If you are after large and aggressive fish then the best trolling rod should be on your must-have list. Trolling rods are designed to give you control to drag fishing lures and bait through the water to attract large fish such as walleye, tuna, and salmon. 

Thanks to their high strength construction, trolling rods can withstand deep and salty waters to increase your fishing accuracy. Their sensitive tips ensure that you pick up on even the faintest bites from these large, predatory fish.  So, below is a roundup list of the 10 best trolling rods for this year – pick a fishing pole that appeals most to you so you can enjoy large catches and trophy-sized fish.

How To Choose A Trolling Rod – Buying Guide


Power Rating

Medium to heavy trolling divers and fish that weight at least 10 lbs. and above, work best with a medium heavy to heavy rod power. However, for downriggers and many other trolling types, a light to medium trolling power is just fine. 


The best walleye trolling rod should be constructed with corrosion-resistant materials. This is because you are most likely to use the fishing rod for saltwater fishing, thus, you want your rod to not be susceptible to rust when in contact with water. Look for rods made with graphite or fiberglass frames with stainless steel guides and aluminum alloy reel seats. 

Type Of Reel 

When it comes to the type of reels, you can pair your trolling rod with a star drag reel or a lever drag reel. Star drag reels are similar to baitcasters as their star-shaped drag control knobs apply drag and a little lever to put them into a free spool. A lever drag reel utilizes applied pressure against a spool to create friction which applies drag to the spool.

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Your handle material type is highly dependent on your preferences. However, the best walleye trolling rods are built with EVA foam, carbon fiber, or cork handles. A long handle helps to eliminate muscle pain and strain, especially if you have been fishing for some time. 


Typically, the best walleye trolling rods measure 7 to 9 feet long. Longer rods offer a longer trolling distance. If your rod is not long enough, you can use a planer board to get your gear further away from the side of your boat.


A moderate to slow action rod is just fine when choosing the best walleye trolling rods. The extra flex that these types of rod actions offer helps to prevent from tearing your catch’s mouth as they absorb the force of the fish strike. Moderate action rods offer enough backbone to tackle large fish.



Q: How Long Should A Trolling Rod Be?


Your trolling rod should be at least 7.5 to 9 feet long. As a gear specific technique, trolling requires you to have this trolling rod length range to give you the ultimate depth control for successful catches. Longer trolling rods have forgiving tapers as well.

Q: Can You Cast A Trolling Rod?


No, it is not a good idea to cast a trolling rod. Trolling rods are designed for trolling behind a moving boat or from a pier or jetty. If you try to cast your trolling rod, the process will not be successful and you will be less likely to catch any fish.

Q: What Is The Difference Between A Casting Rod And A Trolling Rod?


Casting rods, both baitcasting, and spin casting rods are longer with straight handles designed for bass fishing techniques. Trolling rods are usually shorter and limit your casting distance from the shore. Trolling rods offer better accuracy but less casting distance.

Globo Surf Overview 

For your next saltwater game fishing trip, the trolling rod reviews prove that these fishing poles guarantee a successful catch. Whilst they sacrifice casting distance, they offer incredible accuracy and tackle even the most aggressive and large catch. So pick your favorite option from the 10 best trolling rods above and hop into your fishing boat or even hang at the nearby pier to catch and enjoy large and appetizing fish.

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