One of the most popular ways of catching bass is with a spinning reel and for good reason. This type of reel is very easy to use and is versatile as well as it can be used for many different types of fishing. Finding the best spinning reel for bass is important to get the most out of your fishing experience.

Finding the best spinning reel involves comparing the key features such as the gear ratio and spool capacity as well as its size and drag system. Working out which is best for you can be difficult but we’re here to help.

We have looked at the spinning reel for bass reviews to come up with a list of the top items and have developed a buying guide with it, which will provide you with all the information that you need in order to buy the best bass fishing spinning reel for you.

How To Choose The Best Spinning Reel For Bass – Buying Guide



The size of the reel is a very important factor in choosing the best reel for you as it can affect many different things when it comes to it. That obviously includes the overall weight which is important to how you can control your whole rod as if you get one that is too heavy then you may find it very difficult.

Getting a bigger model though will increase the effectiveness of some of your key features though such as speed and power as well as the drag output and spool capacity, so it’s important to make sure that you’re getting the right size reel for you and your situation.

You want to make sure that you’re striking the right balance between strength and usability, as if you get one that is too big then it will be too hard to use and this is going to take away from your fishing experience.


Construction of the reel is obviously critical as well and most of these products are made from graphite and aluminum which offers a perfect balance of material which is both tough and durable, as well as being lightweight too, meaning that you don’t have to sacrifice any control or strength.

A metal body is generally preferred as this is going to be able to cope with the flex of the rod better than a graphite one could but then you also have to take into account the size of the fish that you want to catch and if this isn’t going to be large then this becomes less of an issue.

You want to ensure that your reel is going to be well-made and you don’t want to break too quickly as you need to let it handle the stresses and strains which can come from fishing. Getting a quality product from a well-known company gives you a much higher chance of getting a reel with superior build quality.

Spool Capacity

Spool capacity is very important with bass fishing as you will be making long casts into the water with potentially very long runs as well. This means that you will want to have plenty of line on your spool just in case the line breaks for whatever reason.

Spool capacity can be measured in different ways, as how many lines you can get onto the spool obviously depends on the diameter of the line that you are using. Bass doesn’t require a very thick line so you should be able to get plenty onto your spool.

With bass you generally don’t need a huge amount of line so getting a middle range spool capacity should be more than enough for your needs so that you’re not having a needless amount of line but have enough to be able to spend a whole day out on the water fishing for your bass.

Gear Ratio

A gear ratio refers to the revolutions that you are getting with one turn of the handle in terms of the rotor and the line guide. Generally different sizes of reel can have different gear ratios so it’s always important to check it before you buy your reel.

For bass fishing a ratio of 6:1 is generally seen as a good benchmark and this is all about cranking power and if you want more of it then it’s probably best to look for a reel which as a lower gear ratio and if you wanted a bit less then you need to look for a model which as a higher gear ratio.

In terms of general speak, the larger the reel, the lower the gear ratio you will have as this will be intended for the capture of bigger fish. As with most aspects of bass fishing, getting something in the middle ground is the ideal spot to be, as getting anything bigger will be a waste of money and energy.

Drag System

If you’re wanting to catch a good amount of bass then you will want to make sure that you have a highly effective drag system and one that is going to perform well in all situations. The drag works by applying counter pressure to the line once you have a fish is hooked to make sure that you don’t lose the catch.

Having a drag which will let you apply a smooth pressure constantly throughout the fight with the fish is essential in securing that catch and you will want the ability to be able to adjust the drag throughout the drag as well. A minimum of 12 pounds of drag pressure is a good starting point for bass.

There are other key aspects to as you’ll want a low start-up inertia in order to protect your line and enough maximum drag to be able to catch the biggest fish. All these factors are very important and having the right drag system is essential to your catch.

Bearings and Gear System

The ball bearings inside the gearing system are critical to a smooth operation when it comes to your reel and this is one of the key features that companies list in their product descriptions. Generally the more bearings that you see, the smoother the gear is going to be.

That is not always going to be the case though as build quality also plays a huge role in this so checking the product reviews to see exactly how smooth the action feels is important. This is an area of the reel that is placed under a lot of stress and well-made bearing will be able to stand up to that for many years.


When you’re out there on the water you want all the help you can get when it comes to securing that catch and a sensitive line will allow you to do that as you’ll be able to detect a light bite from a fish when it happens.

In order to feel this bite as soon as possible then you want to make sure that you are getting a high-quality line as well as having a good rod but most importantly you need a well-made reel which is made out of aluminum and graphite as this will give you the best chance of feeling that vibration along the line.



Q: Why Use Spinning Reels For Bass Fishing?


Bass spinning reels are the best choice if you want a reel that is going to be easy to use and provide you with the best chance of getting a catch. With a spinning reel you can try multiple techniques including drop shot, split shot and shaky head as well as being able to use a wide variety of lures. Bass fishing reels are bound to get you a great catch with their versatility and simplicity.

Q: What Is The Best Size Of A Spinning Reel For Bass Fishing?


With bass fishing you’re not going to need the thickest line that you can have as there is only a certain limit of how big your bass is going to be. Therefore there is little reason to get the biggest reel on the market unless you plan on doing other types of fishing with it. Getting a reel in the middle range of sizes is probably your best bet to having a reel that is easy to control while catching all the bass you want.

Q: What Type Of Rod Should I Get With The Spinning Reel For Bass Fishing?


You want a great spinning rod that is going to be compatible with the reel that you want to buy and one which will match the quality and the size of the reel that you’re getting. This will ensure that you are able to get all the bass that you want without worrying that your rod isn’t able to support your great new reel.

Q: When Should I Use Spinning Reel For Bass?


You can use your spinning reel at any time when you want to try the techniques that are going to be conducive to catching bass. A spinning reel though can be used for many different types of fish so if you wanted to look at other options then there is no need to change your reel unless you are doing a completely different type of fishing.

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When you are fishing, the line that you’re using is important and you want to make sure that you’re using a high-quality rod but a great reel can set you apart from your rivals and make your time out on the water easier than you ever thought possible.

Selecting the best reel for your bass fishing though obviously means taking plenty of aspects into account with one of the main issues being size. While bigger is often better, in the world of reels you also have to factor in weight and usability as you might find that the biggest reels are simply inconvenient and a waste of extra weight.

You also want to make sure that they have a high-quality construction and one that is going to last you for a very long time and be able to deal with the stresses and strains that are often placed upon it. Spool capacity is another area like size where there is no point going to the extremes, as bass fish don’t require a line that is too thick and therefore a medium sized spool would be fine.

Gear ratios often depend on what size fish you wanted to watch and with bass being in the middle range there’s not much need to get gears with a really low ratio. Drag systems are also important as you never want to lose a fish at the end of your line, which can be easily done with cheaper models and you ideally want a line where you will be able to feel the bite as soon as possible too. Finally, you want to make sure that your gearing system has plenty of ball bearings that are well-made to be able to deal with the stress and provide a smooth action.

Once you have taken everything into account then you will be able to select the top rated bass fishing spinning reel for you and head out to the water with a greater confidence than ever that you’ll be going home happy after your new reel as helped you claim the best catch that you’ve had in your fishing career so far.

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