The best fly fishing line directly affects the success of your fishing trip, however, choosing the best floating fly line isn’t an easy task. There is a lot to consider such as loop stability, distance, shooting, roll casting, and flotation. Check out our list of the best floating fly lines based on several fly fishing line reviews. Besides, there is a comprehensive buying guide to answer all of your questions.

How To Choose The Best Fly Fishing Line – Buying Guide


Loop Stability

Out of all the factors that determine what a good casting line is and what isn’t, loop stability defines the ease in which the line will unfurl while you are casting so that you can get a nice and consistent cast into the water. A line with good loop stability ensures that the speed of the fly never gets too low so that it can fight the effects of gravity. 


There are obvious advantages to being able to throw a long cast and you have more of a chance to put the line exactly where you want it. Distance then is vital when it comes to fly fishing and several different aspects affect this such as the length of the line, where it is weighted, and how heavy it is. 


When it comes to presentation, you want the line to be able to land softly on the water and ensure that there is no splash which can scare off any fish from below. This is partly down to your line but also down to how you can cast it onto the water as a bad cast can mean you have a terrible presentation, even if you have the best line in the world.


It’s all about the ability to hold the line in the air as the more you can do that, then the more you’ll be able to shoot. To get a great overall distance you need a high-quality line that can be cast far into the water and also the ability to shoot that line while it’s in the air.


Nymphing is the term used for the act of trying to imitate the action of one of these aquatic insects and involve a wide variety of tactics. While other factors affect the art form, you want a line that you will be able to manipulate to help you along the way to fooling a fish into thinking that they are just about to have their lunch. 

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Roll Casting

If you’re in a tight spot then getting your line to roll cast could be the best possible way to get your line out there on the water and to get a great distance on your line when you’re not casting traditionally. Having a well-made line not only allows you to cast your line out efficiently with the traditional method of casting but it also performs perfectly well with any type of casting technique as well. 


You might be wondering if one line floats better than the other but there is no difference to be found. If something floats, it floats and there’s not much use in using floatation as a comparison for different flying lines as you will just be wasting your time.


The color of your line is completely irrelevant in terms of tricking fish so you might as well choose a line that will be the easiest for you to see when you’re out there on the water, so simply choose the fishing line color that you like.


Length is important in a few regards as you want to ensure that you have a full length to make a full and proper cast into the water. There is another factor when it comes to length and that is the taper length of the line.



Q: What color fly line is best?


As we've previously pointed out, the color of your line is completely irrelevant in terms of tricking fish. Therefore, pick one that you can easily detect on the water.

Q: What is the breaking strength of the fly line?


Most fly lines have a 30-pound breaking strength core.

Q: Are expensive fly lines worth it?


Price tag cannot fill in the gaps in your fly fishing experience, only practice and patience can do that. Therefore, pick one that you can afford.

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Choosing a fly fishing line is vitally important to make your time out on the water a successful one. As we have seen here, choosing the best line means considering many different aspects before deciding to buy one. Hopefully, in this buying guide, we have helped to answer all of your questions when it comes to fly fishing lines.

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