Proper equipment and instinct are a good combination for a successful fishing experience. This qualities involve you having the basics of fishing, knowing exactly what to do on the waters as well as having the proper equipment to help you execute a successful fishing expedition.

Investing in a good set of frog lures is the one way to go. The best frog lures offer an excellent addition to your tool arsenal, especially for freshwater fishing. Frog lures are ideally designed to mimic actual frogs and thus, accommodate all the important features that the creatures pose to help you accomplish your mission.

Whether it’s the popping sounds of the frog or their natural retracting and retrieval leg movements, frog lure guarantee to offer this. Listed below are the 10 best frog lures in 2023. Each outlines its unique features and how they contribute to the overall success of your fishing. The choice is all yours to go for one that appeals to you.

How To Choose A Frog Lure –Buying Guide


Type Of Lure

When choosing the best topwater frog lures, the type of lure you go for is very important. In general, there are three types of common fish lures. This includes walking frog lures, popping frog lures and plopping lures. Each of these types is collectively known as topwater frog lures.

Walking frog lures are the most common of the three types. These allow you to fish them fast or slow, according to your preferences additionally, they give you the freedom to drag, twitch, walk and maneuver them however you want to make the process easier for you. These fish lures are ideal for bass fishing and can be used by anglers of any level whether you are a beginner or expert angler.

Popping frog lures on the other end is more of the walking frog lure spin off. These types of frog lures are molded in either a cupped mouth or plastic lip design. They spit water, chug bubbles and walk back and forth like real frogs. Popping frog lures are more active than walking frogs and produce more frog sounds. These types of frog lures also tend to be a little smaller than the other types.

Plopping frog lures is the least common lure type. They feature a half hollow half prop body design. As their name suggests, they are fitted with rotating legs rather than skirted legs. This design makes them plop in water to create a plopping commotion.  They are ideal for bass fishing in areas that tend to hide the catch.

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Color is also a factor worth examining when choosing the best topwater frog lures. When using topwater frog lures, you want them to have as bright and vivid colors so that they are able to attract as much fish as possible.

This is because their vivid colors help them to be easily identified by fish from underwater. Additionally, you don’t only want them to have bright and vivid colors but you have to ensure that their colors are closely similar to that of real frogs and bull frogs.


The best topwater frog lures boast realistic patterns. As mentioned above, you want the color and the patterns of your frog lure to mimic that of real frogs. Go for patterns such as “albino” or “poison”, which are color patterns of real life frogs.

This helps to sell the lies to the fish underwater and surely attract them to your bait.  Additionally, according to the type of frog lure, these water gems also mimic frog behavior. Thus, you don’t want to have lures that mimic certain frog type behavior but end up not looking like them.

Like many other living things, fish live on certain behaviors and adaptations. Thus, if your fish makes certain movements such as plopping on water and fish detect this, there will be a certain pattern that they will expect to see. If not, they won’t buy the bait.


The legs of the best topwater frog lures play a great role in determining and affecting their performance. Whether you are looking for traditional skirted legs or rotating legs, you want them to be as effective as possible. Within the types of frogs, there also two common frog leg styles, i.e. realistic and tassel legs. Realistic legs tend to be a little bit fragile however, they truly mimic those of real frogs.

Tassel legs on the other end are tougher thus, they tend to make shorter strikes. It all depends on what you are looking for. The best legs for frog lure are made of a material such as rubber offer a more natural look to your lures and enhances maneuverability.


The best topwater frog lures must be durable. Durability is determined by both the choice of material and construction of the lure. You want to go for lures with body material such as ABS plastic, PVC or silicone. Each of these materials guarantees durability.

Their design and finish are normally soft and smooth yet strong enough to endure hooks and the ruggedness of different water sources. The construction of the frog lure also affects durability. Find out whether they feature a reinforced construction to ensure that it is durable enough.

Going for double metal hooks as well as designs or materials such as Gamatasu, metal alloys or carbon steel gives then a high quality finish. Also, take the time to go through real customer reviews of the frog lure you intend to invest in. These reviews tend to give you a pretty good picture of their performance, quality, and durability.


The best topwater frog lures must be buoyant. You don’t want to invest in one that can’t balance its shape which in turn makes it drown. The best frog lures feature a hollow body design that accommodates their buoyancy. The naturally soft and lightweight finish also helps to enhance their buoyancy. Additionally, the choice of a plastic material such as PVC and lightweight material such as silicone also gives them their buoyant qualities.


This is yet another time when real life customer reviews come in handy. The best topwater frog lures must run in a straight line. This characteristic gives them easy maneuverability and the ability to easily navigate obstacles such as lush vegetation or weeded areas. A frog lure that simply runs in circles is not as useful for fishing. Thus, to better understand how your frog lure works, simply read through ample customer reviews to make a comparison and establish whether they are right for you or not.


The function of the best frog lures is highly affected by hook designs and sizes. You want to invest in frog lures with double metal hooks. This gives them an overall heavy duty and a weedless design. You don’t want your lures to have any weak o points that can easily get caught up in an obstacle.

Additionally, the more heavy duty your hooks are, the easier they allow you to capture larger and more troublesome fish. Typically, the size of your frog lure hooks should be at least 3/0 or 4/0. If your fishing is more prevalent n open waters, a simple trick of bending out the hooks can help enhance your experience and the overall success of the activity. Simply grab the hook shanks where they bend or arch.

Then, slowly and carefully, bend the hooks with pliers and slowly open each barb on the hook. Depending on the overall size, open up the barbs to at least one eighth of an inch. This process increases the chances of the fish to get more bite into the hook and result in less fish loss. However, be sure to take your time and employ this process extremely slow and careful to prevent damaging your hook.

Type Of Fish

To ensure you invest in the right frog fishing lure, you must know the type of fish you intend to catch. This is because the type of fish you are targeting determines the color and pattern of frog lures to go for. Additionally, the shape, size and even the kind of environment you will be fishing in are highly determined by the type of fish you are targeting.

If you are a beginner, it doesn’t hurt to do a little bit of research on the type of fish and appropriate frog lure to purchase. For example when you are fishing for bass in muddy water or clear water on a sunny day, darker colors and patterns such as brown and green work best. This is because these particular colors and patterns imitate natural surroundings and are less likely to scare or spook the fish.

Freshwater fishing is also ideal and roves to be more successful and indulgent when done over spring time especially during low light periods such as dusk or dawn. This is because this is the time when bass likes to hit the top waters.

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Q: Do Frog Lures Work?


Yes, frog lures do work. This is because they work by attracting fish by mimicking actual frogs and bull frogs. They boast boy shapes, colors, and patterns that are exactly similar to real life existing frogs. Thus, they make attracting the fish quite easy.  Getting many fish to swim nearby where you are fishing enhances your chances of a successful capture.

Q: What Is The Best Color Frog For Bass Fishing?


It all depends on where and what time of the day you are fishing. In general, the best frog color for bass fishing I black or dark patterned colors when you are fishing bass in muddy water or on sunny days in clear water. Bright and vivid colors work best for surface attraction on the other end.

Q: How Do You Rig A Topwater Frog?

A: To rig a topwater frog, simply prick the frog lure with the hook. The hook will already be set into a line. Thus, prop the hooked frog lure and cast it. This process should start to attract fish, depending on the type of topwater frog you are using.

Q: How To Fish A Frog Lure?


Simply cast the frog lure into the water. The frog should be moving concurrently with you through different surfaces. In reality, it appears as a frog swimming through water. Once it distracts a fish the fish will follow it and bite trough. Wait until this to happen to pull it out of water.

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The frog lures reviews above outline how they add value to your fishing experience. These fishing lures do more than just attracting fish but they also enhance your chances of a successful catch. Their versatility and availability in a range of different sizes, color and patterns allow you to customize your whole experience and easily succeed no matter what type of fish you are going for.

Their buying guide on the other end shares a myriad of important information to consider before making your investment. They also guide you on what to look for when choosing the best frog lures to purchase. The list of the 10 best fish lures above is an excellent platform to begin your search.

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