Fishing lures are artificial bait used to attract fish during fishing for easy catches. Lures are normally attached with hooks that trap fish when the fish bites the lures. Lures imitate actual insects and leeches that are included in the fish’s diet. They mimic movement, color and position as if they were actual insects.

Saltwater lures are made to attract fish that habit in salt waters. It makes sense to think of it this way, fish indigenous to different water sources will definitely have slightly varying factors that affect their lives environmental conditions and of course, diet. Thus, when anglers are planning for a fishing trip, depending on where they are headed for their expedition, it is vital that they choose the right tools.

Listed below are the nest saltwater lures in 2023 that provide a guide and the best options for saltwater fishing.

How To Choose A Saltwater Lure – Buying Guide



It is always good to research a product before you invest on it. When choosing the right saltwater lures to purchase, it is essential to know whether they are effective or not? By effective, I mean, do they actually do their job as advertised? It is best to research and read reviews from fellow anglers who have used the saltwater lures before and you will notice a trend. Like the best saltwater lures in 2023 listed above, a good saltwater lure will have consistent positive review on their effectiveness.


This is a no brainer. The more visible your saltwater lure is on or under water the more likely it is to attract fish. The more precise, bold and vivid the colors and patterns are on the saltwater, the more visible it becomes. Size also influences visibility sometimes. So depending on the kind of saltwater lure you are looking for, keep an eye out on its visibility!


this factor is important especially if you don’t want your saltwater lure to break apart in the water. It is important to focus on the right materials, for example, due to salt causing corrosion o metal, its best to go for a stainless steel or plastic constructed saltwater lures. Also, look for the bite resistant or crash resistant ones for added value. You don’t want fish to bite on and glide away with a piece of your bait!

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Motion Control

obviously, fish will be attracted to bait that looks realistic; to them it’s an actual live bait. Thus, when choosing your saltwater lures go for those that are constructed to have actual life like swimming motions.

Ease Of Use

All anglers want to enjoy their fishing time in complete tranquility, relaxation and of course a lot of fish. Therefore, it is vital that your equipment is easy to set and use, you don’t want to be nudging at the lines or pulling the rod then accidently rip through your bait. Fish also live in a natural habitat thus their behavior and surrounding is expected to be natural. You will not attract a fish with bait, when there is 15 minutes of unusual movement going on around the spot your bait is positioned.


Weight affects function of the saltwater lures. Heavier lures are designed to work underwater and their weight will determine depth. Lighter lures tend to work on shallower or top waters.



Q: What Is The Difference Between A Freshwater And Saltwater Lures?


Saltwater lures are different to fresh water lures because they tend to work on more aggressive environments such as open oceans. Their material also allows them to work longer in saltwater. Most saltwater lures are made of metal components such as non corrosive stainless steel. Their durable make also gives them anti rip properties to protect them from more aggressive saltwater species. Additionally, they made to be heavier than freshwater to allow them to sink to deeper waters for heavier fish.

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Q: Are These Lures Reusable?


Yes, they are.  Depending on the durability and material used, lures are defiantly reusable.

Globosurf Overview

Saltwater lures have proven to be an important and essential part of the fishing process. So, it is important to choose the right lures for a successful trip. Salt water lures directly affect your fishing experience. I repeat, salt water lures directly affect your fishing experience! If you consider all the right factors – effectiveness, visibility, durability and so forth- you are guaranteed to pick the right choice, I mean it’s that easy. Plus, you can begin with the 10 best saltwater lures in 2023 listed above; there is definitely the right option for you above.

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