Designed to be used in and around water, dive watches are highly water-resistant and rugged. The best ladies’ dive watches are the perfect companions for underwater and surface water sports. With their elegant yet sporty style, they are some of the most gorgeous and practical timepieces. They can go from the beach to the office to a night in the town.

As an accurate timepiece dive watches tend to be quite large and heavy and there are not many small dive watches available. Below, we have reviewed the five best women’s dive watches. They are just the right size for petite wrists without sacrificing functionality. They have water-resistant ratings of at least 100 meters or 330 feet and they are attractive and affordable.

Pro tip 1 - Size:
  • The size of your watch will affect how it’s worn, where it’s worn, and when it’s worn. Make sure to think through your diving, and pick a watch specific to your experiences. 
Pro tip 2 - Style: 
  • There are plenty of color options for women’s dive watches with the right budget. If you want to stand out in a crowd, match your dive watch’s color to that of your gear. 
Pro tip 3 - Use: 
  • If you want the most out of your dive watch, pick one that can be worn in and out of the water. You shouldn’t have to lose all of your styles when choosing the right computer.

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How To Choose A Women Dive Watch – Buying Guide


Maximum Depth

Dive watches have a depth rating in meters and feet printed on the dial and this is the first feature to pay attention to. If you are a scuba diver and want a watch you can wear underwater as a secondary diving timer, choose a watch with a minimum of 200m/660ft maximum depth rating so it will be able to withstand the immense water pressure it will be under when scuba diving. It must also have a screw-down crown. If you just want a highly water-resistant watch for swimming, surfing, paddling, fishing, working, or wearing outdoors, a 100m/330ft maximum depth rating will be sufficient.

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Water Resistance

A defining feature of dive watches is that they are highly water-resistant. This is what makes them suitable as underwater watches for women. The depth rating printed on the dial will tell you the level of water resistance the watch has and what kind of activities it is suitable for. A 200m/660ft water resistance rating makes a watch suitable for recreational scuba diving and other water activities. A 100m/330ft waterproof watch can handle snorkeling, skin diving, swimming, and surface water sports. 

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Dive Watches Under $500 


Dive watches are tool watches and they tend to be large. If you love the big watch trend that is in right now, you will have a wide range of options to choose from. If you prefer subtle watches or have small wrists, you will find that there aren’t as many affordable ladies scuba diving watches that fit comfortably on really small wrists. Our selection of the best ladies’ dive watches has great options designed for petite wrists. If you want a scuba diving watch, check that the strap is long enough to fit over a wetsuit. 


Dive watches are such cool-looking timepieces. They are available in a variety of styles and all of them are visually appealing. No matter what your style preference is, there is a diver watch to suit your taste. Want a sporty style to suit your active lifestyle or a dressy style you can wear everywhere? Do you like sparkly or simple? Bright or dark colors? All these styles are available and you can choose what you like.


How you plan to use your dive watch will determine the best option to go for. If you want a dive watch you can use as a secondary timer opposite your dive computer, you will need one that has a water resistance rating of at least 200m/660ft, a unidirectional bezel, and a screw-down crown so it can withstand the pressures and rigors of diving and keep track of diving time.

If you just want a stylish and highly water-resistant watch to wear while swimming, snorkeling, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, or surfing, one rated water resistant up to 100m/330ft will do. If you want an everyday watch to wear everywhere, choose an appropriate style that is dressy as well as sporty. 


Diving is tough on watches and the best dive watches have rugged and durable builds using tough materials such as stainless steel, rubber, hard resin, and hard mineral glass or scratch-resistant sapphire crystals. To ensure that you get a watch that will serve you for years without issues whether you plan to use it underwater or wear it only on land, read ladies’ dive watch reviews by users and choose one of the top-rated women’s dive watches made by a reputable brand. It is also important that you take proper care of the dive watch if you want it to last long.



Q: What Is The Difference Between Women And Men Dive Watches?


The most noticeable difference is the size. Men’s dive watches tend to be large and thick while dive watches women tend to be petite and slim. Some female dive watches feature bright colors while others have adornments in the form of crystals or precious stones. Other than the size and look, the features and functionalities are the same. Many dive watches are made to be unisex. If you are a woman and like a dive watch designed for men, you can go for it and it will still serve you well.

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Q: How Deep Can A Dive Watch Go?


The water-resistant depth rating printed on the dial of a watch is what tells you how deep underwater a watch can go. A 200m/660ft rated watch can go as deep as recreational scuba divers go without a problem. A watch with a 100m/330ft rating can go to snorkeling depths. There are high-end dive watches that can go as deep as thousands of feet below the ocean surface and emerge still ticking.

Q: How To Properly Care For A Dive Watch?


Before you go underwater with your watch, be sure to screw down the adjustment knob to prevent water intrusion. After exposing your watch to saltwater, swimming pool water, or murky water, rinse it thoroughly with fresh water.

When your watch gets dirty, you can wipe surface dirt using a microfiber cloth or scrub stubborn dirt using a soft-bristled toothbrush.

Proper dive watch maintenance is essential. Every one to three years, take your watch to a professional for cleaning of the interior and checking and replacing of the watertight seals and gaskets. If you have a battery-powered watch, have the battery replaced at a service or repair center so as not to compromise the seals.

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The best ladies’ dive watches have a high level of water resistance, a rugged build, and they fit comfortably on women’s wrists. The five dive watches for women in our reviews have these features. They are well made, attractive, and designed for small wrists. With their versatile sporty-chic designs, they are the ultimate accessories. Suitable for diving, snorkeling, swimming, skiing, sailing, and any other activity where the watch might get wet. Tough enough for outdoor expeditions and elegant enough for everyday wear. If you want a watch to scuba dive with, make sure it has a water-resistant depth rating of at least 100 meters.

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