Whether you are a beginner or expert fishermen, Lowrance has become a well-known brand used by anglers all over the world to help them identify their targets. With the best Lowrance fish finder, you don’t have to blindly cast your lure into the water. 

Instead, a top rated Lowrance fishfinder will help you choose the best areas to fish and pinpoint the exact location of your next catch. Our article of the eight best Lowrance fish finders will help you navigate through the most popular models that Lowrance has to offer.

How To Choose A Lowrance Fish Finder – Buying Guide


Screen Display

While Lowrance GPS depth finders are designed to gather a large amount of data, the device would be useless if you couldn’t read what was displayed on the screen. Unless you are using a Lowrance depth finder with a split screen or multiple map display, a bigger screen doesn’t necessarily mean a better screen. If you are new to fish finders, it will always take time to learn how to read them, but you shouldn’t have to struggle due to a poor display. 

The best Lowrance fish finder will have a high-quality screen that uses contrasting colors to ensure that you can clearly differentiate between the floor underneath the water, possible fishing targets, and contours. 

Lowrance fish finder reviews can help you compare Lowrance fish finders to find the screen display that best suits your needs. Most top rated Lowrance fishfinders will have a screen display size that is 4-12 inches diagonally. 

Maps and Charts

The best Lowrance fishfinder will use pre-installed mapping technology to help you navigate and target fishing locations. Most Lowrance depth finders include over 4,000 pre-installed maps of US lakes to help you get a head start on your trip. However, you may be able to purchase map chips that are Lowrance compatible, if your target lake or area is not pre-installed into the device. 

However, not all fish finders are designed to be compatible with mapping or charting technology. You should always compare Lowrance fish finders with other models to determine whether the device comes with the features you need for your trip. If the device is not compatible with map or chart technology, this means that the fish finder could only be used to scan the water for fish arcs or contours. 


When you look at a Lowrance fish finder comparison chart, you may notice that each model has its own unique installation process. To ensure that fishermen find their perfect device, not all Lowrance fish models can be installed in the same way. 

A Lowrance fish finder with GPS may have a hard mount that allows it to be attached to the boat or it may include a clip that can attach to your clothes. Other designs use a flexible mount, which means that you can reposition the device wherever you see fit. 

The product information should tell you how and where the device is best installed. If you are having trouble determining what type of mount is included in your purchase, you may want to check Lowrance fish finder reviews for guidance. 

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Ease of Use

The best Lowrance fish finder is designed to help you make your fishing trip more efficient by quickly identifying target fish and areas, but it shouldn’t distract your too much from the joy of casting your line. A top rated Lowrance fishfinder will be easy to use and include automatic adjustments to help you elevate your performance on the water. 

Large screen, easy to navigate menus, and oversized buttons or touchscreen displays are all features that can make a big difference in a device and determine whether it is easy to use or not. The easier your device is to use, the more you will enjoy your fishing trip. Whether they have basic or advanced features, all of Lowrance’s products are designed to be easy to use.  

Available Features

Always ahead of the market and leading the field with innovative technology, Lowrance wants to beat the competition and provide you fish a fish finder that is packed with high quality features. 

Unlike traditional fish finders that may only provide you with basic information, Lowrance products are designed to give you a detailed view of what lies underneath the water. With SideScan, DownScan, and high definition imaging, Lowrance products will provide you with the newest features to ensure that you don’t go home empty handed. 



Q: Why Choose Lowrance?


Founded in 1957, Lowrance created the world’s first consumer sonar device, which they called The Little Green Box. From their first product to their newest, Lowrance offers models to suit every fisherman and their needs. 

With basic sonar technology and advanced features, all fishermen will benefit from using a Lowrance fish finder. The company is constantly striving to do better and they frequently update their products, which is why most people choose and prefer Lowrance over rival brands.

Q: Which Is Better? Humminbird or Lowrance?


Another popular brand on the market is Humminbird. This company is often compared to Lowrance because of their similar products and features. While Humminbird and Lowrance have their pros and cons, Lowrance has been in the business for longer. 

This means that their reputation amongst fishermen is very positive because the company consistently delivers high quality products. With a wider range of products, Lowrance is friendlier towards all anglers, no matter their experience level and the best Lowrance fishfinder is guaranteed to become your favorite fishing companion.

Q: What Is The Standard Warranty For Lowrance?


Most standard warranties under Lowrance will last for 1 or 2 years. However, Lowrance is one of the few companies that provides fishermen with a global warranty. This means that there is a large network of official dealers and customer care technicians who are stationed all around the world and are certified to assist you with any troubleshooting of your Lowrance device.

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With products that cater to every type of fishermen, Lowrance has become the top choice for anglers all around the globe. With high quality products and innovative features, Lowrance can help you identify and secure a trophy winning fish. The best Lowrance fish finder will have all the latest features to ensure that you have everything you need to be successful on your trip.

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