the extra weight of a bamboo fly rod allows you to cast further and makes it stronger. But unlike many fishermen who may think you are using an untreated piece of bamboo; bamboo fly rods have all the features of a regular fly rod.

Bamboo fly rod makers put precision and care into the construction of their rods, and this means that the rod will still be equipped with guides, tips, and ferrules. You won’t be using a plain piece of bamboo and you’ll have everything a regular fly rod would have so that you can be more successful on your fishing trips.

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For fishermen who are ready to go against the grain and break out from the normal, a top rated bamboo fly fishing rod can be the gear piece they need for a great fishing trip. While more unique than a graphite or metal fly fishing rod, bamboo is a strong and durable material that is long lasting and comes packed with its own benefits. The best bamboo fly rod will feel good in your hand and be functional so that you make successful catches and reel in an award winning fish.

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