Finding smallmouth bass is never going to be the most difficult thing in the world but getting them attracted to your lure can be an entirely different matter. Due to this, getting the best smallmouth bass lures are important in order to increase your success rate and your fishing enjoyment.

Finding the best smallmouth bass baits though can be difficult, as many different types of lure can be successful and it’s hard to know which one you should use and which color it should be. Here we look at all the key questions so that you can be confident in getting the perfect lure for you.

We have also looked at the smallmouth bass lures reviews to show you some of the highly rated and most successful smallmouth lures on the market. Once you’ve read through this guide you’ll be able to choose the perfect smallmouth bass fishing lures for you.

How To Choose A Smallmouth Bass Lure – Buying Guide


Type Of Lure

When it comes to smallmouth bass there are plenty of different lure types which can prove to be highly effective. Here we look at some of the best available which have all had a proven track record of being successful in luring in those smallmouth bass.

Blade baits – These baits are known to have a high effectiveness in cold water but can be used in all conditions too. It’s not a bait that fish often see in the water so are more likely to be attracted to it. You are able to manipulate your rod to make them swim and vibrate upwards before sinking down and fluttering as they do which will be able to mimic the action of an injured baitfish. This action would need to be slowed down in very cold temperatures where fish are more lethargic.

Finesse lures – There are a few different types of bait that fall into this category such as tubes, grubs and shakey heads which are soft plastic baits which are simple to use by dragging and hopping them along the bottom of whatever water you are fishing on. This makes these types of baits ideal for rocky and sandy bottoms where smallmouth bass will be searching for food. These baits can be rigged as weedless but are often best with a jig head to keep them down on the bottom and able to imitate crayfish.

Jigs – Jigs are a very popular choice when it comes to smallmouth bass and part of that reason is the fact that they can be used all year round and also in plenty of different conditions too which means that it’s hard to go wrong with this choice. These types of lure also have a high success rate with catching large fish, so are often used by those looking for a trophy. Rubber skirted jigs and hair jigs are both a popular choice and can be used with various hook sizes.

Jerkbaits – Another extremely popular bait for smallmouth are jerk baits which work by being able to jerk through the water, usually by having a small clear lip at the front of the bait which will help to manipulate the lure up and down. These baits are especially effective in colder water as they can be worked very slowly through the water which is attractive for the more lethargic fish. They are generally colored to look like real baitfish and are great at getting reaction strikes.

Power lures – When talking about power lures we are generally talking about with spinnerbaits or crankbaits which are going to be at their best when the fish are highly active. They are at their most effective when being pulled through rock piles and weed edges and in deeper water, particularly from a range of about five feet to thirty feet. They look very different but work in similar ways through letting the water move them to attract fish from nearby.

Topwater – Topwater lures are best used when smallmouth bass are aggressive and plentiful which is generally after the sun rises and just before it sets. Topwater lures generally work by skipping over the top of the water and imitating such animals like small frogs. To any fish from below it will make them look as though they are struggling on the water and easy prey. These can be reeled in with different techniques and are known to have a high level of effectiveness when the conditions are right.

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Type Of Fish

With the types of lures that we have looked at here, they aren’t just great for smallmouth bass but there are plenty of other types of species that can be caught with them too. When buying a lure it can great to look at the other options that you are going to have with it which makes it possible to be used on multiple different occasions.

Some of these lures are equally as good at being able to attract largemouth bass as well as the smallmouth variety which makes them very dynamic. Some are great at catching trout and other great species such as muskie and pike. This can vastly increase the capability of your lure and make for an even more exciting fishing trip.

In terms of smallmouth bass, there is also the question of size too as there are a few different size options that you might have available. A general rule is usually that the bigger the lure, the bigger the fish that you want to catch. In regards to this you also want to make sure that you’re choosing the best fishing line available and assessing the area you are fishing in so that you know what size fish you’ll be looking to catch.


The color of your smallmouth lures are important and this can be a big factor in setting a good product apart from a great one. Especially with the likes of jerk baits and crankbaits, they need to be painted in a realistic way which will trick any fish into believing that they are the real thing.

This included the body of the fish looking like the real thing such can be done with such tricks as metallic flakes. 3D eyes are also a good way to add to the rouse too. With other types of bait color is still very important and you want to be able to sell it to the bass. This will often help to catch their eye or be able to imitate the action of struggling baitfish.

For metallic lures the material needs to be shiny enough so that it can flutter in the water and attract any fish which might be in the surrounding area. Buying high-quality lures will ensure that they maximize the potential for attracting the fish that are around them.



Q: Why Do I Need A Special Lure For Smallmouth Bass Fishing?


As with any type of fishing, the lure that you use is going to be crucially important when it comes to how successful you are going to be in trying to make your catch. Using the wrong type of lure could lead to many frustrating hours when you’re out there by the water with very little success that is coming your way.

Not only is the type of lure important but it’s also important that you use it in the right way too otherwise you risk wasting your time. Each lure requires different techniques and knowledge so you need to understand what you are using before simply throwing out a line into the water.

When it comes to smallmouth bass there are specific areas in which they hunt and rest so it’s important that you get a lure to match that. Trying to use a topwater lure it the middle of a river would be a waste of time but using it in the right time and setting would instantly make it extremely effective.

If you don’t use the right type of lure at the right time when you simply won’t be successful and you probably won’t enjoy yourself. Thankfully you don’t need a degree in this but simply some basic knowledge. Some lures are great for different condition and multiple different types of fish so if you choose correctly then you are sure to hugely increase your fishing enjoyment.

The reasons that these specific lures work for smallmouth bass is because they imitate the type of fish that they usually eat so are more inclined to go for them, whether this is a jig which is imitating a crayfish, a jerk bait which is imitating a smaller fish or a topwater lure imitating a stranded frog.

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Q: How To Choose The Best Color?


There are many different colors of lure available and it can be hard to decide which one is going to be the most effective for you are your situation. There is a general rule when to lure colors though and it’s a great starting point to stick by until you get more comfortable with your choices.

Firstly, it’s best to use brightly colored lures if you are going to be fishing anywhere where the water clarity isn’t going to be that great. The reasoning for this is fairly obvious that the murkier the water, the harder it is going to be for the bass to be able to see the bait.

This may make you think that it’s always going to be the best to have a more brightly colored lure but this isn’t always going to be strictly true. When the water clarity is great, it’s a better idea to have softer and more natural colors which will help to trick the bass into thinking it is real prey.

There is another great where choosing the right color can be difficult and that is when you are night fishing and also when using topwater lures at any time. In these situations it may be the best to use dark lures which may seem counter-intuitive but it helps to cast a silhouette in the water so a bass knows that something is there and goes to strike.

While these are general rules it’s can always depend on the situation that you’re in. It’s always a great idea to experiment with different colors and see what will work. This will not only expand your knowledge but it will give you great confidence that you are using the right lure.

Q: Can I Reuse My Lures?


Many people think that once you use a lure then you’d have to throw it away but this isn’t usually true as it depends on a lot of different factors. Obviously the different types of lures are made differently and some are a lot tougher than others and can be damaged in different ways.

You simply need to inspect your lure to ensure that it’s not damaged and if it is then it’s up to you to inspect that damage and see if it’s enough to worsen the effectiveness of the lure. If it is, then it’s best to throw it away and use a different one.

Globo Surf Overview

Smallmouth bass fishing can be a lot of fun but not so much if you don’t have the right equipment. While with fishing this can often mean having a great fishing rod and having a high-quality reel, even with those items you will repeatedly fail if you don’t have the correct lure at the end of it.

That’s why choosing the right ones are important and here we have listed five products which are very high in quality and have a proven track record of being successful in getting smallmouth bass to bite and keeping them at the end of the line.

In order to be successful you need to choose the right type of lure for the fishing that you want to do and then pick the color of the lure for the situation that you are going to be in. Once you have done that then you will be all set to be able to fish for those smallmouth bass that you are looking for.

Hopefully this guide has given you the information that you need in order to choose the best lure type for you and head out to the water with confidence that you have exactly what you need in order to be successful. Once you have then you can experiment with different techniques and colors until you find the perfect formula that means you’re able to catch more smallmouth bass than ever before.

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