Night Fishing Guide: How To Go Fishing At Night


Night fishing is exciting and frustrating. Especially for first-timers, you may end up not having a fresh catch. The location and environmental conditions, among others, will make it challenging. It may be tricky, but it is not an exercise in futility!

Fishing during the daytime can be notoriously hot, especially during the summer months. If you want a cooler environment and if you are up to the challenge, be one of the anglers who try doing it at night instead!

If you want to go fishing at night but have no idea how to do it, read on and learn from some of the insights we’ll share.

Find the Right Places

To increase the likelihood of having a catch and staying safe, find the right location where you can go fishing at night. Ask around your friends who are into fishing or read online forums to create a list of places where you can go.

As you find the right place, research some of the requirements, such as the fees and the permits needed.

Also, take the time to be familiar with the area. While it is fun to have a spontaneous trip, try to avoid it since it does not give you enough time to research the place. Be familiar with the obstacles that will confront you.

If you are fishing in rivers, one of the best places to stay is near the rocks. This is especially a great place to find bass at night. Staying close to the docks is also recommended, not only because of safety but also because it often has light. In turn, the light can attract planktons and insects that can bring fish to wherever you are.

Fix your Homebase

Now that you know where exactly to go night fishing, establish your base. An ultralight tent with a bed chair or mattress is best to have on the ground so that you will have a temporary shelter in case it rains.

You also have to get your boat ready. Whether you are using inflatable boats, sailboats, or fishing kayaks, take the time to perform a quick inspection to avoid serious problems.

Prepare your Gear


It is important to have a fishing trip checklist before you leave. Double-check the list to be sure that you have everything with you. The list includes the things that you will need to stay comfortable and safe while increasing the likelihood of taking home a catch from the night.

The best fishing jackets are important for your safety, which will help you to stay afloat in case you trip over or your boat suffers from an accident.

You also need to prepare the things you need for your comfort and convenience. For instance, you might want to bring underwater fishing lights, rain gear for fishing, and fishing jackets.  To keep everything organized, it is also recommended that you bring fishing backpacks, which will make it easy to access whatever you need.

To be prepared for fishing at night, you also need to bring freshwater lures, trout lures, and other types of lures depending on the fish available in the area. Of course, see to it that you have your fishing rod and reel. Fill up your tackle boxes before you go.

Speaking of lures, you have to be extra picky about what you have to bring. Topwater lures are best to use when fishing at night. Avoid those that generate noise and disturbance when they are on the water.

Take It Slow

Patience is a virtue, even when you are fishing, especially at night. Do not expect to reel a catch the moment you set sail. In some cases, it might even take hours before you can finally have a fish in your rod. Especially if you are fishing in clear water, you need to use a lure that moves slowly.

Keep Calm and Quiet

Be stealthy and quiet if you want to catch a fish at night. Especially when you are going as a group, try to limit your conversations and stay silent. Move the boat slowly. In case you are paddling, do it in slow motion. If you constantly move things and there is often a loud noise, fish can be disturbed and you will end up in frustration without a catch.

Observe Caution

One of the problems with fishing at night is that you don’t have an ample supply of light. When you are unhooking the fish in the dark, you might end up being hurt. You may also not be able to quickly get on your feet if the boat trips over compared to how you can react during the day. Always be cautious. Choose a stable boat.

Go with a Buddy

Perhaps, the most important night fishing safety tip is to never do it alone. Even if you find joy in doing things on your own, you should always have someone with you if you want to go fishing during night time.

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Now is the time to finally try fishing at night! Take note of the tips mentioned above for a safe and fun fishing trip! The most important is to be prepared by having the right gears and accessories. Of course, you also have to master the fundamental fishing techniques, such as how to reel in a catch.

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