Surf fishing can be an extremely fun and adventurous activity whether you are fishing from the shoreline, a peer, or a rock jetty. However, more goes into surf fishing than meets the eye. Without proper equipment, you’re definitely setting yourself up for failure. The right rod to withstand the harsh water and the fights from your catch, and reel to handle your catch, are your first companions to getting the most out of surf fishing.

Additionally, there are number of factors to consider when picking the best surf fishing rods. Listed below are the 8 Best Surfing Rods in 2023, outlining their uniqueness and features – why they are best, how they survive salt water, their style and designs that meet the latest trends. You are guaranteed to meet your match amongst these 8 top rated fishing rods!

How To Choose A Surf Fishing Rod – Buying Guide


Casting Distance

Casting distance is important when surf fishing because the goal is to present the bait or lure past the breaking waves. Additionally, the larger the species of fish targeted, the larger the rod should be to afford more leverage.

Rod Length

Surf rods are typically between 9 and 14 feet long, providing a wide range of lengths to choose from. Length is an important factor in the consideration of a surf rod purchase. The length is not only for casting distance but also to keep your line out of the surf. If your line is hanging in the crashing waves, the surf will pull your bait away.  Additionally, if your line is hanging in the waves, it creates slack in the line making it impossible to detect bites from fish. A long rod also keeps your line well above passersby.  You want people to be able to easily walk under your line.

Rod Action  

Rod action can be defined as the bend or taper, a rod will display under pressure. A fishing rod with a fast action bends more near the tip, while a rod with a slow action bends from the center. The rod action is most relevant it comes to casting distance. A fast tip rod will provide the most casting distance and is best used with fishing lures in the surf fishing.

Target Species

Always consider what species you will be targeting before you choose a fishing rod. It may be expensive however, it is best to have different gear for different species, and the more specific you are, the better. Your basic rule to follow is that longer length rods with heavier powers are needed when targeting large fish. The more power and length that your hook has allows you to catch bigger fish more quickly and efficiently.

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Surf fishing rods come in different sizes, the length of surf fishing rod you choose depends on where you plan to use it. Rod sizes will range from 7 to 15 feet. 7 – 9 feet will be great for fan casting in the surf to catch small to medium size fish, rays, and sharks. When considering size factors, think about collapsibility. Collapsible rods, also translated as pcs e.g. 2pc surf fishing rod, make room for easy storage and carry. So if yo have a problem with space, consider investing on a collapsible rod.

Bending Pressure

Another important factor is bending pressure; always choose a surfing rod according to the bend or taper it shows under pressure. Rods with fast action bend more towards the tip whilst those with slow action bend more from center. If you want to cast the rod at distance fast action rod is better. For single hooks fast action rod is good and for treble hooks medium action rod is better.


There are different sorts of materials that are used in making a good surf fishing rod. You will need to decide if you prefer graphite or fiberglass and there are great rods available in both.  You may also run across the term “carbon fiber” when rod shopping.  Don’t let that confuse you.  Carbon Fiber and Graphite rods are pretty much the same thing.  There are also some composite rods that contain both fiberglass and graphite, which as you might imagine, combines some of the strengths of each. Each of these material offer sturdy and long lasting characteristics to your rod.

Flexibility and Sensitivity

You want a fishing rod that can bend without breaking. If you’re for instance, reeling in large sized fish you need to believe in your gear’s flexibility.  Also, look for a hyper-sensitive gear, which gives your rod durable and long lasting characteristics.



Q: What is Surf Fishing?


Surf fishing is the sport of catching fish standing on the shoreline or wading in the surf. The terms surf casting or beach casting refer more specifically to surf fishing from the beach by casting into the surf at or near the shoreline.

Q: What The Difference Between A Regular And Surf Fishing Rod?


The difference between a regular fishing rod and a surf fishing rod is that, a surf rod is meant for fishing in the ocean usually from shore or a jetty. They tend to be longer than most other regular rods to allow you to cast far out.

Q: When Should I Use A Surf Rod?


The best time to use your fishing rod is at dusk when the water begins to cool and fish come off the bottom to hunt for food. Tide can also be a factor at midday. Watch the ebb and flow of currents. Fish are often in the trough between the beach and sandbars or a reef, but they flow out through gaps.

Q: What Are The Benefits Of Using A Surf Rod?


The major benefit of using surf rods is giving the user ability to fish from shoreline and is important equipment for those who love surf fishing. Surf rods are easy to operate and user-friendly which makes it convenient for use by beginners, professionals and kids. Surf rods are versatile because they can be used for catching both smaller and big fishes depending on the type of hooks, lures or baits used on the rods.

Globosurf Overview

Surf fishing has truly proves to be an exciting indulgence over and over again. The key is to have the right equipment. Beginning with surf rods, we’ve seen that these rods are same as other spinning rods but do carry certain characteristics that make the true “surfing rods”. The long handles, lengthy rod blanks, heavy build, fasting action and anti-corrosive (perfect for saltwater) sturdy material they are constructed with certainly makes them special. Now, you next step – invest on one of the 8 best surf fishing rods above, take a little practice on perfecting your casting skills and head on to the adventure of your life.

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