Lowrance HOOK2 4X – 4-inch Fish Finder Review



While being easy to use, Lowrance 4X carries a large number of features. Designed to make your time on the water as productive as possible, the features ensure that you are casting your fishing hook or net in the right locations. Below, we have outlined the features offered by Lowrance HOOK2 4X: 

  • Automated sonar settings eliminate the need to fiddle with the fish finder 
  • An optimized keypad with one-touch access to key features enhances ease of use
  • The transducer options fit any fishing situation 
  • The device offers double the sonar coverage of traditional fishfinders 
  • SolarMAX display guarantees a clear and crisp view in all lighting conditions
  • LED backlight allows fishing at night
  • Lowrance 4X supports a wide range of mounting options
  • The bullet skimmer transducer shows the exact location of the target fish
  • The fishing aid allows users to change units of measurement from feet to meters
  • HOOK2’s flasher mode supports ice fishing



Width: 3.8 inches 

Length: 6.5 inches

Depth: Up to 200 feet 

Compatibility: Freshwater and saltwater 

GPS capabilities:  None

Accessories: Bullet Skimmer transducer, mounting gear 

Screen resolution: 480 x 272 pixels 

Display Type: 16-bit color TFT

Power: 500W RMS

Imaging: 2D 

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User Experience 



When it comes to performance, HOOK2 wins with its autotuning sonar settings. This means that you won’t have to waste your time dialing in your sonar – once you plug it in, you will be able to focus on fishing. 

When it comes to sonar coverage, however, Lowrance HOOK2 4x is a bit of a mixed bag. On one hand, Hook 4X offers a wide-angle sonar beam, while, on the other hand, the fish finder only provides a single beam. What this means is that you can spot fish within a wider zone, however, you will not get exceptionally detailed information when your fishing vessel is directly above the target fish. 

The sonar coverage on HOOK2 is double that offered by traditional fish finders. It offers traditional 2D imaging, showing a fish arch and indicating the depth at which the fish can be found. 


While Lowrance 4X may not be pushing the limits of the fishfinder’s display, it checks all boxes. At 4 inches, the display is comparable with many high-end fishing aids – though it is by no means one of the bigger displays available in the market. Still, the display comes with SolarMAX technology which is extremely useful during extremely bright days on the water. 

Essentially, the display adjusts the brightness settings depending on the amount of light shining on it. On top of this, the 480 x 272 pixels display supports multiple viewing angles – this eliminates the need to be standing directly over the display to get a clear view. All angles – except for the bottom – are visible at 70 degrees, while the bottom features an acceptable 50-degree viewing angle. 

If you enjoy fishing at night, the display on Lowrance HOOK2 4X has got your back. The fishing aid has a backlight that is bright enough for you to see but not overly bright such that it can be seen by the target fish. 

Ease of Use 

When it comes to installation, Lowrance HOOK2 wins with its versatile mounting options. Its bullet skimmer offers a front dash gimbal as well as a variety of quick-release bracket mounts. This means that regardless of where your fishing vessel positions the fishing aid, HOOK2 will work perfectly on it. 

Even better, the fishing aid is compatible with a variety of trolling motor and transom accessories. This means that you won’t have to worry about buying entirely new equipment, assuming that your current mounts are not ancient. 

One of HOOK2’s biggest qualities is that it has a very simple menu layout that makes its features easy to access. All its options are large and very distinct from one another, so you won’t have to worry about searching for the setting you would like to select. On top of an excellent user interface, many of the device’s functions that anglers must constantly adjust can be accessed by a single button.  

The quick-switch setting buttons on HOOK2 are easily accessible and well labeled. If you feel like going into the settings on a deeper level, the trackpad navigation system makes selecting your settings of choice with a single hand extremely easy. All the buttons offer a nice solid feel without feeling squishy or stiff. 


  • Impressive autotuning sonar settings 
  • Supports a wide range of mounting options 
  • Easily accessible features and options 
  • The display supports a wide range of viewing angles 
  • The display’s backlight allows night fishing 
  • The SolarMAX display technology guarantees clarity even on the brightest days 
  • One-touch access to key features enhances ease of use 
  • The device supports both freshwater and saltwater fishing 


  • For some anglers, the screen size might be too small 
  • The fishing aid does not come with its battery 
  • The device only displays fish arch – it doesn’t offer a fish icon option 

Overall Rating 

  • Price: 99% – For the features, HOOK2 offers its users, the fishing aid is reasonably priced. Compared to other fish fishfinders in the HOOK2 price range, Lowrance 4X has a more extensive list of benefits. 
  • Construction: 96% – Apart from having all the necessary safety measures, HOOK2 has an IPX7 waterproof rating. This means that water splashes, rain, and being submerged up to a depth of 1 meter won’t destroy the device. The device is built to handle a beating and has an impressive level of durability. 
  • Design: 94% – While HOOK2 does not have touchscreen technology, it is designed in a way that makes it extremely it to use. All its key features can be accessed with a tap of just one button. Its options are large, distinct, and hence extremely easy to select. Its color screen makes it easy for the user to differentiate the objects below and around the fishing boat while its SolarMAX technology allows maximum clarity in all lighting conditions. 
  • Overall: 96% – With HOOK2, you get maximum value for your money. The device features durability, strength, and powerful features to match the needs of all anglers. The fishing aid guarantees ease of use delivers quality results and ensures you have a good idea of where to cast your nets. If you would like to reel in more fish, the affordable HOOK2 might be a good addition to your collection of fishing equipment. 

Globo Surf Overview 

For anglers, there is no better feeling than when you cast your fishing lines in the right locations and reel in big catches without wasting much of your time. However, without the ability to view what is in the water, you may spend too much of your time in the wrong locations. 

Lowrance HOOK2 4X offers anglers the chance to reel more fish without expending any additional energy. The fish finder is designed for anglers who are operating under a budget, costing much less than other fish finders offering the same features.

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Lowrance HOOK2 4X - 4-inch Fish Finder with Bullet Skimmer Transducer