With precise casting and easy retrieval, fishing becomes a wonderful experience. That is why fishermen often look for the best spincasting fishing reels as they are easy to operate and help a great deal in getting catches. 

But like any other gear, choosing the best spincast reel needs a sound understanding of technical aspects such as gear ratio, mono capacity, bearings, and more. Additionally, these details need to map on the personal requirements, which further complicates your quest for the best. 

To help you in the matter, we took a deep dive in the market and went through the best spincast reel reviews to list down the 10 Best Spincast Reels In 2023.

How To Choose The Best Spincast Reel – Buying Guide


Now that we have shown you some of our favorite spincast reels on the market, it is time you learn about different factors that are important while picking the best spincasting fishing reel.

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  • Spincasting: Easy to learn and use, you can use this type in both salt and freshwater.
  • Drag: This reel is based on the pressure that the fish experiences when it gets caught on your line. 
  • Baitcasting: This reel is hard to operate as it asks for proper control and proper timing to work effectively.
  • Spinning: Featuring advanced technology, this reel type provides an incredibly accurate performance.
  • Fly Reel: This is a single action reel that is specifically designed for storing the line with the appropriate tension.
  • Centrepin: Also known as the float reel, this reel type uses the momentum from casting for drawing the line back to the spool.
  • Underspin Reel: A well-balanced option, you can use this reel for longer periods.

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Drag System

There are two ways to set your drag on a reel. The first is a start drag. This is mounted externally on the side of the reel between your body and the handle of your rod. The second option is found internally. Here you find a small protruding edge that pokes out through the cover of your reel. This is attached to a small wheel on the inside of your reel. The choice between the two depends largely on personal preference. 

Line Capacity

Spincast reels typically hold a smaller line capacity than other reels as the average for them sits between 240 – 360 feet of line. In most cases, this length is enough. However, if you need more, look for an option that has a bigger size and larger diameter. 


In a spincast reel, you will find that there are typically between 2 and 7 ball bearings present. While a spincast reel with a lower number of ball bearings is relatively cheaper, it may not perform as you wish. That is why we recommend not going below 4 bearings for your purchase.

Another thing to consider in bearings is the material. Generally, there are two materials: ceramic and stainless steel. Ceramic ones perform a little better than stainless steel ones but their inclusion increases the price of the reel. But in general, both types offer resistance to corrosion and last longer, which means you can pick a reel that is based on either of them.


In terms of the design, it is important to first decide between the two very different types of spinning reels. Both open-faced and closed-faced designs have their advantages and disadvantages. 

  • Open-Face Spinning Reels: With this design, you can have an internal view and check the flow of the line. That is why this design is ideal for spotting any problems, tangles, and snags in your line. 
  • Closed-Face Spincast Reels: This type of reel is specifically popular for beginners and is easier to use and maneuver. However, it needs regular maintenance as it is much harder to identify any problems that occur such as your line snagging or tangling. 


Just like any other outdoor gear, spinning reels should be durable and weatherproof. Here you need to pick an option that is not only able to handle the salt spray that comes from the ocean but also should resist rust and corrosion. With that, you also need to ensure that the spool cover should be made of highly durable material. 

Retrieval Rate

Retrieval Rate refers to how fast your line reels into the spool. Every time you turn the handle a certain amount of line winds around the spool. This feature rate is important for a spincast reel as it determines your pace of reeling in your catch. The same is also important to understand when you are trying to lure the fish to your hook. If your instinct is to reel your line as fast as possible, a low retrieval rate is a better choice for you. But if you’re a more mellow type you may want to search for a higher retrieval rate.

Mono Capacity

A mono capacity is a rating in regards to the line of the reel. This usually has 2 number ratings – one for the test and the other for the length of the line. The test is rated in pounds and indicates how much the line can withstand before it breaks. Essentially, it indicates the size of the fish you can go after. Keep in mind that the higher the pound rating the thicker the line is. This is something to consider as you are not able to hold many lines on your spool. The other figure mono capacity is the length of line that is indicated in feet.



Q: How Does A Spincast Reel Work?


Spincast reels are designed for easy operation. It comes with a spool on where the line is wound. When you cast your rod, the line takes off from the fixed spool through an opening in front. This happens because of force that is created by lure weight. In spincast reels, a spool can not over spin, so the line stops extending the moment your bait hits the water giving you the perfect cast every single time.

Q: Are spincast reels any good?


Yes, Spincast reels are good as they are easy to operate and eliminate the issue of backlashing.

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When looking for the best spincast reel, you need to decide on your requirements first. Most of the time, it comes down to the type and size of fish you are looking to catch. In the above review, we have tried to gather a few options that are popular choices in the market based on several spincast reel reviews, and hopefully one of them will accompany you on your next fishing adventure. 

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