River, lake, or sea fishing can be a great way to spend a day in the great outdoors. There are many different types of freshwater fish to catch, but one of the most popular people want to reel in is a trout.

If you are looking to give yourself an advantage in the water, you may want to consider using a spinning reel when making your cast. More recently, the spinning reel has become top choice when it comes to fishing for trout.

You can be even more successful in catching fish if your spinning reel synchronizes itself to work harmoniously with your fishing rod. A spinning reel and rod that work together will bring more precision to your casts and help you catch more fish. Here we have made a list of some of the best trout spinning reel designs that will have you casting off in no time.

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How To Choose The Best Trout Spinning Reel – Buying Guide


 Gear Ratio

The gear ratio is different for every spool. You can be a spool that has a high, medium, or low ratio. If your gear ratio number is higher, it means that the line will be recovered more quickly. For example, if you have a spool with a gear ratio with 6.4:1 then, every time you turn the spool one time it is the equivalent of having turned it 6.4 times. The gear ratio can greatly assist in reeling in a fish, but it is best to see which ratio is best for what type of fishing you will be doing.

Reel Size

Reel size tells you the size of the actual spinning reel. The reel sizes are designated in numbers and the larger the number, the better for larger fish. For example, a 1000 spinning reel would not as effortlessly handle reeling in a large and heavy fish as a 2500 spinning reel would.  The heavier the reel also means that it has a greater power in its drag system, line capacity, and the gear ratio. The most common reel sizes used in trout fishing are the 1000 or 2500 spinning reel size.

Drag System

The drag system is what keeps your fish hooked to the line. The drag system is what maintains the applied resistance on the reel spool and is essential for every trout fisherman. The drag system is designated in pounds. The heavier weights mean that the drag system has a certain amount of pounds of stopping force in its base and means you can reel in larger and more powerful fish with ease. The drag system also ensures that your rod or reel does not break under the strain of pulling in a fish. For the trout fisherman, a good weight for a drag system when trout fishing is 20 pounds.

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Ball Bearings

The smooth movement of a reel and its working parts are maintained and assisted by ball bearings. Ball bearings ensure that everything will function without a grinding feel. It is important that a spinning reel is able to operate smoothly. The majority of ball bearings are anti-corrosion or corrosion resistant and are especially designed to keep out moisture. Most ball bearings are made of stainless-steel, which is naturally anti-corrosive.


When it comes to actually traveling and fishing with your reel, you want it to be a manageable weight. It can be hard to reel in a fish with a heavy device. The ideal weight of a reel would be a lightweight model that you feel comfortable in using and holding. The weight of a reel is up to each individual’s choice, but you should also take into consideration the weight of the species of fish you will be hunting, as well. The weight needs to cater to the fisherman’s preference, but also be able to withstand the power of a fish without breaking.

Anti-Reverse Off System

An anti-reverse off system is a component that keeps the spinning reel from turning in the reverse direction. It works with the drag to ensure that a fish can be reeled in without pulling off the entire line of spool. Some reels have a switch where you can lock and enable the anti-reverse off system or keep it turned off and not use its assistance. This can help the drag of your reel not have to battle with the fish, but pull it in. For trout fishing, this feature can be compelling for a fisherman to have and may greatly assist in pulling in a catch.

Reel Housing

The material of which your reel housing is made can dictate what type of fishing it is best used for. The majority of spinning reels are made from aluminum or graphite, but some may contain both materials in one design. For freshwater, a high quality reel will most likely have an aluminum body. However, for saltwater it is best to have a graphite body. While both materials are high-quality, graphite tends to be better for saltwater because it can withstand the more corrosive water and air.



Q: What is a spinning reel?


A reel is the cylindrical part of a fishing rod that is used in winding and stowing the fishing line. A spinning reel is the most versatile reel to have because it has a large fishing line capacity, delivers high casting performance, minimizes backlash, is has an easy maintenance regimen. The spinning reels are ideal for both casual fisherman and the professional anglers who participate in casting tournaments or trophy fish hunting.

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Q: How do I fish trout with a spinning reel?


A spinning reel is great because it can handle casting any weight of lure and can be used by anyone with any casting skill, whether they are inexperienced or experienced with how to cast a line. A high-quality spinning reel paired with a lightweight fishing rod can get anybody out fishing. A spinning reel ensures that when correctly paired to all of its features such as gear ratio, it will easily do the job of casting and reeling in a fish for you. The time spent fishing shouldn’t be spent in frustration trying to fix issues with a reel or the inability to use a reel. A spinning reel ensures that all the heavy work is on its body and you can enjoy your day spent on the water.

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Whether you want to learn how to fish or are an experienced angler looking to compete in a tournament, a spinning reel can teach and assist you in high performance fishing. It is important that the spinning reel excels at catering to your needs.

This list of the best trout spinning reels can help you decide which reel will best assist and advance your day of fishing. With these top rated spinning reels for trout fishing, you can be sure you will be consistently pulling in your fish. You can save time and money if you know exactly what type of spinning reel you need for a great day out on the water fishing.

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