Garmin Striker 5cv Fishfinder Review



There’s a reason why the Garmin Striker 5cv fishfinder is sought after by many anglers. Not only is the fishfinder ultralight and easy to carry with you anywhere, but its numerous yet, intuitive features make it extremely useful on the water. Below is the list of all its features; 

  • Chirp technology with multiple frequencies for better fish arches and greater target separation 
  • ClearVu scanning sonar for photographic and wide images of what is under your boat
  • Built-in high sensitivity GPS to quickly and precisely locate your position
  • On-screen speed tracker to tell if you are going the right speed in wake controlled areas
  • The built-in flasher allows you to fish vertically
  • Quickdraw Contours Mapping software allows you to create and store maps with 1-foot contours for up to 2 million acres of water bodies 
  • Split-screen display with zooming settings
  • Built-in Wifi to share maps across multiple Garmin striker Plus devices


Dimensions: 7.4 inches x 4.5 inches x 2.1 inches

Weight: 0.95 lbs.

Depth: 2,300 feet (freshwater) 1,100 feet (saltwater) 

Frequency: 50/200 kHz (Chirp sonar) 

Power input: 12W

Power output: 500W

User Experience

Sonar & Transducer

The Garmin Striker 5cv features a Garmin Chirp technology combined with ClearVu scanning sonar. The unit comes with a transducer with 77/200 kHz (Chirp) and 455/800 kHz (ClearVu) frequencies which deliver exceptional clarity and detail for fish and structures. 

The multiple and continuously high and low frequencies of the unit provide a wider range of information which, in turn, allows for crispier fish arches and greater target separation. Not only will the Garmin Striker 5cv fishfinder differentiate fish from other objects underwater, but, it will separate different fish species as well. 

The unit is designed with a fish symbol ID which helps you to easily identify fish targets. The fishfinder covers depths of up to 2,300 feet under lakes and rivers and up to 1,100 for saltwater environments.  Its adjustable depth line measures the depth of underwater objects. Its ClearVu scanning sonar on the other end delivers picaresque and photo-like, wide images of what passes under your fishing vessel. 

In fact, the fishfinder is designed with an A-Scope which shares a real-time display of fish passing through the transducer beam. Integrating an AutoGain technology, the Garmin Striker 5cv fishfinder’s sonar effectively minimizes clutter whilst enhancing target image clarity during operation. 

Display And Resolution 

The fishfinder is built with a 5-inch WVGA color display with a 480 by 800 high pixel resolution, making it adequately sized for easy viewing, even from a distance on a bright and sunny day. The screen’s clear readability is further complemented with the LED backlight. Its split-screen design allows you to view several types of data simultaneously in a side by side manner.  

You can view up to three panels at the same time. Additionally, on the screen, you can view your boat’s speed. So if you are boat fishing, you can troll at just the right speed in wake controlled areas.


The Garmin Striker 5cv features its patented new QuickDraw Contours technology which offers detailed mapping.  Using this mapping technology, you can map bottom contours to single foot intervals with a unified data storage capacity that covers up to 2 million acres. This gives the fishfinder the capacity to cover extremely large lakes. 

Additionally, the QuickDraw Contours technology can automatically create contour maps to help you review and pinpoint where you have already been so you can plan for your next trip. It’s extremely easy-to-use interface means that anyone can use the mapping technology without the need for special training. 


Furthermore, the Garmin Striker 5cv fishfinder incorporates a built-in high sensitivity GPS to help you to easily and clearly locate your current position, no matter where you are on the lake. Using the GPS, you can mark spots where fish are biting so you can return later or during your next fishing trip. Additionally, you can mark boat ramps, docks, and other locations on the lake to help you create your next trip.

The GPS easily shares this information through the path created on your fishfinder screen. Furthermore, you can use it to track your location about the waypoints you marked. The waypoint map allows you to view, mark, and navigate to locations such as the boat ramp, so you can easily find your way back. So for your next ice, canoe, or kayak fishing, the Garmin Striker 5cv fishfinder is a must-have gear.


The Garmin Striker fishfinder is built with a power consumption of 12 watts and a power transmission of up to 500 Watts. This strong power output is what gives it incredible tracking, depth coverage, and sensitivity. The fish finder comes with a sealed rechargeable battery for easy recharging and a built-in transducer cable management.

Pros :

  • Built-in Wifi allows you to share maps with other Garmin Striker devices and access the ActiveCaptain app to download more maps
  • The unit stores up to 5,000 waypoints
  • Excellent sonar depth of up to 2,300 feet
  • Extremely lightweight body with IPX7 waterproof rating
  • Comes with a transducer that supports the Chirp technology and ClearVu sonar
  • Transmits incredible power at up to 500W
  • The built-in flasher clearly shows the bottom when stationary fishing, for example, ice fishing 
  • The fish symbol ID allows you to identify most fish species


  • The fish finder device is not a chart plotter
  • It doesn’t have an SD card reader

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Overall Rating

Overal_RatingConstruction: 98% – The fish finder is durable and extremely light; weighing only 0.95 lbs. You can toss it in your fishing bag or even your fishing suit pockets without the risk of damaging or losing it. Its IPX7 waterproof build makes it ideal for use in any conditions, whether it’s raining, freezing, or dry. 

  • Design: 98% – The versatile fishfinder is designed to work in freshwater and saltwater environments, so you don’t have to spend extra for another unit. Additionally, it features a keypad style display which makes it easy to handle whilst its intuitive features make it easy to navigate. Its split-screen design allows you to access multiple data at the same time.
  • Price: 98% – The Garmin Striker is quite affordable when you compare the price with the features it offers. In fact, its price band is considered to be budget-friendly, yet, it offers you the value of a high-end fish finder. 
  • Overall: 97% – The Garmin Striker 5cv fishfinder may have its limitations, however; it is useful to any angler on both saltwater and freshwater. Its powerful features mean that it will work on big boats, canoes, and kayaks; making it highly versatile. Whilst it lacks few useful features, it still boasts incredible ClearVu sonar power and highly sensitive GPS to make your fishing trip a success. Plus, its affordability offers great value for your money.

Globo Surf Overview

If your main goal is to accurately know your position and easily locate your target, then, the Garmin Striker 5cv fishfinder is an excellent investment. The main drawback to this fish finder is that it doesn’t offer chart plotting, side sonar, and pre-installed maps.  

Nevertheless, it offers you the functions of a high-end fish finder, whether it’s powerful and great depth sonar or its accurate and sensitive GPS. Furthermore, its affordable price surely makes it a steal. So whether you are a beginner or seasoned angler, the Garmin striker 5cv is a reasonable device to have on the water.

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Garmin Striker 5cv Fishfinder Review