Your fishing experience can be improved by employing several angling tactics. This includes the use of specific bait and lures such as spinnerbaits. Spinnerbaits help to enhance the chances of catching fish such as bass, pike and walleye. However, to be able to implement the spinnerbait fishing technique, you must also utilize special gear to properly employ the tactic. 

Spinnerbait rods are a good example of the ideal gear. The best spinnerbait rods are designed to support the function of the spinnerbait. They help to provide the bait with just the right power and speed for a successful catch. Additionally, they are also constructed to balance the weight and structure of spinnerbaits. 

Listed below are the 5 best spinnerbait rods in 2023 – each rod outlines how useful they are in water and how they enhance your chances of successful fishing. The choice is all yours.

How To Choose A Spinnerbait Rod – Buying Guide



When choosing the best rod for spinnerbait fishing, the type of spinnerbait rod is important. Generally, the majority of anglers use bait casting rods. Spinning rods are also used sometimes for smaller or lighter spinnerbaits. Baitcasting rods are favored as there are easier to handle bait with, they offer a greater casting distance and boast more backbone. Thus, pairing up a baitcasting rod with a baitcasting reel proves to yield better results. 

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The length is also an important factor when you are choosing the best rod for spinnerbait fishing. However, a specific length value is not a direct pre-requisite for spinnerbait rods instead, you should focus on spinnerbait rod recommendations based on how you intend to fish. For example, if you want to enhance casting accuracy and control of your spinnerbait rod a shorter length is ideal.   If you want to cast further away and require more power however, a longer rod is ideal. 


The power rating of the best rod for spinnerbait fishing should also be considered for proper hook setting and safer fishing for the catch as well. Power ratings for fishing rods range from ultralight to heavy. To get a better understanding of the power rating of your fishing rod, it is simply defined as the strength of the rod or the lifting power of the rod.  

A fishing rod that is said to have a lot of backbone simply means that it has a heavy power rating. Heavier power rated rods will support heavier lines – keep in mind you have to follow the line capacity limit. The environment to which you plan to fish also determines the ideal power rating for your rod.  

A thick and heavy water source is ultimately better to navigate with a heavy rod power to be able to leverage on the fish before it overpowers the rod. Clearer and open water on the other end are ideal with a lighter and thinner line. The ideal power rating for a spinnerbait rod is medium to heavy.


The action of the best rod for spinnerbait fishing is also an excellent determinant of their performance. The action of a fishing rod describes how much the rod bends when its tip is under pressure. The action of a rod ranges from slow to extra fast. An extra fast or fast action rod bends at the top third or less of the rod blank thus, giving the rod more stiffness, sensitivity and greater hook setting power. 

A medium or moderate action rod bends at the top half whilst a slow action rod bends at the lower third half. The spinnerbait rod action depends on the type of hook you intend to use. Treble hook that uses crankbaits, for example, are ideal to use with a slower action rod. A slower action rod offers great control over fish. 

Extra fast action rods on the other end works great with single hooks. Medium and medium-fast rods also ideal for spinnerbait fishing. In general, the action and strength of the rod can work hand in hand. Lighter bait can be used with lower action and lighter rod whilst heavier ones can be used with a faster and heavier rod. 


You don’t want your spinnerbait rod to weigh you down. But most importantly, the spinnerbait rod should boast enough backbone to support a spinnerbait. Typically, spinnerbait will weigh anywhere from 3/8 to ¾ ounces. Thus, when choosing the best rod for spinnerbait fishing you must ensure that the lure capacity fits that of the lures you intend to use. 

The line rating is also an important weight factor. However, this doesn’t mean the weight of the line that the rod can support but rather the normal breaking strength of the line on the rod. So for example, a rod with a line rating of up to 20 or 40 pounds will boast the capacity to support rougher fish.



Q: What Are The Best Spinnerbaits?


The best spinnerbaits mimic a swimming baitfish in a smooth and flow action to attract fish. The best spinnerbait examples include single or double Colorado bladed, tandem willow and double willow bladed spinnerbait.

Q: What Is The Best Gear Ratio For Spinnerbaits?


The best gear ratio for spinnerbaits is a 6.3:1 ratio, a moderate retrieve rate. This ratio allows for more power to move larger bladed baits through water without loss or damage. Additionally, the ratio also offers just the right speed to keep your bait in the water.

Q: How Do You Cast A Spinnerbait?


To successfully cast your spinnerbait, give yourself at least 30 feet distance from the shore and cast towards or parallel to the shore whilst quickly reeling the line back in. if you cast your spinnerbait directly into open water, the fish are less likely to follow the spinnerbait and may even be spooked.  

Q: What Fish Do Spinnerbaits Catch?


Spinnerbaits are ideally designed to use for catching predatory fish species. These species include fish such as bass, pike and perch. This is because they are built to be tough and withstand the attacks or bites of the predatory fish. Spinnerbaits are also designed to securely work in different conditions including areas with heavy vegetation.

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The spinnerbait rod reviews outline how they can be useful in enhancing your fishing experience. Choosing ideally designed rods for spinnerbaits helps to enhance the spinnerbait performance thus, improving the chances of a catch and retrieve. Additionally, the spinnerbait reviews also outline on how to pair the rods with the right spinnerbait. The buying guide on the other end offers a detailed guide on what to look for when choosing the best spinnerbait rod. The list of the 5 best spinnerbait rods above is an excellent place to begin your search.

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