Going hiking or fishing on a sunny day? Then a Boonie hat is exactly what you need to protect yourself from the scorching sun. Boonie hats are designed for the outdoor and are meant to protect your head, face and neck. Their wide brim design was made to do just that! Makers of Boonie hats have certainly come up with more revolutionary ways to make the hat as functional and effective as possible.

So whether you’re escaping the harsh sun in the desert, dodging downpours in the rainforest, or simply going on a weekend hike with the family, the Boonie hat is definitely your pal. Listed below are the 10 Best Boonie Hats in 2023 and one of these bad boys is definitely bound to be a fit so jump and let’s take you through a virtual fitting of the Best Boonie Hats one can invest on.

How To Choose A Boonie Hat – Buying Guide



Most Boonie hats often come in a blend of synthetic materials whilst some are made of cotton. Choosing the material depends on where you plan on using your bucket hat,  for instance, nylon constructed hats are great at wicking away moisture,  while polyester holds its shape well even when rolled into a pocket.


The best military boonie hats are fabricated with heavy duty tactical mesh on top or mesh breeze- inducing vents to provide more breathability and to keep your head cooler in extreme heat over long periods of time whilst maintain its functions.


When choosing the best boonie hat, look for the ones with a snap that helps to hold up the brim. The snaps also holds down the hat on windy days or simply when you are riding your scooter by holding in intact on your head thus preventing it from insistently flapping or flying away. Plus, as an added perk, you can style your bucket hat with the snap to give you that cowboy look.

Chin Strap

A chin strap is like a regular snap with a platinum card! A Boonie hat with a chin snap will absolutely stay intact and not fly away!

Brim Width

The Best Boonie hats will definely have a stiff brim. The width of the brim however, is entirely dependent on the buyer’s choice. But we all know the wider the brim the more protection one gets. However, depending on your activity, you don’t want the brim to be too width that it becomes a hindrance.

UPF Rating

When going through specifications for your Boonie hat, choose those that have materials that offer UPF also known as Ultraviolet Protection Factor, if you want that ultra sun blocking hat. The higher the rate obviously, the more effective it is from blocking the sun.

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Neck Protection

If you plan on spending too much time in the outdoors or the wilderness, it is wise to invest on a bucket hat with neck protection.  Some Boonie hats come with elongated clothes that drop from insects, bugs and pests as well as protect your neck from the sun.


Boonie hats normally come labeled with sizes as well as indicators of whether they are intended for adults or children. Additionally, a perfect fitting Boonie hat depends on factors such as your head structure and shape. Most commonly, if you have short hair, it is best to get yourself a tight fitting hat wherein if you have long hair, it’s good to get a loosely fitting hat. However, a bucket hat fit entirely depends on your preference.


Comfort should always be put to consideration you are picking a Boonie hat. Think of factors such as material, ventilation, protection and fit. If all these settle well, then you are guaranteed to have a well fitting and all day comfortable hat.


The best boonie hat should offer longevity. How do you tell this by just looking at it? The easiest way to know this is through the material used. Additionally, cotton or cotton blend Boonie hats are normally machine washable, meaning it is easier to clean them, so you can use them over and over again as well as the cotton is known to be an integral material.



Q: Do You Need a Foliage Ring?


Not necessarily, unless you are going to combat or hunting. A foliage ring holds leaves or plants on the hat to help one blend in with the surroundings sort of like a camouflage!

Q: What Is A Boonie Hat?


The Boonie hat is a floppy, wide-brimmed hat that protects the one from the sun, rain, and wind in the outdoors. A military Boonie hat however, usually has a band of branch loops around the crown of the hat. These loops are known as a foliage rings and are used as camouflage during combat.

Q: What Are The Advantages Of A Bonnie Hat?


A Boonie hats holds a lot of advantage, first being it’s stylish but on a more practical side, it protects the face, neck, and hair from bad weather, it protects your hair from breakage and is great at assisting with camouflage for army men and hunters.

Globosurf Overview

Boonie hats come in so many varieties. It can be mind-boggling to choose the best Boonie hat from so many existing brands and designs. You will need to consider choosing the one that suits you best for your outdoor activity. When you have figured out the right factors – such as materials, design, and the works and are confident with how they should be, the making a choice on what to invest in shouldn’t be an issue. The Best Boonie hats in 2023 listed above are sure to make a cut in the list of the hat you will be investing in!

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