For the most successful day fishing, it is important to be equipped with quality gear that will work to make you a better fisherman. While having the ideal reel and bait is valuable, having the best crankbait fishing rod is incredibly important as well. The best crankbait rod is one that will accent your fishing set up perfectly to give you the best fishing experience.

We have created a list of the top crankbait fishing rods for you below and have rated them based on quality and value. At the bottom, we have even included a list of the top features to look for in your rod. This will give you all the tools you need to make the perfect selection for you.

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How To Choose The Best Crankbait Rod – Buying Guide


When you are making your decision on what is a good crankbaits rod for you, it is important to consult the various crankbait rod reviews. This way, you will be able to know which features to look for. We recommend focusing on the following features.


Rods are measured in terms of slow, moderate, and fast action. There are added steps between the main ones that get more specific about the rod action and include moderate fast and extra fast. A fast action rod will flex less at the end of the rod when you get a fish on your hook. Slow action rods will flex significantly more which acts as a shock absorber.

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If a rod has a lot of power (heavy) you’ll be able to fight large fish with ease. This is due to the strength the rod will have down the spine which will allow you to pull the rod while fighting. Even though this may seem similar to action it differs in which part of the rod is bending.


A longer rod will give you more torque when you’re throwing casts and fighting a catch. The shorter you go you’ll have an easier time throwing casts and sensitivity, but will give up a lot of power that longer options provide. You’ll find that a typical crankbait rod will be between 6.5 and 8 feet long.


There are two main options that can be referred to as weight: the actual weight of a rod and the lure weight capacity. Each one of these can contribute to making a great rod

A rod that can handle a heavier lure can be beneficial if you’re looking to do deep water fishing. This isn’t necessary if you’re planning on only fishing in shallow water like small lakes or rivers.

The weight of a rod can also play a large role in your fishing day. A heavy rod, even an extra few ounces, over a full day will put unnecessary strain on your body. But you’ll gain the ability to go after larger fish without worrying about breaking your rod. Usually, a heavier rod means more robust materials were used in its construction.



Q: What Is A Crankbait Rod?


A crankbait rod is a special type of fishing rod. It has been designed to be able to flex more than a typical rod. This type of rod perfectly accents your crankbait reel to deliver the best possible performance for your day on the water. Crankbait rods combine power, action and flexibility to provide the best possible performance on the water.

Q: Why Does A Crankbait Need A Special Rod?


Crankbait rods allows the fish to move around when its hooked with constant pressure on the lure making sure the fish stays hooked. They are also made to detect when a fish has swallowed a lure. This will make it much easier to set the hook rather than the rod being too sensitive at every glancing blow.

Q: Why Choose Crankbait Rods?


Crankbait rods have become quite popular and with good reason. These rods have many different advantages with three sticking out above the rest. Crankbait rods offer better casting performance than others. This style of rod is specifically designed to allow for a higher level of energy transfer to the rod blank. As this energy is then released, it creates a slingshot style effect that allows for a higher performance in casting.

They also seem to offer a more superior accuracy than other types of rods. This style of rod is easily controlled and the delay action allows you better accuracy when fishing. Lastly, crankbait rods have a better hookset than others. Equipped with a softer action that works to effectively delay the pulling of your bait.

Q: What’s The Best Choice For a Crankbait Rod?


The best choice for a crankbait rod is where you’re using it and what type of fish you’re looking to catch. Your ideal rod will look vastly different if you are fishing in shallow water for smaller fish than if you’re deepwater fishing looking for larger options. You should understand what action is and what option you need for your ideal catch. Just keep in mind that everything from the length to the lure weight can affect how your rod feels in and out of the water.

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When looking for your next square bill crankbait rod it is important to do your research in order to get the best option available on the market. All of the rods on our list feature high quality materials that will allow for the most successful day fishing on the water. Before making your selection, we recommend considering your options and getting well acquainted with the terminology used to find the best crankbait rod for your summertime fishing experience.

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