A crankbait is a hard bait which are specifically designed for bass as they are meant to imitate the actions of other fish and can cover a large amount of distance in just a short amount of time. Its rounded body will make it move through the water like baitfish with a lip which will move the lure side to side.

Choosing the best crankbait for bass though involves taking a few key factors into account such as type, size and material among others. In this guide we will answer all of your questions and have looked through the crankbait for bass reviews to come up with a top list so you are sure to find the best crankbait lure for your fishing trip.

How To Choose The Best Crankbait For Bass Fishing – Buying Guide


When it comes to crankbaits when fishing for bass, they generally come in three main types which are all to determine how deep you want to be fishing. If you aim to be catching bass in shallow waters then you’ll be looking for one that has a small lip, for medium depth waters you’ll be wanting one with a bigger lip and for deeper waters you’ll want a crankbait with a lip that is much bigger and wider.

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When buying crankbaits a lot of companies will offer you them in a set with a large number of pieces, this can save you money as opposed to buying individual pieces and can be great for filling up your tackle box. If you already have lures then you might be looking for something a bit more specific and buying a singular lure piece could be the way forward.


When it comes to size it’s a very simple fact of the bigger the bait, the bigger the fish you’ll be looking to catch. So therefore it’s great to know the size of fish that you’re trying to catch as if there are only small fish available then they aren’t likely to go for a large lure.


All the products that we have looked at here today are made out of plastic with ABS plastic being the strongest material available but there are other crankbaits available which are made out of wood. These plastics are then carefully painted to give their fish appearance.

3D Eyes

Having 3D eyes on a fish is simply another way to try and trick it into attacking your lure. They are a great additional feature to have and a key component in making your potential catch think that they are just about to catch a real fish.


Heavier lures are generally made to go further and deeper than the lighter types and they will all be weighted in such a way that will make them twitch and shimmer while they are in the water. Some of these lures also contain metal balls inside which will weigh the lure down but also make it twitch and vibrate in the water.

Treble Hooks

All these products that we’ve reviewed here have treble hooks as they are the best way of ensuring that you have a secure catch. The standard method of placement is to have one hook at the back of the lure as well as one hanging from underneath.



Q: What Is A Crankbait?

A: A crankbait is a specific type of hard bait which is meant to imitate the movement of baitfish in the water. They do this by looking realistic with paint and eyes and then having a clear lip at the front which will mimic the action of a real fish by making it which in the water and making it dive.

Q: Can I Use Crankbait For Fishing Other Types Of Fish Besides Bass?

A: Yes, absolutely. Bass fishing crankbaits are designed to look like real fish so you can obviously only target fish which eat smaller fish. This limits your options on which type of fish you can catch but there’s plenty of fishermen who use crankbaits for a wide variety of fish.

Q: Can I Reuse Crankbaits?

A: These crankbaits that we have reviewed here are durable and hard wearing but even the most well-made lures will wear over time. You can reuse crankbaits for as long as they keep up their appearance which should be for quite a while. One the start to fade or get damaged though, it’s best to throw them away.

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Crankbait fishing can be a very rewarding experience as you cast out that line and hope the fish fall for the trap. To find the top rated crankbait for you depends on your preference and whether you want deep diving crankbaits or you need to opt for shallow diving crankbaits.

Once you know that, you can choose your crankbait colors and head out there to the water. As well as lures though, it’s important to have the best rod and reel as well as the appropriate fishing line to give yourself the best chance of making a catch.

Once you have the right rod and all the correct equipment, you can head out to water in confidence that your crankbaits are going to lure in that bass and trick them with their beautifully painted colors, 3D eyes and realistic motion

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