To effectively catch bass, you have a wide range of techniques to choose from. Frog fishing is perhaps one of the most favored techniques used by many anglers. When you opt for frog fishing, your chances of success are enhanced as frog lures are highly attractive to bass and frogs form an integral part of their diet, especially during summer periods. Yet, you must have the right tools for proper setup and to ensure effective frog fishing.

Therefore, you should pick the ideal frog rod as they are essential tools for frog fishing. The best frog rods are designed to ideally combat and safely catch heavy fish species as well as fish that are known to put up quite a fight. Additionally, their ideal length, power, and action also allow them to fully support the heavy and hollow frog lures without breaking, cracking or line snapping.

Listed below are the 7 best frog rods in 2023. Each rod provides its unique features and why it’s an ideal choice for frog fishing.

How To Choose A Frog Rod – Buying Guide



When choosing the best frog fishing rod, the power rating is an important piece of information. Rod power can sometimes be termed as rod weight.  The rod power describes the rod’s resistance to bending under pressure from a certain amount of weight. Typically, the power rating of the rod is dented with terms ranging from ultralight to extra heavy. The best frog rod will boast a power rating of medium to heavy.

Light powered fishing rods easily bend according to the weight applied. An ultralight powered rod supports light lines and lures, typically, weighing between 1/32 to 3/8 ounces. Ultralight rods are designed to catch smaller fish such as panfish and crappie. Lighter rods on the other end support a little bit more weight to 1/16 ounces, making them also ideal for fishing panfish as well as walleye or trout.

Medium rods are in the middle range. Typically, a medium-light powered rod will support between 1/8 to ½ ounces whilst medium and medium-heavy powered rods will support lure weight of ¼ to 3/4 ounces. Additionally, medium powered rods will stiffen a little quicker than light rods, allowing them to support hooksets such as jigs and soft plastics for both saltwater ad freshwater fishing. 

Heavy and extra heavy powered rods require more pressure and weight to bend. Additionally, heavy rods are also effective at loading very quick hooksets. They support heavy jigs and lures and work great for larger fish, game fish as well as deeper casting. They are ideal for catching fish such as large bass and salmon. 

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The best frog fishing rod must also best the right working action. The action of your rod describes where the rod bends or flexes when pressure is applied. The distance between where the rod bends and the tip describes the action of the rod. The action of the rod also affects the power of the rod.  This means that the action affects how the rod casts, the tip’s sensitivity as well as the speed of the hook set.  

The action of the rod is denoted by fast, moderate and slow. Typically, the ideal action of the rod is fast to extra fast. A fast action rod bends at about 3-4 inches, at about ¼ the tip, before return to its natural position. A moderate action rod on the other end bends in the middle of the rod, halfway from the tip as well as from the handle. Light action rods bend ¾ from the tip near the top of the rod.

A fast action rod is ideal for techniques such as pitching and frogging. Moderation action rods are ideal for crankbaits whilst slow action rods are ideal for swimbaits and drops shots. In general, a heavy and fast action rod supports heavier bait and lures and vice versa. 


The length is also an important feature when choosing the best frog fishing rods. The length of a rod is measured from the end of the handle to the tip of the rod. The lengths of fishing rod range between 6 and 12 feet and the value are always determined by what you intend to fish and the technique you intend to employ.  The ideal length of a frog fishing rod is said to be 7 to 8 feet to allow for accuracy and more balance to the rod. 

Additionally, the length is ideal to support heavy lures such as frogs without losing control or function. The 7-8 feet long frog rod can also effectively steer fish away from cover deep underwater.  Generally, shorter fishing rods tend to cast shorter distances whilst longer rods cast further away. Because of their shorter build, shorter rods tend to bend less thus, making them ideal to fish for aggressive species. Longer rods on the other end allow you to cast deeper.


The best frog fishing rods are built with fast tips. The fishing rod tip of your rod is located at the most bottom part of the rod. A fast tip allows you to set your hook quickly on the fish before they escape. However, you also want your tip to be safe enough not to damage and tear through your catch. 

A faster tip can also affect the power rating of your rod. Thus, when choosing the best frog fishing rod you must consider both the power rating and the tip. A medium to heavy powered rod with a fast tip allows you to effectively cast frog in shorter distances but with enhanced accuracy.



Q: What Is A Frog Rod?


A frog rod is used in the fishing technique of using frog lures and bait. The rod is designed to support the heavy and hollow bodies of the frogs and is built to be strong enough to support combative fish species such as bass that frog lures attract.

Q: Why Do I Need A Special Frog Rod?


A special frog rod is ideally designed to enhance the chances of frog fishing. A special rod features just the right length, action, and power to support it. Frog lures tend to be heavy and hollow shaped and are used to attract equally heavy and combative fish. Thus, their rod is built to support the strain without damaging the species or breaking due to pressure. 

Q: What Else Do I Need In The Frog Rod Setup?


You also need a baitcasting reel and braided fishing line in the frog rod setup.  The choice of a baitcasting reel helps to enhance casting power and accuracy. The braided line on the other end offers a strong line option to support the heavier lures and fish without breaking or snapping. 

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The frog rod reviews outline how useful they are to the frog fishing technique. These special rods are ideally designed; taking into consideration important factors such as the length, the power, and action. Thus, compared to using these specially designed frog fishing rods and other regular rods, you are more likely to succeed and enjoy your activity with the frog fishing rods. The buying guide on the other end offers a clear guideline on what to look for when choosing the best frog rods to invest in. The list of the 7 best frog rods above is the perfect place to begin your search.

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