Hip boots enable you to fish in knee-deep creeks, streams, rivers, or in the surf, and load and launch your kayak or boat without getting wet and soggy. They also come in handy when working in muddy, wet and snowy conditions such as when hunting, gardening or shoveling snow. The best hip waders are waterproof and comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

They also have outsoles that provide a sure footing on wet, slippery surfaces. If you’re looking for a reliable and durable pair of hip waders, below are reviews of the ten best options on the market right now. They are comfortable and provide excellent protection against moisture and slippery surfaces. Lightweight, packable and easy to put on and off, they’re convenient to keep in the back of your car just in case you get an opportunity to go fishing.

How To Choose Hip Waders – Buying Guide


The best hip waders to go for will depend on where and how you will be using them. Need hip waders for fishing in rocky streams? Then you need waders that will provide a good grip on wet rocks. Looking for a pair for hunting? Be sure to choose an ultra-rugged pair that doesn’t make a lot of noise as you stalk stealthily. Here are the factors to evaluate as you shop for a pair of hip waders:


Rubber, PVC, neoprene, nylon, and canvas are all materials hip waders are made out of. The ideal wader material will depend on the conditions you will be using them in. Rubber waders offer excellent waterproof protection but they are prone to chaffing and they can get pretty hot and uncomfortable to wear for prolonged durations as they aren’t breathable.

The best hip waders for warm conditions are completely waterproof but also flexible, breathable and lightweight hip waders. Nylon, canvas, and PVC make for lightweight and flexible waders that provide wading comfort. You need insulated hip boots for cold water use. Neoprene is the best wader material for cold-water wading as it is insulating.

Bootfoot or Stockingfoot

Most hip waders on the market are bootfoot hip waders that come with a pair of wading boots integrated. Hip wader boots are a complete wading outfit so you don’t have to get wading boots separately.

Stockingfoot waders, on the other hand, have sock-like booties attached to the bottom. They allow you to wear wading boots that fit you precisely and provide better support and traction when wading on slippery surfaces.  They are also easier to pack and perfect for use on the go.


For waders to be comfortable, functional, and durable, they have to fit right at the feet, thighs and come up to the top of the thighs. You need three measurements to decide what size of waders to get: your largest girth around the thighs, your inseam, and regular shoe size.

Take these measurements and match them up to the measurements on the wader sizing chart provided by the manufacturer. Following any sizing recommendations by the manufacturer and checking hip waders reviews by users will tell you whether the pair you’re considering is cut true to size or runs large or small.

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Wading in water means stepping on slick rocks, pebbles, muddy or slimy surfaces. Slipping and falling is always a concern. If you decide to go with boot foot waders, ensure the boots have outsoles that will provide a sure footing on wet, slippery surfaces.

Felt soles offer good traction on slippery surfaces such as streams with rocks and gravel. However, felt soles on wader boots are banned in some states as they can spread harmful organisms from one body of water to another. If you have to hike to access your favorite fishing spot, rubber-sole wading boots are comfortable and offer the support you need. Cleated soles are also a good option for wader boots.

The insoles, on the other hand, should be soft and provide arch support. Some waders come with insoles while others require you to purchase them separately.



Q: What Is A Hip Wader?


Hip waders or hip boots are tall boots that come up to the top of the thighs and clip on the belt. They are designed to keep you dry when wading in knee-deep water such as when fishing in shallower waters and loading and launching a kayak or canoe.

Q: What Size Of Waders Do I Need?


You need three measurements to determine what size of waders to get: the circumference around the largest girth of your thighs, inseam length and regular shoe size. Once you obtain these measurements, match them to the waders’ size chart and order the corresponding size. Some waders run large or small. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s sizing recommendation if any and check the reviews by wearers.

Q: Are Waders Waterproof?


Waders provide varying levels of water resistance. Waders made of waterproof materials and with welded boot attachment points and sealed seams are waterproof as long as you don’t get into water that is so deep that it is over the top of the waders. For example, hip waders are waterproof in knee-deep water.

Q: What Is A Stockingfoot Wader?


This is a type of wader that comes with sock-like booties bottoms instead of integrated wading boots. It is designed to be worn under wading boots.

Q: What to Wear Under The Hip Waders?


What to wear under your waders will depend on the conditions. When it is cold, you can wear warm and moisture-wicking pants made of fleece or wool blend fabrics. They will protect you from the cold and also act as a soft, warm and comfortable layer between your skin and the waders. You can also don thick wool wading socks. When it is warm or hot, you can wet wade or wear a pair of lightweight and breathable pants.

Globo Surf Overview

Waders enable you to get into the water without getting wet. Hip waders are perfect for situations where wading boots aren’t tall enough and chest waders are too much. They are ideal fishing waders for low-level waters in lakes, rivers, streams and in the surf in the spring and summer seasons.

They keep your feet and legs dry and also offer protection against slippage and other elements in the water. In addition to being waterproof, they should fit well, be comfortable and hold up well. Choose one of the top rated fishing hip waders in our reviews and pay attention to the factors in our buying guide as you make a choice and you will end up with the best hip waders for your needs.

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