When you’re fishing for big fish, you need heavy-duty gear that can help you reel them into shore or your boat. In more recent years, baitcaster reels for beginners have become a favorite amongst fishermen who are learning how to use heavier lines and lures. But the best beginner baitcaster will also have other great features to help you, like a durable handle that will give beginners the power to catch large bass fish. 

For beginners who are just getting into baitcaster fishing, it can be challenging to decide which starter baitcaster reel would suit your needs. We want to make your search easy, so we’ve made a list of the eight best baitcaster reels for beginners and included a comprehensive guide to help. With our help, you’ll have everything you need to start learning how to fish with a quality baitcaster reel.

How To Choose A Baitcaster Reel For Beginners – Buying Guide



The best beginner baitcaster reel should have an excellent performance, which means that it is packed full of useful and reliable features. But performance is also important because the better performing your starter baitcaster is, the better you’ll be on the water too. Performance of your reel also translates to you being able to cast further, reel in faster, and have better control over fighting fish. 

Ease of Use

Baitcasters for beginners should always be easy to use, but that doesn’t mean that they are the best for learning how to get started fishing. Instead, a good baitcaster for beginners would be best used by someone who has a little fishing experience but is looking towards trying a new technique. 

It can be more difficult to learn how to go baitcasting, which is why previous fishing experience can be helpful. But the best baitcaster for beginners should still have features that are easy to use. Beginner baitcaster reviews can be a helpful resource to determine whether a specific design is easy to use or if its best used by expert fishermen. 


A top rated baitcaster reel for beginners should also have a high quality to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money. Features that determine quality are the materials that are used in the construction of your starter baitcaster reel. A good baitcaster reel for beginners should always use high quality metals like stainless steel or aluminum. Carbon is increasingly popular for the construction of the body because it is extra strong but lightweight. 

But while you want to ensure that quality materials are used, you should also check to make sure that they are protected if they are not already resistant to corrosion by nature. Stainless steel is the best material that is naturally corrosion resistant, but other materials may have a special coating to stop damage from the water. For saltwater fishing, it is increasingly important that the materials are corrosion resistant.

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Again, beginner baitcaster reviews are a reliable way to determine the quality of a design. Many fishermen will comment honestly about whether the reel is worth the money or you should skip it and keep looking.


Bass, which are the most common species that baitcasters are used to catch, can be very large and heavy, which means that any good baitcaster for beginners should have the durability to withstand the weight and pull of a strong fish. The quality of the materials can be a huge factor in the durability of a startere baitcaster. Higher quality means more durability and longevity. 

The best beginner baitcaster should be extremely durable in its design and construction to ensure that it never breaks under pressure or duress. You should look for features like a carbon drag system and solid body to ensure that you get the most durable reel design. 


The stability of your starter baitcaster reel can make the difference between you properly setting the hook or missing your chance to catch a fish. The best baitcaster for beginners should be extra stable so that you have exceptional control and sensitivity while you fish. A top rated baitcaster reel for beginners should feel solid in your hands, which means that it should have the stability you need to successfully fish. Stability can also affect the balance of your setup, which is another important feature. 


Baitcasters for beginners should also have a good balance, which means that you will be casting further and reeling smoothly. While balance will also include your baitcasting rod, you want the reel to have a good balance between the body, spool, and handle. While the body should securely hold the spool in the center, a counterbalanced handle can help in your overall performance while you fish. The best handles will be ergonomic in design and have large knobs that help with balance and make them easier to turn.  


The easiest baitcaster reel to use will have an anti-backlash system that gives you more control over your fishing setup. The anti-backlash feature will also help maintain smooth casting and reeling. The system should be built in and have either a magnetic or centrifugal design that can be adjusted internally or externally. 

While backlash can never be completely avoided, minizine it gives you more control. However, placing light pressure with your thumb on the spool can also help reduce backlash and give you even better control. 

Gear Ratio

The gear ratio determines how many revelations the spool makes with one full turn of the handle. While this may not seem important, it is crucial information for fishermen because it essentially tells you the speed of your starter baitcaster reel. If the gear ratio is higher, it means that more line will be retrieved with each turn of the handle. 

A lower gear ratio would be 5.1:1, which means that the reel is also slower and ideal for spinner or crankbaits. A 6.1:1 gear ratio is the most standard and is suitable with a variety of fishing techniques and baits. A 7.1:1 or higher gear ratio is the fastest and is ideal for top water fishing. 

While you can use any gear ratio, most baitcasters for beginners would have gear ratios between 6.1:1 and 9.1:1. Fishermen with more experience will likely use a higher gear ratio for a faster reel.

Braking System

The braking system slows the rotation of your spool while you cast. This can help reduce the occurrence of knots and tangles, which can interfere with your fishing. Baitcasters for beginners will use either a magnetic or centrifugal braking system. 

Magnetic means that there are magnets within the spool that initiate the brakes. The further away the magnets are from your spool, the faster it will spin. Centrifugal means that the braking system uses friction on the side plate to slow the spool. Both braking systems should be adjustable so that you can find the perfect balance.


The bearings of a beginner baitcasting reel reduces the amount of friction caused while you cast, which increases the performance, quality, and durability of your reel. In general, more bearings are better because this means that you’ll have more control and a smoother cast. However, there may be as little as 5 or up to 11 bearings in a reel. The best baitcaster reel for beginners will use stainless steel ball bearings. 


The drag system helps manage the amount of friction on your line and reduce the risk of your fishing line for bass from breaking. When fish pull, they put more friction on the line, but the drag system will stop damage to your reel by allowing it to rotate back and let out more line. A good baitcaster for beginners therefore has a drag system that keeps the balance and maintains power. The best beginner baitcaster will use a drag system that is made out of durable materials like carbon, ceramic, or graphite. 


The handle is also important because you need to be comfortable when using it to reel in fish. The best baitcaster reel for beginners will have a double handle with two large knobs that are easy to turn. However, you can get an oversized or low-profile handle depending on your preferences. 


The frame of your baitcaster should be extra strong without being too bulky. While larger fish need a bigger frame for support and strength, you can still save on weight by finding a frame made out of lightweight material like aluminum. A good frame will also be comfortable and secure to hold.


Line guides help keep your fishing line straight. Most line guides will be made out of titanium or ceramic, which means they are durable but lightweight. Line guides can also help increase the longevity of your reel. 


For beginners, spending a lot of money on a beginner baitcasting reel may not be ideal. Especially, if you don’t know whether you will enjoy baitcasting fishing. While reels are not inexpensive, you shouldn’t have to go spend crazy amounts of money to find a top rated baitcaster reel for beginners either. A good starting price would be about $100 dollars, but you can find many designs that cost more or less than that amount.



Q: Do I Need A Left Or Right-Handed Reel?


Whatever is most efficient for you. You should always be comfortable when using your starter baitcaster, so it will depend on which hand you feel most comfortable with turning the handle. Baitcasters for beginners should be available in either a left or right-handed design.

Q: How Do You Clean A Baitcasting Reel?


It is important that you take care of your baitcaster reel, which means that regular maintenance is a must. Most baitcasting reels can be cleaned with warm water and a soft brush. But you should always follow up a cleaning with proper oil and lubricant to keep the reel in smooth operation. If you are having trouble cleaning your reel, you may want to refer to the brand specific care instructions or consult with a professional.

Q: Why Choose A Baitcasting Reel Over A Spinning Reel?


Many people are choosing baitcasting reels over spinning reels because of their versatility. You can catch fish both large and small, while using a setup that is easy to control. The best baitcaster reel for beginners will also give you more power to catch larger fish and are more durable for rugged fishing locations. 

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For many fishermen, learning how to cast a baitcaster reel is a fun and new way to fish. But first, you’ll need to find a quality baitcasting reel. The best baitcaster reel for beginners will have all the features and a heavy-duty design that lets you target the biggest, prize-winning fish, so you can become a pro angler. 

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