With an under 100 budget, you can get an attractive dive watch with a robust build quality, accurate and reliable timekeeping, high level of water resistance and the other defining features of a dive watch such as great readability and a unidirectional rotating bezel.

To make it easy for you to find the best diver watch for your money, we’ve reviewed five best dive watches under 100 that exceed expectations at this price range. They have the premium looks of more expensive options, solid build quality and are suitable for water sports, outdoor expeditions, and daily wear. Let’s dive right into the reviews.

How To Choose A Dive Watch Under $100 ‚Äď Buying Guide


As for choosing the best diver watch under 100 for you, below are the features to pay attention to so you can be sure of what you are getting before you buy it and spend your money wisely.

Maximum Depth

The maximum depth rating printed on the dial tells you the level of water pressure a watch can withstand and what kind of water activities it is suitable for. A 100m depth rating is okay for snorkeling, free diving, swimming and water sports. A 200 meters depth rating is suitable for recreational scuba diving, free diving, snorkeling, swimming, and all surface water sports.

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Water Resistance

Water resistance is a defining quality of a dive watch. You want a watch where you won’t have to worry about water damage. The level of water resistance you need will depend on whether you will be wearing it while diving or you are a desk diver. For underwater use, a minimum water resistance rating of 100 meters or 330 feet is required.

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Do you want a big and bold watch like the gigantic watches that are trending these days or a classic, a medium size that fits well under a dress shirt? Consider the case size and ensure it fits well on your wrist. Women’s dive watches under 100 are smaller in size to fit on petite wrists. The adjustability of the strap is also important as it enables you to finetune the fit.


Style is all about personal taste and intended use. Do you want the classic diver watch look? Prefer a versatile wristwatch that will go with a formal suit as well as with a wet suit? Want big and trendy or a subtle size? Go for what you like and what suits your needs.


Will you be scuba diving with your new watch as a backup timer to your diving computer? Do you need one for surface water sports only? Need a practical everyday watch that you can wear to the office and take it to the great outdoors on camping, hiking, and backpacking expeditions? Having the intended use in mind will ensure that you choose a dive watch that will suit your needs.


You want a cheap dive watch pricewise not one that is cheap in quality and won’t last. To get a good diver watch under 100 that will serve you for a long time, read user reviews so you can choose one of the top rated mens dive watches under 100 made by a reputable brand and proven to hold up well.



Q: Does Quality Depend on The Price Or The Cheaper Models Are As Good As The Original?


Quality depends on price and what you get will depend on what you pay. Top quality dive watches built by the leading Swiss watch manufacturers, equipped with premium features and adorned in gold and diamonds cost thousands of dollars.

There are also reputable brands that focus on offering value and make high quality and reliable inexpensive dive watches. The best dive watches under 100 are attractive, tell time reliably, have solid quality and can withstand shallow diving, snorkeling, swimming and surface water adventures.

Q: How Deep Can A Dive Watch Go?


An 100m rated dive watch can go to free diving and snorkeling depths. A 200m rated watch can go to the depths recreational scuba divers go. There are some high-end professional diving watches that can go thousands of feet deep into the oceans. 

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Q: How To Properly Care For A Dive Watch?


Always remove your diver watch when showering or bathing, as the high temperatures and humidity can gradually damage its watertight seals. Before you go underwater, screw down or push in the crown to ensure it is watertight.

Rinse it with freshwater after spending time in the ocean, lake or swimming pool. Keep it clean by wiping dirt using a soft cloth. Once every one to three years depending on how you use your dive watch, take it to a service center for maintenance.

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We all like a good deal on a watch and as the affordable dive watches in our dive watches under 100 reviews prove, it is not about how much you spend but how wisely you spend it. You can get a reliable and beautiful dive watch without straining your budget. The best mens dive watches under 100 on our list are attractive and tough enough for everyday wear, water sports and outdoor adventures. Follow our buying guide to pick the best one for you and you will end up with a solid timepiece at an unbelievably inexpensive price!

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