For many anglers, finding quality fishing gear is a top priority. One company that receives consistent praise from the fishing community is Daiwa. Since 1966, when the company started in a small facility, they have grown their influence and solidified their reputation throughout the years. Now, Daiwa is at the forefront of innovation and bringing you high performance gear.

One of the most popular searches is for the best Daiwa spinning reel because they are perfect for catching smaller fish and managing a lightweight setup. But if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, you can use this list of the ten best Daiwa spinning reels and read our comprehensive buying guide to get started in your quest for quality equipment.

How To Choose A Daiwa Spinning Reel – Buying Guide



When people talk about the drag on a spinning reel, they are referring to the amount of friction placed on the line when a fish is pulling and fighting. The drag of a fishing reel should be set to a weight limit, which means that your reel and line can support a certain number of pounds before you could have complications or malfunctions with your setup. The best Daiwa reel will ensure that you have the proper amount of drag to target a variety of species of fish.

Drag System

The drag system is what is used in Daiwa ultralight spinning reels to help you manage the amount of friction on the line. The best Daiwa spinning reel will have a strong drag system that is made out of a quality material like carbon. The system uses two places inside of the reel that are activated when the fish pulls to hard. The plates will allow the reel to rotate backwards, which lets out more line and reduces the risk of your line breaking.

There are two types of drag systems – front and rear. A front drag system is usually considered to be smoother and a better option because it is sits more direct with the spool. The direct connects means that the drag system can act faster and is more reliable. A rear drag system connects using a rod that is placed inside the rear body. The less direct connection makes the rear drag system less favored.

However, most drag systems can be adjusted and when they are on the proper settings, both can be very reliable. It is important that you look at finding a quality drag system because without it, you will be pulling up an empty line. Daiwa spinning reel reviews are a great resource to read about the quality of a specific design and can help you choose which drag system would best suit your needs.


The material of the body and frame of your Daiwa reel for spinning is also an important consideration because it will determine the strength and durability of the design. The best Daiwa reel will use either an aluminum or carbon body. But you may also see other materials like plastic or magnesium too.

The most popular materials are aluminum and carbon because they are extra strong but lightweight. For fishermen who are always on the go, finding quality Daiwa ultralight spinning reels may be important for traveling. But aluminum and carbon are also affordable, which means that you should be able to find a high-quality design without investing an overly large sum of money.

Magnesium is also a very high-quality material that is preferred because of its rigidity, but it can be very expensive. High end Daiwa reels are more likely to feature magnesium in their construction. However, a top rated Daiwa reel will never be made of plastic because it does not have the strength and durability that fishermen need to land a decent sized fish.

You should also always find a material that is anti-corrosive and anti-scratch. Water, especially saltwater and debris in the water can easily cause damage, but with a layer of protection you can ensure your reel will last for longer. Again, Daiwa spinning reel reviews can help you determine whether the materials used in the construction are going to suit your needs and be reliable for your fishing trips.

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Line Capacity

The line capacity refers to how much line will fit on the spool of your Daiwa spinning reel for bass. Most top rated Daiwa reels will be available in a few different sizes, which means that some models can fit more line on the spool than others. However, as the spool size increases, so does your line capacity.

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The line capacity will also change depending on what fishing line you use. Braided fishing lines will usually take up a little more space on the spool than a monofilament fishing line. But a Daiwa reel for spinning can be used with either type of fishing line.

The amount of line that you need to use will depend on where you are going fishing. If you are casting further out and are fishing on a large body of water, a larger line capacity will better suit your needs. But if you are only fishing small lakes or ponds, having a large spool and line capacity means that you are only carrying unnecessary weight.

Finally, the fish size can also affect line capacity. Large fish will have more energy to put up a fight for longer and they may end up pulling out quite a bit of line. Smaller fish won’t last as long in a fight and usually won’t have the strength to pull out a lot of line, which means that a smaller line capacity will be just fine.


The ball bearings are what makes for a smooth operation and they help manage the connection between your handle and spool. The best Daiwa reel should have at least 4 ball bearings minimum, but they may have up to 7. The more ball bearings there are, the smoother the operations of casting and reeling will be while you fish. However, any top rated Daiwa reel should still have an excellent operation with just 4 or 5 ball bearings.

You should also look for ball bearings that are made out of quality materials like stainless steel and may feature an additional protection like a magseal. Stainless steel makes for a great ball bearing material because it is naturally anti-corrosive, which means that it is safe for use in fresh and saltwater locations. However, a magseal is also used in most of Daiwa’s products because it helps protect your reel and its interior from debris that can cause damage.



Q: Why Choose A Daiwa Spinning Reel?


For the quality, performance, reliability, versatility, and reputation of the company. Daiwa has worked hard to put themselves at the forefront of the fishing industry and they stand by their products with excellent guarantees and customer service. The company also works hard to ensure that their designs are always leading the industries innovation.

The best Daiwa spinning reel will also always be made with high-quality materials so that you get the best performance out of your reel. The durable construction also means that you can rely on your top rated Daiwa reel for multiple years. Finally, the versatility of Daiwa ultralight spinning reels also means that you can target fish species small or large and fish in any location.

Q: How To Clean And Care For A Daiwa Reel?


With gentle care. When you many any investment, you want to take good care of it, which is important. But while Daiwa reels are built tough, it doesn’t mean that they should go maintenance free. Even the best Daiwa reel can use a good cleaning to ensure that it is always at its peak performance level.

But cleaning can be a tedious and difficult task because you’ll have to take the reel apart. Our Spinning Reel Care and Maintenance Guide can help you get started with how to clean your equipment without causing damage. Daiwa should also include care instructions with your purchase. If you are struggling to clean your reel, you may want to refer to a professional for assistance.

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When it comes to fishing, having quality gear can make the difference between successful catches or heading home empty handed. With a top rated Daiwa reel, you will get a quality design packed with features that will increase your number of catches and leave a smile on your face. With the best Daiwa spinning reel you can’t go wrong and you’ll likely become a big supporter of this high-quality brand. 

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