Walleye fishing remains a very popular type of fishing and also has a rich history as being a competitive sport. Not only can they be huge in size but they also taste great too which adds to their popularity. They can be hard to catch though, which makes choosing the best walleye lures very important.

Choosing the best walleye jigs and lures can be difficult as there are multiple different types on the market, which can all be effective in the right conditions. There are also other aspects to consider too such as the material they are made from and the size, weight and color too.

That’s where we can help as we have walleye lures reviews of the best products that are out there on the market and have also completed a buying guide. Once you’ve read through this you’ll be able to choose the perfect lure for you.

How To Choose A Walleye Lure And Jig – Buying Guide



There are many different types of lure on the market with many of them being highly effective at being able to catch walleye. Here we take a quick look at the different types and see how they work.

Crankbaits – These are very common due to their realistic look and action. They come in a vast range of colors and sizes and are very simple to use as they are simply cast out and cranked back towards you.

Spoons – They are a very simple and effective lure which consists of a spoon shaped piece of metal which will be able to flutter in the water and therefore mimic the action of an injured baitfish.

Spinners – These, unsurprisingly, work by spinning and do so by having a blade which will spin when pulled through the water. This will reflect light and cause vibration, which will attract those walleye.

Jigs – This is a popular method of fishing which involves having a weighted head and a simple hook. They are usually very simple in design but can work brilliantly and some even vibrate in the water.

Soft plastic – The advantage of soft lures is that they actually feel like a real fish for a moment and will get a sustained bite. They come in many different styles with perhaps the most common being a worm.

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These lures generally come in three different materials which are metal, plastic (hard and soft) and wood. Metal is naturally the heavier so is the best option for deep water fishing and is good at mimicking injured baitfish.

Solid plastic lures are good for medium depth fishing and can be a good option to turn to when the weather starts to get a bit colder. Soft plastic lures are more rarely used as they are the lightest of the three. Wood lures can be great for crankbaits when you are in shallower water.


Size is one of the biggest issues when it comes to trying to catch walleye as you need to get it right. It’s a simple equation in fishing that if you want to catch bigger fish then you are going to need a larger size bait but there are a few bits of advice to go along with that.

It’s important to know how big the baitfish are in the area so you are ideally able to match that size. Also it’s always worth noting that if you place a large bait in the water then there is a good chance that it will scare away smaller fish which you want to be able to protect against.


The weight is also a key issue too and is often affected by the size of the lure that you’re using. It can affect the action and depth of the lure so you want to take this into consideration before ever going up a weight.

A weight should also be added around 50 feet from your lure so that it is able to run correctly and keep up the correct action. Adding the right amount of weight in the right area is important to correctly present your lure to the walleye.


In shallower waters you want to be able to use brighter colors as the fish will still be able to make them out and therefore can be attracted to them and see them as a real fish, it’s also important to have bright colors too if the water clarity isn’t very good.

As you go deeper, colors start to fade away and purple is a color which tends to last for longer than others. Red is also a good color as even though its color fades, fish are able to differentiate the shades of grey and could mistake it for blood.



Q: What Is A Walleye Lure?


A walleye lure is quite simply any lure which is going to be suitable to catch walleye. That covers a lot of different types but some are better than others and some are better in certain types of conditions so it’s always important to know which will be the best option.

If you make the wrong choice of lure and choose one which is not suitable for walleye then you would be in for a very frustrating fishing trip. Catching walleye can sometimes be tough so having the right knowledge is vital for your success.

Q: How Do I Clean The Lure?


Some lures are very durable and able to last for a very long time. Due to this it’s important to know how to clean them so that you can sustain that use. The first step is to remove any hooks so that you can clean it properly and then rinse it with warm water.

Once you have one that then you are able to gently rub the lure with dish soap and get any hard to clean spots with a small brush, such as a toothbrush. Once you have rinsed off any soap you can then apply oil to it if it’s jointed or apply wax for all other types of lure.

Q: Can I Reuse My Lures?


As we mentioned there, some lures are very durable and able to last for a long time. Damage though is inevitable at some point and with some lures that could well be on the first use of them.

Lures are definitely reusable if they haven’t been damaged but you don’t want to be using one which has lost some of its effectiveness so therefore you need to throw away any lures that are beyond repair.

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Catching walleye can be one of the most rewarding experiences when it comes to fishing, whether you are simply trying to win a competition or you are trying to catch some delicious food. You can only do catch them though if you have the best lures, which why getting high-quality bait is so important.

It’s not just high-quality bait that you need though as all your fishing equipment that you have needs to be up to standard such as making sure that your lure is tied to a high-quality fishing line. In order to store those lures it’s also a good idea to get a quality tackle box too so you can quickly grab what you need.

As we have seen, there are many different types of lure available so you are able to pick one which matches the conditions you are going to be in and the style of fishing that you want to do. After that you want to make sure that you are getting the right material for the depth you want to be fishing it.

It’s also important to know the size of walleye that you will be looking to catch, as you need to get the right size bait to match it and then get the appropriate weight too. After all that, you can then choose whatever color you think is going to be the most successful in your situation.

When you have ticked all those boxes then you’ll be able to head out to the water with confidence in knowing that you have a high-quality lure which has a proven history of success in catching walleye. Hopefully this guide has helped you gain all the knowledge that you need in order to pick the perfect lure for you to give you a great fishing experience.

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