Lowrance Elite 5 TI Fishfinder Review


Integrated with the latest features, the Lowrance Elite-5 TI fish finder gives an impressive performance for such a small device. Measuring in at just over 10 inches, this mid-sized fishfinder includes CHIRP Sonar, professional scanning technology, GPS, and Navionics to help you confidently navigate through US lakes and rivers. A MicroSD slot allows you to pre-install maps onto your device, so you can head out fully prepared for your trip. Wireless access is also provided, so you can connect the Lowrance Elite 5 TI to your phone or GoFree Cloud account for reliable navigation. With Trackback Technology, you’ll never lose your fishing data or maps because everything is stored internally on the device. Here is a complete list of the incredible features of the Lowrance Elite-5 TI fish finder:

  • Transducer included with purchase
  • High-definition display include touchscreen and split-screen technology
  • Easy to navigate using the touchscreen display or side buttons
  • Universal design is great for beginner, experienced, or professional fishermen
  • Backlit LED screen is easy to read in direct sunlight
  • Clear views of the depths below with CHIRP Sonar, StructureScan, and DownScan
  • Scanning capabilities reach up to 1000 feet deep
  • Integrated GPS antenna
  • Compatible with one microSD card
  • Mid-sized design is easy to transport
  • Provides you with the best value on the market
  • One Year Warranty indluded with purchase


Dimensions: 10.87 x 8.19 x 9.25 inches

Weight: 3.2 ounces

Battery: 1 Lithium ion

Display: 5 inches diagonal

Sonar Ranges: 

User Experience

Usability: No matter what level of experience you have with fishing, fishermen will find that the Lowrance Elite 5 TI fish finder has an easy operation that is friendly to everyone. A minimalistic and clean display provides you with a precise menu and setting options so that you can focus on targeting your next fish. Designed to be powerful, this fish finder wasn’t designed to be a stylish piece of technology, but a powerful companion that gives you all the detailed information you need to elevate your performance. With a backlit display, this fish finder guarantees that you can read the information on the screen in all fishing conditions.

With a 5-inch diagonal display, the oversized screen and high-definition finish are guaranteed to keep you happy out on the water. Crisp images ensure that you can pinpoint and identify your next trophy catch, while also marking all of the best fishing spots on the lake or river. A split-screen option allows you to view multiple angles and views underneath the water to give you a complete picture of what lies on the river or lake bed. With full-color displays, it is easy to identify all targets and distinguish them from the bottom of the lake or river. 

Precision: To ensure that their device is consistent and precise in its calculations, Lowrance has included CHIRP Sonar, StructureScan, and DownScan technology in their Elite 5 TI fish finder. These three scanning technologies are integrated into the device to provide you with a detailed and precise view of everything underneath the water. The CHIRP Sonar maximizes its power to be able to scan up to 1000 feet deep. In shallow water, the measurements become more precise as the intense beam can generate a more detailed view.

With advanced signal processing, the Lowrance Elite-5 TI can automatically adjust the CHIRP Sonar technology to best suit all your fishing needs. Using the scanners to determine the visibility underneath the water and depth to the floor, this device can be used in all fishing conditions. For fishermen, this eliminates the hassle of constantly adjusting the device and prevents you from having to scramble to maintain a quality picture. The automatization of the system also leaves you free to navigate the water without constantly having to look down at your fishfinder. 


  • Automatic adjustments make it easy for everyone to use
  • The oversized screen provides crisp and clear images
  • Powerful sonar technology provides precise scans 
  • Mapping technology and built-in memory will record all your favorite fishing spots


  • Must subscribe and pay for access to the US maps

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Overall Rating

Usability: 99% – With automatic adjustments and easy to use features, the Lowrance Elite-5 TI fish finder does the hard work for you and makes it easy for fishermen to safely navigate to all the best fishing spots. The ability to add US maps provides fishermen with a reliable way to plan all of their fishing trips. However, the device can be tricky to set up, if you are unfamiliar with fish finders and their mapping systems. One feature that is designed to make navigation easier is Trackback Technology, which can be used to memorize all of your favorite fishing spots and their detailed information. With an integrated GPS antenna and wireless capabilities, the Lowrance Elite 5 TI fish finder is one of the most reliable designs on the market that will ensure you are always well aware of your position on the water.

Precision: 98% – Featuring CHIRP Sonar, StructureScan, and DownScan technology, the Lowrance Elite-5 TI fish finder delivers precision to fishermen, so they have the confidence to get out and explore new areas. With high powered features and an easy to use the system, this fish finder will help you narrow down your search to target the best catches. The viewing capability extends up to 1000 feet deep, which increases your chance of securing a fish. With advanced signal processing and automatic adjustments, this fish finder guarantees that it will be consistent throughout your fishing trip, so you can confidently rely on its readings and measurements. 

Price: 98% – The affordable price of the Lowrance Elite-5 TI fishfinder makes it one of the top choices amongst beginner or professional fishermen. With an exceptional value, this fish finder packs all of the best features into a compact device that can be used by casual or avid fishermen. If you compare the Lowrance Elite 5 TI to other fish finders, you will find that the competition just can’t beat this design. While the smaller screen size helps save money, the device doesn’t shy away from using the best and newest technology. This guarantees fishermen that they get a reliable device with high-quality technology at a more affordable price point. Overall, the Lowrance Elite 5 TI is an investment well worth making, especially if you’ve been struggling to make decent catches. The device will help you boost your performance to give you the best results, so you don’t go home empty-handed. 

Overall: 98% – Altogether, there it is hard to find something to dislike about the Lowrance Elite 5 TI fish finder. With reviews from all types of fishermen giving high praise for this device, it is hard to talk yourself out of investing in this powerful fishfinder. While first-hand experience and knowledge are essential for all fishermen, this device can help you learn how to target fish and safely navigate in various bodies of water. With a guarantee for a higher chance of success, we highly recommend the Lowrance Elite-5 TI fish finder and are confident that it will become your go-to companion. 

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The Lowrance Elite 5 TI fish finder is a great addition to any fisherman’s arsenal of gear. With the latest technology and a polished look, this fish finder is guaranteed to elevate your experience on the water. An easy to use interface and quality features ensure that all anglers will be satisfied with their purchase as their success rate skyrockets.

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