There are plenty of good spinning reels under 100, as some of the most popular high-performing reels fall within this price range. With a budget of under $100, you can get a great fishing reel that is buttery smooth on the water and will accompany you on your fishing excursions for years. You just need to know the best options available and what to look for. We have already done the hard work for you! Below are the best spinning reels under $100 followed by a guide on what to consider in order to pick one that suits your type and style of fishing.

How To Choose A Spinning Reel Under $100 – Buying Guide


The best budget spinning reel to go for will depend on the species you go for and where you fish. Below are the most important features and specifications to pay attention to when assessing and comparing spinning reels:

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Max Drag

The maximum drag rating will tell you what kind of fish stopping power a spinning reel offers. Choose a spinning reel with a max drag that matches or slightly exceeds the weight of your target species. This will ensure that you have challenging and fun fights and emerge triumphant.

Gear Ratio

When deciding whether to go for a high or low gear ratio, you’re deciding between speed and power. If you target fast fish, you need the high-speed retrieval of a high gear ratio. If you go after heavy fish that pull hard, a low gear ratio has more cranking power and will give you the torque you need.

Ball Bearings

For a smooth and noise free retrieval, get a reel with plenty of high-quality ball bearings. If you will be going saltwater fishing, ensure the bearings can resist corrosion and are shielded to prevent saltwater and sand intrusion.


Fishing, especially in saltwater, puts a tremendous amount of pressure on a reel and it should be built tough to hold up well. Assess the materials used, quality of components and buy a well-constructed reel that will last. The best saltwater spinning reels under $100 should have an anti-corrosive and sealed design.


Affordable spinning reels are made of plastic, aluminum or graphite. Graphite and aluminum make for strong but lightweight spinning reels that can handle hard use and are easy to use. Plastic frame reels are amazingly lightweight but don’t hold up well. The other components should be made of high strength and corrosion resistant materials such as stainless steel, carbon fiber, aluminum, and graphite.


The ounces are an important factor to weigh to ensure you end up with a reel that is comfortable to cast and retrieve even on long fishing sessions. Graphite and aluminum reels are lightweight yet strong. Some reels have clever designs that cut on weight without compromising rigidity.


Paying attention to the quality of construction and choosing a top rated budget spinning reel will ensure that you end up with a top quality reel that is unlikely to present quality and performance issues. A good warranty is also important as it gives you the assurance that you’re covered just in case the unit you receive turns out to be defective.



Q: What Is A Fishing Spinning Reel?


It is a type of fishing reel that has an open-faced spool that is fixed. A spinning reel is mounted on the underside of spinning rods.

Q: Should I Have A Special Rod For this Reel Or Can I Use A Regular One?


You can use a regular spinning rod. As you choose your reel, have in mind the kind of rod you will pair it with. The two should create a well-balanced rod and reel combo that works flawlessly with your fishing line and lures/baits and can handle the targeted species.

Q: Should I Have A Special Line For Spinning Reel?


No, you can use monofilament or braided fishing line. Just make sure that the fishing line pound test and yards rating matches the line rating and capacity printed on your reel’s spool or listed in its specs.

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For successful and enjoyable fishing excursions, you need to have a quality reel that is smooth in operation and hassle-free to use mounted on your rod. The good news is that you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to get it or have to settle for cheap spinning reels that don’t work well. By choosing one of the best spinning reels under $100 and paying attention to its specifications to make sure that it suits your type and style of fishing, you can get a top notch reel that will serve you well for a long time!

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