Striper fishing has become more popular in recent years as more and more fishermen are heading to North America’s Atlantic coast in an attempt to catch striped bass. But if you are new to striper fishing, you may not know that striped bass are big fish, which means that you need specialized gear that will help you reel in a giant. 

If you want to increase your chances of making a catch, you should look at investing in the best striper fishing reels because they will have the build, power, and performance you need to battle striped bass. But finding a quality striper reel can be a challenge. So, we have made a list of the six beset reels for striper fishing and included our detailed buying guide to help you get a head start in your search for quality striper fishing gear.

How To Choose A Striper Fishing Reel – Buying Guide


Drag System

The drag system of spinning reels for striper fishing should always be the first consideration when you’re looking at buying new gear because it can mean the difference between making successful catches or reeling in an empty line. The best striper fishing reels should have a few drag adjustments that will allow you to fine tune the tension on your fishing line and the smoothness of the cast. 

You should also look for a drag system that has an anti-reverse lock feature. This will ensure that you are not accidentally reeling backwards, which would send out more line, instead of working to reel the fish towards you. Drag systems with an anti-reverse lock are also less likely to experience knots or tangles in your fishing line. 


The best reels for striper fishing should be built with a heavy-duty construction and high-quality materials. This will ensure that you have the strength to reel in large sized bass. Top rated reels for striper fishing should also never break or malfunction due to the strain of a fighting fish. 

The best striper fishing reels should also be marine grade for the best corrosion resistance. Saltwater is really harsh on any fishing gear and having a reel for striper fishing that is protected means that you’ll be able to use it for more fishing trips and for longer. 

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Gear Ratio

The gear ratio is the number of spool revelations with one full turn of the reel handle. This means that drop shot striper fishing reels with a gear ratio of 5.2:1 will turn 5.2 revelations with one full turn of the handle. However, for spinning reels for striper fishing, you could use a gear ratio of 5.1:1 or up to 6.3:1. These gear ratios are faster and have the balance you need to maintain power and stability while you reel. 


The best reels for striper fishing will have a function and reliable performance. This means that every feature of spinning reels for inshore striper fishing will be made with quality materials and have a smart design to enhance the overall performance. 

A better performance in your reels for striper fishing also means that you’ll also improve in your casting and reeling. Ball bearings can be very important for the overall performance because they can determine how smoothly you operate the striper reel. Durable ball bearings will be more reliable and have a consistent performance for rugged saltwater fishing conditions. 


Top rated reels for striper fishing also need to have the power to hold their own against a fighting and pulling fish. The power will be determined by the drag system, which should have the ability to wear out a fish as they attempt to run. 

The best striper fishing reels should have a durable drag system made of a material like carbon fiber. Sturdy materials give you more power. Plus, small adjustments to the drag system can allow you to increase or decrease the resistance so that a fish can’t run your line too much. 

If you are struggling to determine the power of your reel for striper fishing, you should look at the product specifications. A larger reel size and details about the drag system can help you determine whether it is sturdy enough for large bass fish. Striper fishing reel reviews are another great resource that can help you determine the power of a striper reel and decide if it will suit your fishing needs. 


Another important feature of drop shot striper fishing reels are the ball bearings. Ball bearings can affect how smoothly you cast and reel. The best reels for striper fishing will use stainless steel ball bearings that have been fully sealed to be protected from saltwater damage. The bearings should always roll smoothly, so that you never feel as if you’re crank is grinding as you turn the handle. 

The number of bearings that spinning reels for inshore striper fishing have will change by model. Most will have at least 4 but may have up to 6+ ball bearings. You can check the product specifications for the exact number. In general, more ball bearings mean a smoother cast and less amount of friction.


Q: What Line Do You Use For Striped Bass?


Braided line. Most fishermen need a super strong fishing line to handle stripers, which means that most fishing lines for bass will be braided. Braided fishing line has advantages and disadvantages, but for bass fishing the no stretch high abrasion resistance are perfect for catching small or large bass. 

Q: How Do You Set Up A Striper Fishing Pole?


Spinning reels for striper fishing are just one part of your overall setup needed to catch bass fish. You will also need to look at durable bass fishing rods and select the proper bass lure. Most people will use fishing rod that is 8-10 feet in length and use a life-like lure to entice a fish to bite. 

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Q: What’s The Best Lure For Striped Bass?


Any noisy topwater lure. Bass fish are attracted to a lot of commotion in the water, so you want to get a good lure that has a decent weight and can make a good splash. A topwater lure should stay closer to the surface of the water and as you reel more, it should create more movement and be noisier to attract a bass fish’s attention. 

Q: Are All Striper Reels The Same?


No, but they are all similar in design. While no reel will ever be the same as another design, they should be similar enough that you don’t have to worries about any drastic changes. However, you will need to spend your time looking at different types of reels like spinning, baitcasting, or trolling. Any type of reel can be used for bass fishing. Striper fishing reel reviews can also help you determine which reel may be the most comfortable for you to use.

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When it comes to bass fishing, your gear is more important than technique. Instead of having to worry about the perfect cast, you want to look for the best striper fishing reels that have the features you need to fight and reel in a striper fish. With a quality striper reel to support you, you’ll enhance your performance and increase your chances of making successful catches so that you can go home a champion. 

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