Summer is here and we’re already planning our next kayaking trips or beach get-together. One of the things you shouldn’t overlook when making plans is choosing a good hat, whether it’s for a vacation or for day to day use.

Not wearing a protective head wear during summer isn’t just uncomfortable, but it can be a health hazard, too. Browse our reviews of the best sun hats to consider this year; after this, choosing the one that suits you most should be a breeze.

How To Choose A Sun Hat – Buying Guide


There are so many models and shapes of hats on the market, that you might be tempted to choose one based on style alone. To avoid getting a sun hat that doesn’t match your needs, here are the main things to keep in mind before taking a decision.

Choosing a Hat for Outdoor Adventures and Work

If you’re going on outdoor adventures where a large portion of time will be spent in the sun (like water sports, spending time on a beach blanket, hiking or camping), you need to look among the top rated outdoor travel hats. The same goes if you work outdoors, since it will also expose you to sun rays much more than the average person has to face them.

High solar protection should be the factor that matters most, since the potential danger posed by sun rays is very real and you will be highly exposed. More on the necessity to wear a sun hat below, in the FAQ section.

Choosing a Hat for an Afternoon Out

If you’re only shopping for a sun hat to be worn on a casual afternoon out, you can allow yourself a bit more leeway to look to great style first. All sun hats offer at least some amount of protection, and it will probably be enough for a casual stroll on an afternoon out.

We know there are many tempting styles out there, so feel free to go for what looks best to you. Gangster looks or cute embroidered messages are all in!

UV Rays

While most head wear products will claim a high level of UV protection, keep in mind that this is a give and take fact. Not even the highest rated sun hats can completely protect you from the potentially damaging power of the sun’s rays. At best, the protection offered by good sun hats is at around 98%.

This is all pretty easy to understand if you think of the little holes you can notice in the weave, if you examine your sun hat closely. The more light is allowed to pass through, the less effective the UV protection is. After all, the sun protection offered by a hat is still just a mechanical block.

For ideal protection, especially if you don’t have hair on your head, you should put on a layer of sun protection cream as well before wearing your sun hat. But even if the protection offered by sun hats is imperfect, it is still an important part of staying safe during summertime. Look for tighter weaved fabric when shopping for a sun hat and you will maximize its performance.



Q: Why Do You Need a Sun Hat?


Health authorities of almost every country in the world warn all citizens to be wary of the sun’s harmful rays during the warm season. As research progresses, we become more and more aware that while the sun sustains life, unfiltered exposure to its rays can be very dangerous to our health. Skin cancers and accelerated skin aging are just two of the concerns to think about.

To follow the safety recommendations of doctors, everyone should wear a sun hat during the warm season, especially since the head is one of the most exposed areas of the body. Clothing is our first line of defense against UV rays and our heads should not go without it. You should also use a beach umbrella if you spend time on the beach, it will help protect you more.

Globo Surf Overview

Wearing a sun hat during the warm season is a necessity. If you live in a particularly warm region or work outdoors, it’s even more mandatory. But this doesn’t mean it has to be a bore! The best sun hats on the market combine style and functionality into a great product. You just need to choose what suits you most, and we hope this guide helps.

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What kind of hats do you like to wear? Do you specifically wear sun hats to shield yourself from the sun? What do you like most in a hat? Share your tips with us in the comments!

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