Fresh bait is one of the most important ingredients if you want to make your fishing adventure a success. However, instead of buying it in the store, it’s a much better option to catch it yourself. With the best cast nets, this will be incredibly easy to do even if you’re a beginner angler.

A good cast net should be heavy enough to sink fast and trap fish, but still light enough that you can throw it properly. To help you choose, this article will take a close look at the net design and discuss how each feature affects its performance. In addition, we’ll also present the best bait cast nets available right now, guaranteed to maximize your catch on every throw.

How To Choose The Best Cast Net – Buying Guide


Cast Net Diameter

Choosing the right diameter will mostly depend on your throwing experience. While a larger cast net will result in a bigger catch, it’s also more difficult to throw. If you’re a beginner throwing off a small or regular kayak, we advise that you go with a 6 to 8-foot cast net.

Half Mesh Size

This represents the density of a cast net and can vary greatly (from 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch to 5/8 inches). A denser net will sink slower but pick up smaller fish, while a less dense net will sink quickly but let small fish escape. For the highest level of versatility, we suggest a half mesh size of ⅜ inches.

Cast Net Weight

The net weight represents the amount of weight that is added to the perimeter of the net to help it sink at a faster rate. The most common cast net types weigh 0.75 pounds, 1 pound, or 1.5 pounds per radius foot. A heavier cast net will sink faster (traps more fish), but it will also make fishing with a cast net a lot more difficult.

Ease of Use

Regardless of the bait catching net you choose, you’ll have to do a little practicing before you master the fishing net throw. This being said, additions like wrist straps, rings, and discs can make fishing with a cast net a lot easier, especially if you’re a beginner.



Q: What Size Cast Net Is Best?


While this really depends on the type of fish you’re after and the conditions on the water, most anglers use a ⅜ inch mesh with a weight of 1 pound per foot as a universal net.

However, if you want to catch smaller fish in shallow water, go with a lighter and denser mesh (0.75lbs, ¼in mesh). On the other hand, if you want larger bait that’s in deep water, go with something heavier (1.5lbs, ⅝in mesh).

Q: How Do I Clean My Cast Net


While both have their advantages, it’s generally considered that monofilament cast nets are better. Monofilament sinks faster and is less visible than nylon, increasing your chances of a good catch. On the other hand, nylon tangles a lot less.

Q: Where Do I Store My Cast Net When I Don’t Use It?


This can happen for several reasons – they can get stuck on the net side, have their gills constricted, or even die of shock. Whatever the reason, there is little you can do about it when net fishing.

Globo Surf Overview

Equipping yourself with the best casting net can make a huge difference when trying to catch fish. Getting the right net size and weight and practicing your throw will directly determine your success. We hope that our reviews have pointed you in the right direction, so you can get the best cast net for your needs.

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