Salmon are one of the most famous types of fish in the world but it can take some expert knowledge to know where they are. They are born and spawn in freshwater but can migrate out into saltwater when they are not in the spawning season. The best salmon lures can often depend on where the salmon you’re trying to catch are located.

When you have picked your favorite spot then you want to ensure that you’re getting the right color, type and weight for your fish. When you get it right you’ll stand a much greater chance of making the catch that you wanted to make.

In order to find the best salmon baits for you we have looked through the salmon lures reviews to come up with a list of the best products and have created a buying guide which will answer off of your questions in order for you to buy the best salmon baits with confidence.

How To Choose The Best Salmon  Lure – Buying Guide



Lures and color have long been a discussion in all types of fishing and there clearly isn’t one perfect choice otherwise all lures would be that color. One of the great things about fishing is experimenting with different types of lure and line until you find the one that works perfectly for you.

There are some basic rules to follow and some of them are determined by the way that light reacts when it’s in water. Red colors especially can quickly appear dull and black the further down you go so if you’re fishing in deep water then it’s best to stick with green and blue types of color or opt for ultraviolet or glow options.

Most times with salmon fishing rigs though you won’t have to worry about that and in shallower waters red, orange and yellow colors can be highly effective so you just need to give consideration to how deep the water is that you’re going to be fishing in.


There are many different types of lures which can all be highly effective when it comes to catching your salmon. Spoons are often the weapon of choice for many and you can see why as they are well-proven as their reflectivity and fluttering motion through the water is very attractive to a large amount of fish and are best for trolling and downrigger fishing.

Spinnerbaits are another widely popular choice which works by their blades spinning around in the water as it is reeled through which catches the attention on any fish that are nearby. Not only do they look great but they are often used in murkier waters as they vibrate and can attract salmon through sound.

There are plenty of solid, hard lures that are used too and these are painted like real fish and are also made to move through the water like them as well. The attraction of these types of lure is obvious as they deceive the salmon into thinking that the lure is a real fish.

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The size and weight of a lure are important depending on where you want to fish and how big you want your catch to be. There are plenty of different choices out there but the general rule is that the bigger the lure is, the bigger the fish you’ll be aiming to catch. If you’re not sure then choosing a set which has a variety of sizes might be a great option.



Q: What Is A Salmon Fishing Lure?


A salmon fishing bait is any type of lure that is going to attract salmon to your line. You’ll notice that with a lot of these products that they will mention a number of different fish that will be attracted to the lure and that’s because there is not one type of lure for every individual fish.

That being said, not all types of lure will attract all types of fish so you need to make sure that you’re getting a lure that is going to be right for the fish that you’re aiming to catch. Obviously all the products that we have listed here have a very high success rate for catching salmon.

Q: What Are The Benefits From Fishing With A Special Salmon Lure?


As we mentioned there, a single lure can attract many different types of fish so if you are trying to catch a salmon then you could well end up catching something else instead. Using a lure that is known for catching salmon though will give you the best possible chance of making the catch that you wanted to make.

If you throw any type of lure on the end of your line then you might not catch a salmon all day or if you’re fishing in the wrong water then you might not be able to catch anything at all. Using the right lure for the right situation has always been a critical part of fishing and always will be.

Q: Can I Reuse Salmon Lures?


If they are not damaged and are still in full working order then there is no reason why you wouldn’t use a lure again. If it has been damaged then it’s best to inspect it to judge if it’s still going to be as effective as it once was, if not, then it’s best to throw it away and move on.

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Getting the right equipment is critical to being successful at fishing. You could though have studied the best color line to use or you might have the best reel but if you have the wrong lure then you could well end up without a catch at all.

Selecting the right lure involves making sure you are choosing one which has a high success rate for the fish that you wanted to catch and also making sure that you’re using the right color and weight for your situation as well. If you get that wrong, then you could be in for a very boring day indeed where you get no bites on your line.

Hopefully this buying guide as given you all the information you need to get the best salmon fishing lures and head out onto the water with the top rated salmon baits for you and your situation. When you do you’ll be delighted with the results and enjoying the best day of salmon fishing that you’ve ever had.

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