When fishing, there are a number of factors to consider getting the best out of the sport – natural factors such as weather, area as well as equipment to be used such as reels and lines depending on the kind of fishing activity you are to partake. Fishing equipment though essential can be a little straining budget wise; to get good piece equipment you have to pay quite a buck.

However, our team has done extensive research and ground testing to find excellent fishing equipment at a fraction of the price.  Take for example baitcasting reels, you need them to really be dependable – swiftly and smoothly move as well as be able to sufficiently support your bait. Listed below are the 10 best baitcasting reels under $100 in 2023 that we have compiled and are guarantee to blow your mind and leave you asking “how did I possibly manage to get such  high performing long lasting and top rated baitcasting reels for under 100?”

How To Choose A Baitcasting Reel Under $100 – Buying Guide


Gear Ratios

When choosing the right bait casting reel to purchase, it is wise to look for certain factors to get yourself the right product. Gear ratio is one of those important factors that certainly affect the overall performance of your bait casting reel. Gear ration simply outlines how fast you reel revolves. The larger the ratio, the faster the reel and the ratio is normally represented as A1.A2:A3, A represents the value, e.g.: 6.4:1. A1 represents revolutions per turn whilst A1.A2 represents revolutions per turn on its handle.


Braking is an important factor on any reel as it prevents backlash which otherwise might ruin your whole fishing process. It is important to further review and understand your braking mechanism.

Line Capacity

Line capacity is normally listed in yards and on average for a bait casting reel it ranges from 150 to 350 yards. Round profile bait casting reels tend to hold more lines than low profile. So if you come across a value like 30/255, this simply means your reel has a weight capacity of 30 and a line capacity of 255 yards.

Right-Handed vs Left-Handed Baitcasting Reels

Baitcasting reels are normally available in right hand and left hand to better suit anglers and their equipment, according to whatever side is stronger for them. Always look out for this detail when choosing the right bait casting reel for you.


Like most factors, quality is better than quantity. When looking at bearings, to a point, a larger number helps increase efficiency and smoothness however, bearing material is more important. Stainless steel and shielded bearing tend to help more wit smooth operation of the reel as well as they boast weather proof qualities and are anti corrosive.


The frame offers protection to your reel and as such you want good quality. A one piece framed reel is ideal and reduce hassles whilst material such as aluminum is favored. Aluminum is stronger, tougher and weather resistant (including anti-corrosion).

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Invest on a reel with a good EVA and padded handle. Additionally, consider the length of your handle, depending on hand size and your comfortability desire, a long enough handle. Think of it this way, you are fishing and the reel does an excellent job at speed and precision, but the handle is made that you don’t have a comfortable grip and your back is too strained. Now that will not be a memorable fishing experience.


Fishing activities involve moving and walking to your designated or desired fishing spot. You want to do this with minimal luggage. Furthermore, the activity is time consuming thus, you want to invest on equipment that is comfortable and will not cause any strain or bring fatigue to your body – thus, always purchase a lightweight reel at least less than 6 ounces.


The surface on which the line is held needs to be made out of quality material such as high grade aluminum, small spool size is ideal for shallower waters than larger sized spools because this affects their line holding capabilities. Round profile baitcaster are normally designed to hold more lines than low profile bait casters thus, round baitcaster are more suited for larger fish and deeper waters.

Drag System

Drag system is the ability of the spool to support with. The higher the drag system value, the more tension the spool can take thus, the reel is able to support more weight.

Brake System

Brake system prevent bait backlash and a bait casting reel will either have a centrifugal, magnetic or dual braking system. A magnetic braking system may be more suited as it is less mechanical and requires less effort. Nevertheless, both systems are useful as they are quite efficient at their job.



Q: Why Use a Baitcasting Reel?


A bait casting reel offers more control than other reels when fishing and as such are ideal for medium sized to larger sized fish. Brands such as the Shimano baitcasting reels and Daiwa baitcasting reels are also known to be amongst the best and trusted baitcasters. And owning one of these badboys certainlty wont hurt.

Q: What Are The Advantages Of Using Baitcast Reel?

  • Baitcasting reels provides overall more power and control than other types
  • Allows for longer distance casting
  • Has a higher weight and line capacity
  • Experiences less line fumbling than spinning reels
  • Incorporates adjustable features – such as brake systems to allow for casting range and accuracy adjustments

Q: How To Use A Baitcasting Reel?


The bait is reeled until it is a few inches (6 – 12”) away from the tip of the rod.  The rod is then turned so the handle point upwards. Press the spool using your thumb at a comfortable angle to control flow of the line.

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The above baitcasting reels under 100 reviews have surely proven that at a fraction of the price and with proper research you can definitely get a good quality, efficient and super fast baitcasting reel. Gone are the days where you can’t get quality when you are on a tight budget. So all I can advise is pick your absolute favorite from the 10 best baitcasting reels under 100 listed above, pair them with the right rod and lines and you are guaranteed the same fun and efficiency as any other high quality bait casting reel would provide.

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