One of the most popular ways of catching bass is with a spinning reel as it is efficient, easy to use, and can be used for many different types of fishing. But, in most cases, anglers need to pick the best spinning reel for bass, so that they can win most of the round against in their fishing expeditions. 

However, finding the best spinning reel is often challenging as the right option depends on your specific requirements and needs an understanding of key features such as the gear ratio, spool capacity, size, and drag system. 

That is why we went through several spinning reels for bass reviews and created a list of the 10 Best Spinning Reel for Bass in 2023 along with a comprehensive buying guide to help you choose the best bass fishing spinning reel for your needs.

How To Choose The Best Spinning Reel For Bass – Buying Guide



The size of spinning reels for bass is a very important factor in choosing the best reel. It affects the overall weight of the reel which ultimately influences the controllability of the rod. Though getting bigger spinning reels for bass increases the effectiveness of certain features such as speed and power as well as the drag output and spool capacity, still you need to ensure that you’re striking the right balance between strength and usability.


Most spinning reels for bass are made from graphite and aluminum which offers a perfect blend of durability and weight, meaning that you don’t have to sacrifice any control or strength. You may also look for a metal body reel as it copes with the flex of the rod better than a graphite one. However, that is a must suitable scenario when you are looking to catch large fishes. Whatever may be your choice, make sure that you pick an option that is well built and doesn’t break too quickly. 

Spool Capacity

Spool capacity is very important with bass fishing as it allows you to make long casts into the water all help in long runs. This means that you need to look for spinning reels that have plenty of line on your spool just in case the line breaks for whatever reason. With bass, you generally don’t need a huge amount of line so getting a middle-range spool capacity should be more than enough for your needs.

Gear Ratio

A gear ratio refers to the revolutions that you get with one turn of the handle in terms of the rotor and the line guide. For bass fishing, a ratio of 6:1 is generally seen as a good benchmark and this is all about cranking power. If you want more, then look for a reel that has a lower gear ratio, and in case you want a bit less, then look for a model that has a higher gear ratio. Generally speaking, the larger the reel, the lower the gear ratio. 

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Drag System

The drag works by applying counter pressure to the line once you have a fish hooked and ensures that you don’t lose the catch. Having a drag that lets you apply smooth pressure constantly throughout the fight with the fish is essential. Here, a minimum of 12 pounds of drag pressure is a good starting point for bass. Also, look for spinning reels that allow adjustability in dragging as it further improves the chances of your win.

Bearings and Gear System

The ball bearings inside the gearing system are critical for a smooth reel operation. This is one of the key features that companies list in their product descriptions. Generally, the more bearings that you see, the smoother the gear is going to be.


Sensitivity is another key aspect that is associated with bass spinning reels as it allows you to detect a light bite from a fish when it happens. To feel this bite, you need to ensure that you pick a high-quality line as well as a good rod. With that, you should pick a well-made reel that is made of aluminum and graphite as it gives you the best chance of feeling that vibration along the line.



Q: What kind of reel is best for bass fishing?


The best spinning reel for bass are the ones that are durable, light-weighted, and have a medium-range spool system. Additionally, these reels include an efficient drag system that is supported by a high number of ball bearings.

Q: Can you use a spinning reel for bass?


Yes, you can use a spinning reel for bass, provided it has all the essential features that are required for bass fishing. 

Q: Do pros use spinning reels?


Yes, Pros often pick a durable and efficient spinning reel for catching popular fishes such as bass. 

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Selecting the best reel for your bass fishing means a thorough consideration of several aspects. While bigger is often better, in the world of reels you also have to factor in weight and usability as you might find that the biggest reels are simply inconvenient and a waste of extra weight. Thankfully, we have gathered some of the best bass fishing spinning reels that are available in the market. We hope that one of them suits your requirement and helps you in claiming the best catch that you’ve had in your fishing career so far.

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