Lowrance Hook 7 Fishfinder Review


The Hook 7 Lowrance fishfinder packs an impressive set of features in a relatively small package, putting base sonar, GPS as well as high-quality scanning within reach of your fingertips. The device comes with numerous, highly-accurate maps of US waterways already installed, and many more can be added to let you plan your trips from the comfort of your home. The integrated CHIRP sonar can be put on several different settings, making the Lowrance Hook 7 a useful tool for hunting a wide variety of fish, over a great variety of environments. The fish finder comes with its own transducer that is to be fixed on the underside of your boat, and a one-year warranty is included in the purchase. Here is a list of the most remarkable features of the Lowrance Hook 7 fishfinder:

  • Comes with a dedicated transducer
  • The superb HD screen is sharp and precise
  • Menus are easy to navigate through
  • Intuitive to use even for beginners
  • Excellent sonar system can scan down to 1000 feet
  • One-year warranty included in the purchase
  • Relatively compact size
  • Integrated GPS
  • Well contained price


Dimensions: 10.87 x 8.11 x 9.25 inches

Weight: 3 pounds

Battery: Lithium-ion

Display diagonal: 7 inches

Sonar ranges: Maximum 455 kHz/300 feet; High 200 kHz/1000 feet; Medium 83 kHz/1000 feet

User Experience

Usability: Even if you have never used a fish finder before, you are likely to find the Hook 7 Lowrance very simple and straightforward to operate. The interface is clean and minimal, with the device focusing more on getting the performance up to high standards than looking fancy. The menus let you find all the information you need in only a few clicks, with audible beeps always letting you know when you are switching settings so even in bright sunlight you can be sure of what you are doing.

The display on the Lowrance Hook 7 is exceptional. It remains always crisp and precise and its dimensions make it a joy to use, letting you even pull up more than one screen at a time and still retain enough space to read all the information you need to know. The screen is backlit, meaning that it will be readable even in full sunlight, and lets you switch between black and white and color so you can decide which look suits you the best.

Precision: Forgetting all the bells and whistles of the outside look, a good fish finder is only useful if the sonar is up to scratch. In the case of the Hook 7 Lowrance, this is not only true but very much so. The CHIRP sonar integrated into the machine is one of the best we have seen, allowing you to scan the water down to 1000 feet of depth and making the fish finder usable even in the ocean. Should you need a more precise image, if you are navigating on shallower water, you can then narrow and intensify the beam to get an extremely precise image of the lake or river bed.

The Lowrance Hook 7 takes another load off of the angler’s shoulders thanks to its advanced signal processing, which automatically adjusts the sonar signal to best suit the particular water and depth conditions, instead of you having to do it manually. This leaves you much freer to concentrate on finding the best spot to cast your line, without having to worry about regulating the settings on your finder to make it perform as it should.


  • Easy to use even if you’ve never had a fish finder
  • The beautiful screen is crisp and sharp
  • Superb sonar implementation
  • A great amount of included maps


  • Despite general ease of use, some features may be tricky for beginners

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Overall Rating

Usability: 98 % – The Lowrance Hook 7 fishfinder does everything it can to make the experience of using it nice and enjoyable for the angler and succeeds almost all of the time. There are a few things, such as adding new maps, that may feel complicated for complete beginners, but the rest of the device can be operated smoothly with very little practice. Especially nice is the TrackBack function, which lets you store information about each one of your excursions so you can then use it to better plot your next trip. The included GPS and the screen are very reliable, with the display remaining crisp and well readable even on a bright and sunny day, so you can always look at the included US maps and have a very clear idea of where you are.

Precision: 99 % – Combining the use of CHIRP sonar, plenty of maps, a precise GPS, and an easy to use interface, the Hook 7 Lowrance fishfinder delivers one of the most enjoyable experiences you can have when using such a device. When set to its maximum power and used in shallow waters, the sonar can help you decide where you cast your line within a distance of fewer than five feet from the fish you are aiming for, greatly increasing your chances of success. In deeper waters, the device can still hold its own, sending a beam down to 1000 feet albeit providing slightly less precision. The advanced signal processing is also a very welcome addition, and works remarkably well as an automatic adjustment function, unlike many who turn out to be unreliable in many cases.

Price: 98 % – When it comes to price, you won’t be getting more value for the dollar than with the Lowrance Hook 7 fishfinder. The device packs such a wealth of features and technology in its small size to make it almost a no-brainer for any kind of serious or semi-serious fisherman. When you compare to much larger and costlier electronic devices for fishing, you’ll see that the Hook 7 Lowrance does many if not all of the same things, with the only drawback being that the screen is of slightly smaller size but not, as we have seen, difficult to read. Overall, we believe that this fish finder is most definitely worth the investment, especially if fishing makes up a significant part of your vacations and you want to get the best results out of it. For the features you will get for the small sum you pay, there is nothing that can touch the Hook 7 on the market today.

Overall: 98 % – All things considered, there is truly a lot to like about the Lowrance Hook 7 fishfinder, and we are sure that many experienced anglers would agree. While there is no replacing the knowledge you need to have about the fish you are setting out to hunt and their behavior, a device such as this one can give you a very significant boost and greatly increase your chances of success. For the price it is sold at, it doesn’t get much better than this, so we can’t help but giving the Hook 7 Lowrance our most heartfelt recommendation.

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The Lowrance Hook 7 fish finder is a great addition to any fisherman’s toolkit and puts great electronics and advanced technologies to the service of the sport. It is a very well-rounded device that is easy to use and reliable, and we are sure it will make many anglers satisfied by rapidly increasing their number of catches.

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