From rods to reels, fishing needs a range of gadgets. Along with others, experienced fishermen pay a lot of attention to the fishing lines as they affect the probability of success to a great extent. One of the most preferred options is the segment is braided fishing lines as they are a strong, sensitive, and great option for long sessions. And if you can pick the best braided line for fishing, nothing better than that.

However, a lot needs to be considered when you are up for buying the best braided fishing line. First, you need to compare the technical aspects of different lines. Then you need to map them to your fishing needs so that it can deliver the expected performance. But with so many options on the market, it can get confusing. 

To save you there, we went through several braided fishing line reviews and created a list of 10 Best Braided Fishing Lines In 2020 with a comprehensive guide to filter choices. 

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How To Choose The Best Braided Fishing Line – Buying Guide



One of the most important features to consider regarding a braided fishing line is its sensitivity which means how much stretch or give your line has. Lines that have high sensitivity and zero stretch are preferred by fishermen so that is exactly what you should be looking for in your choice. 

Abrasion Resistance

When you are fishing below the water, there is a high chance of your line rubbing against sharp rocks, getting tangled in plants, or coming into contact with other rough surfaces. For this reason, while looking for a fishing line, you must look for a line that has high abrasion resistance as it allows your line to last for longer and maintains its quality for a longer time. 


Strength and abrasion resistance go hand in hand with one another. The strength of your line is an important consideration, especially depending on the type of fishing you plan to do. Moreover, it depends on how big of fish you want to catch. If you looking to catch bottom feeders, you must pick a line that has a high amount of strength that can navigate through obstacles to find the hiding fish.


Having a line that has a good castability means that you can get the most out of fishing. A line that can cast a further distance offers a larger radius in which you can fish. This allows for a wider range of opportunities to score the catch. That is why, while making a choice, make sure that you are picking a line that is lightweight so that it has good castability. 

Stretch Factor

You will want to consider how stretchy the line you choose is. For most fishing, you will want a line that offers little to no stretch. So, make sure, you pick an option that has a minimum to zero stretch factor.  


Braided fishing lines tend to be much thinner in diameter than other types of fishing line. Thinner lines have many advantages over thicker options as these lines allow for a greater line capacity on casting. While making a choice, check for the thickness of the line and if you do not find information on its thickness, move to the next one. 


To have the most success below the water, it is important to ensure that fish do not see the line below the water. That is why the color of the line plays the biggest role in disguising the line below the water. Though you can find a range of color options, you need to pick the one that maps to your fishing needs the most. If you are fishing in murky water with a grassy bottom go for a darker line. In the case of transparent water, a lighter color should be the preferred option. 



Q: When To Use Braided Fishing Line?


Although you can use them on any type of water, braided lines are a better choice where zero stretch is required. 

Q: What Is The Difference Between Regular And Braided Fishing Line?


Unlike regular lines, braided fishing line features a structure that includes a series of strands that are tightly woven together in a braid fashion to create a strong line. 

Q: Why I Need A Braided Fishing Line?


Braided fishing lines are needed because they are technologically advanced. Feature strong construction and come with high sensitivity. All these features together provide a higher probability of a successful catch. 

Globo Surf Overview

Braided fishing lines are a very popular choice as they are very strong and durable. They also tend to offer a high amount of sensitivity. Although there are many options available in the market, It is wise to always compare them on technical grounds and pick the one which maps to your fishing needs the most. We have also listed some popular options from the market and we are sure that any of them can make your day on the water more enjoyable.

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