A stopwatch is a valuable piece of equipment for every swimming coach. No matter if your athletes are practicing or competing, tracking time gives you insight into performance and progress. Stopwatches are one of the easiest ways to track your swim workout, so you get a clearer picture where and how to improve. We’ve compiled a buying guide to help you find the best coach stopwatch, and also selected some fantastic products to make your choice easier, so take a look.

How To Choose A Stopwatch For Swim Coach – Buying Guide


When you start working with kids, you’re helping them learn how to swim. As time goes, some children become competitors and time starts to play a large role. This is why every swim coach needs to have a stopwatch which is reliable, durable and easy to use, so you can concentrate on the training session and get the most out of it.


It’s important that you can count on your stopwatch for swimming to show the times with great accuracy. This means proper calibration, and precision which goes to 1/100th part of a second. All of the products we featured in our swimming stopwatch reviews will do this and record split times, while others can also time laps and memorize the data. While on this topic, it’s a big plus if the stopwatch keeps working normally even after you’ve dropped it or gotten it wet, which is inevitable to happen.


Since you’ll be using it around the pool, your new stopwatch should handle water well. Not all stopwatches can do this, so pay attention when buying. Also, there are certain differences between water-resistant and waterproof products. Water-resistant stopwatches can be only splashed with water, while waterproof products can be safely submerged into the pool. If you want to learn more about this, read our water-resistant vs. waterproof article.

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While this has nothing to do with functionality, it can make things more fun. Several products we featured offer a color choice, so your stopwatch isn’t black and boring. Some even have a multiple-color design, which in combination with simple functions makes them great for children too.


The display is perhaps the essential part of your swimming timer clock. Make sure it’s large enough, and the digits are easy to read. This way you can simply glance at the stopwatch instead of wasting your time trying to read it. Some displays show different information simultaneously (without changing modes), which can be a plus. Finally, some stopwatches have backlight, making the display more visible in low-light conditions.


Most stopwatches out there have three buttons, but there are exceptions. The number is not important, as long as they are functional. Usually you will get a start/stop, mode and reset buttons. They need to be easy to press, accessible to your fingers even when using the stopwatch with a single hand, and they should not jam after continuous use.


Like we said, the stopwatch is going to be exposed to some rough treatment around the pool. Look for a product that has a tough casing – usually hard plastic, and preferably with some rubber protection too. This type of reinforcement ensures shock protection so your stopwatch will keep working even if it hits the ground.

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Ease Of Use

No matter which swim timer you get, a user manual will come in the package. However, some products are more user-friendly than others. Take your time and choose a stopwatch which gives you easy access to all the functions without getting on your nerves.



Q: What Are The Benefits Of Using A Stopwatch?


Stopwatches give you precise information about the performance of your athletes. With it, you can motivate them and give them hints on how to swim faster. In addition, stopwatches are more straightforward and easy to use compared to watches.

Q: Are All Stopwatches Waterproof?


No, not all of them are. This depends on the way they were constructed. If you plan to submerge it into the pool, make sure you buy one of the waterproof stopwatches. Otherwise, a water-resistant stopwatch will also do the trick.

Q: How To Care For My Stopwatch So It Lasts Longer?


For starters, get a product which is made from tough materials, and is also resistant to shock and water. Many products come with various clips and lanyards for securing them. Nobody drops their stopwatch on purpose, but putting it around your neck or wrist greatly reduces the chance of it falling down and breaking.

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Tracking time is very important for competitive swimmers, so both athletes and coaches can track the progress and find ways to improve performance. Like we discussed, finding the best swimming stopwatch depends on what you need – a basic product or one that has an abundance of functions. We don’t have any doubt you’ll find the right one to make your training sessions better and more effective.

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