Fishing is an activity that has a lot of health benefits and is enjoyed by many people, regardless of their skill level. But fishing hasn’t always been the most convenient sport because it requires a lot of gear and equipment like a rod, reel, and lure. But now, with a top rated pocket fishing rod, inconvenience is a thing of the past. 

Whether you’re heading off to a remote fishing location or just want to be ready to fish at any time, the best pen fishing rod will become you’re go-to adventure buddy. But if you’re new to using a mini fishing rod, you may feel a little lost when it comes to choosing a model. Our list of the ten best pen fishing rods and comprehensive buying guide will make shopping easier and match you with a quality pen rod and reel that you can take everywhere. 

How To Choose A Pen Fishing Rod – Buying Guide



As you may be able to guess by the name, the little fishing rods on our list will all have a design that resembles that of a standard writing pen. The pen pocket fishing rods even include a cap that covers the rod when it is not extended and being used for fishing. The pen design makes for a fishing rod that is ultra-compact and lightweight so that you can truly take it anywhere. 


When you miniaturize objects that are normally quite large, the issue of quality may be a concern. With the best pen fishing rod, you shouldn’t have to compromise quality for a compact size. Instead, a top rated pocket fishing rod should use good materials and a strong construction to ensure that they still have an excellent overall quality. 

The best pocket fishing rod should also have a quality construction that can take a rougher handling. While you don’t want to go and damage your pen fishing pole, it also should break due to a few minor accidents or mistakes made by a beginner fishermen.  

Pen fishing rod reviews can help you determine the quality of a design and determine whether it will be able to tackle reeling in a fish or leave you frustrated and with broken equipment. 

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Rod and Reel Compatibility

The best pocket fishing rod should come with a reel that ensures it is fully compatible with your rod. Due to the size of a micro pen fishing rod, you cannot use a standard reel. Instead, a mini reel should be included with your purchase. Most reels will have a tough construction and connect with the pen fishing pole by sliding into two guided grooves. Pen fishing rod reviews can help you determine the compatibility of your pen rod and reel because there should never be any issues. 


A top rated pocket fishing rod should also be made of quality materials to ensure that it is strong, durable, and lightweight. The vast majority of little fishing rods will be made of a combination of aluminum alloy and fiberglass. Aluminum alloy is extreme lightweight, while the fiberglass gives the pen rod and reel more rigidity for fishing. You should always ensure that quality materials are used so that you know you are getting the best. All materials should be listed in the product specifications and pen fishing rod reviews can help you decide whether they are up to par or if you should keep looking. 


Most pocket fishing rods will be telescopic, which is what allows them to compact into such a small size for storage and carrying. Whether you’re using a pen rod for trout fishing or a pen fly fishing rod, the majority of the rod will have a telescopic feature. You may find a pen rod for trout fishing that has a spinning reel, or you may prefer one that has a different setup to be used for fly fishing. But the best pocket fishing rod should be extra versatile so that you can use it with a few different fishing techniques. 


Q: What Is A Pen Fishing Rod?


A pen fishing rod is a setup that is literally the size of a standard writing pen. The rod has a telescopic feature that allows it to collapse towards the handle and a cap that provides coverage and protection. When you are not using your pen fishing pole it should look exactly like a standard writing pen. However, you will also have a mini reel that completes your gear so that you can reel in fish. There are also little fishing rods that are available with spinning or baitcasting reels

Q: Why Was A Pen Fishing Rod Created?


For convenience. The ultra-small size of a pen rod and reel means that you can take them anywhere and be ready to fish at a moment’s notice. Instead of having to carry a lot of gear and a really long fishing rod, you can use little fishing rods to keep your entire setup ready to go in your pocket.

Q: What Are The Benefits Of Pen Fishing Rods?


The biggest benefit of using a mini fishing rod is that it is more convenient to carry due to the small size. A top rated pocket fishing rod really will fit in your pocket and that’s with the reel and tackle included. Little fishing rods also make fun gifts for fishermen who already have large setups or for someone who just wants to be able to test out their skill catching small sized fish. 

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Excelling at convenience, a mini pen rod and reel can bring you the thrill of fishing without having to manage a complicated setup. Instead of lugging around heavy gear, a pen sized fishing pole can be carried in a bag or pocket and deployed at a moment’s notice. The best pen fishing rod will also be durable enough that you can catch a decent sized meal. 

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