Garmin Striker 4 Fish Finder Review


The Garmin Striker 4 ice fishing fish finder and GPS packs a plethora of impressive functions while being affordable. Whether you are a casual angler or an experienced fishing enthusiast, you will enjoy its amazing features, including those that are briefly listed below.

  • CHIRP 2D sonar and transducer for unmatched clarity
  • Accurate and high-sensitivity GPS with up to 5,000 waypoints
  • Flasher mode shows the depth of the fish even when it is muddy
  • A-Scope for real-time feedback when fish is passing through
  • Split frequency mode for multiple transducers
  • The tilt-swivel base for flexible mounting
  • Water temperature log and graph
  • IPX7 waterproof construction


Height: 5.9”

Width: 3.6”

Display Size: 1.9” x 2.9”, 3.5” diagonally

Display Type: HVGA Color

Display Orientation: Vertical

Display Resolution: 480 x 320 pixels

Transmit Power: 200 watts (RMS)

Maximum Depth: 750 feet in saltwater, 1,600 feet in freshwater

Frequencies Supported: 50/200, 77/200 kHz

Sonar: CHIRP, Dual Beam, Dual-Frequency

GPS: High-sensitivity antenna

Mount Type: Tilt and Swivel

User Experience


The Garmin Striker 4 ice fishing device is designed for portability. With its lightweight and compact body, it is easy to bring wherever you will go fishing. Plus, whether you are using a kayak or a boat, you will love how it isn’t demanding in terms of its space requirements. 

More than 1/3 of the device is covered by the HVGA screen. This isn’t the most advanced in terms of resolution, but it is bright enough so that you can easily see the display. Even for night fishing, it will be a reliable companion. Meanwhile, when the sun is at its peak, there is no glare. 

Under the screen, there are buttons with tactile feedback. Each button has a dedicated function. It feels solid to the touch. With the keyed construction, it will be easy to tweak the settings and maximize the functionality of this product. 

Ease of Use 

One of the biggest selling points of the Striker 4 is its user-friendly design. This portable fish finder is built with the needs of novices in mind. Right out of the box, it won’t take long before it is ready to use. It does not take a genius to figure out how it works! 

The buttons are laid out properly, which is why using this fish finder will be effortless. They are also large, which means that even when you are wearing fishing gloves, you will not have any problem pressing the buttons. 

Installing the transducer and connecting it to the main unit will also be effortless. You can also enjoy flexibility since you can mount the transducer on the trolling motor or transom. Regardless, you can expect it to deliver accurate readings. 


When using the Garmin Striker 4, you can expect exceptional performance. Among others, one reason for the latter is that it combines functionalities of a fish finder and GPS, which will let you enjoy two important functions in a single product. 

With a CHIRP transducer, which has 77 and 200 kHz frequencies, you can expect excellent visibility of the fish and structure under the water. By sending a sweep of continuous frequencies, it can produce crisper images with better target separation. 

If you are unhappy with the current frequencies, you can upgrade to a more advanced sonar. However, this will be an added cost on your end. 

Another thing that makes the performance incredible is high-sensitivity GPS. This feature will let you mark your spot, making it easier to find your way back. It also has 5,000 waypoints to improve GPS functionality. Despite this, it is not as advanced and feature-rich as its higher-end alternatives. 

This fish finder also comes with a split frequency mode. This way, it can receive more frequencies from transducers. The result is that there will be greater detail to help you locate fish. 

More so, there is a waypoint map mode, which represents its GPS function. There are no pre-loaded maps in this unit. Instead, you can create up to 5,000 waypoints. This will let you mark your routes, including boat ramps and docks. In turn, this will make it easier to navigate on your way back from a fishing trip. 

Using this fish finder will also let you check the speed of the boat on the screen. This is important in making sure that you are trolling at an appropriate speed depending on the fish that you would like to catch. 

You also have the option to use the split-screen mode. This will show the fish finder and the waypoints at the same time. However, given how small the screen is, this is one mode that most users will not appreciate. 


This fish finder comes with a 12-volt 7-milliamp battery. Aside from being compact and lightweight, it has also been praised because of having exceptional battery life. It can last up to three days, but this will depend on the extent of use.

If ever you run out of battery in the middle of your fishing trip, there’s no need to worry. You can connect the finder to a power tool or a marine battery


  • Affordable but packed with innovative features
  • Lightweight and compact design 
  • Delivers multiple operating modes
  • Has an accurate internal GPS 
  • Comes with a backlit display 


  • Does not come with a micro SD card slot 
  • No NMEA connectivity 

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Overall Rating


  • Price: 95% – The price of the Garmin Striker 4 ice fishing fish finder is one of the most compelling reasons to choose it over others. It is from one of the most trusted brands in the market, yet it is affordable. 
  • Portability: 95% – Even if you are in a fishing kayak, this is an excellent option because of its portability. More than being lightweight, it is also space-efficient, making it an ideal choice even in small spaces. This is a handy fish finder you can bring anywhere. 
  • Construction: 98% – From its screen to its body, this fish finder demonstrates an exceptional construction. Even after years of use, it will remain functional. Not to mention, it is also waterproof. 
  • Features: 90% – While it is packed with notable features, admittedly, it does not have the functionalities that you can find in a higher-end GPS. For instance, there is no wireless connectivity. 
  • Overall: 95% – Without a doubt, this is a notable fish finder and GPS. More than being made by a reputable manufacturer, it is affordable, portable, and durable. For sure, it will make a nice addition to your fishing trip checklist

Globo Surf Overview

Your fishing trip does not have to be frustrating! Rather than mindlessly going around trying to find your next big catch, use the Garmin Striker 4. This feature-packed fishfinder with GPS has a portable design and a tilt-swivel base, making it easy to position in your kayak or boat. It has a CHIRP sonar transducer for exceptional clarity and GPS functionality for marking your spots. 

However, there are also a few problems. This is a basic device that lacks wireless functionality. There is also no slot for a micro SD card. Despite all of this, Striker 4 is impressive in more ways than one.

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Garmin Striker 4 Fish Finder Review