Whatever the fish you are after, hunting with the best topwater lures is one of the most exciting ways to catch your prey. Seeing the water come alive with intense splashes and abundant foam when the fish bites into the bait is one of those moments that all anglers live for and that gives meaning to the long hours you have to spend in the water on every fishing trip.

The choice of the correct lure to use is not always clear, especially for someone who might just be getting into the sport, and because of this we have prepared the article you are about to read. In it, we will describe what are the best topwater baits on the market so you can get a precise idea of how they are made and how they work. This will, in turn, give you a clearer understanding of how to fish with this formidable tool and put you well on your way to many satisfying catches.

How To Choose Topwater Lures – Buying Guide



The main types of topwater baits you can find are the popper, the walker, and the prop bait. The popper produces a sound that attracts the fish as you drag it through the water, and needs a sharp and downwards rod motion. The walker is better for open water and simply has to slowly dragged across the surface to do its job, while the prop bait also needs to be twitched, like the popper, to cause a commotion and attract the attention of the fish, but is better suited to deeper water.

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The size of topwater baits varies greatly throughout the range, and will mostly depend on how large a fish you are planning on catching. Many baits can be used to catch fish of different sizes, but if you are planning to go after an especially large prize you need to have something that can live up to the challenge.


While hooks need to be metal to be able to penetrate the flesh of the fish and withstand the confrontation, the body of the baits is different. It can be made either of a soft, flexible, plastic material such as silicone if they need to flex, or of a much harder plastic that can handle being mistreated by the biggest beasts in the water.



Q: When Should You Fish Topwater?


Topwater fishing is best done after the fish spawn, so in late spring or august, since the fish tend to be more sluggish and slower to move, making them an easier catch.

Q: How Do Topwater Lures Work?


Topwater lures work by simulating the movement and the shape of smaller fish that predators like to eat, tricking them into attacking and leading them to be caught by the hooks.

Q: Do Trout Hit Topwater?


Yes they do, but you will need to use one of the larger topwater baits to get the job done since trout are usually bigger fish. Sometimes, though, a big bait can even scare off large fish.

Q: Do Topwater Lures Work At Night?


Yes they do, and they work very well. Topwater baits work by causing a disturbance on the water surface, and this will be all the more evident if the water is very calm, as is usually the case during the night.

Q: What Time Of Year Do Bass Hit Topwater?


Early spring is usually the absolute best time to go hunting for bass with topwater baits, but all during the year, provided you hunt in a moment of low light, can having scoring catches if you know what you are doing.

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In our topwater lures reviews, we have shown you a good overview of what are the best topwater lures on the market. This will let you make the best choice before planning your next fishing trip, so you can be well prepared to take on all the challenges you will have to face and come back with a smile on your face and many good stories to tell.

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