All divers must be trained in using hand signals underwater as a form of communication within the scuba diving buddy system. Hand signals are effective, but if you need to be noticed immediately and your dive buddy is looking in the other direction, you should also have the best underwater sounding device

It can also be called an underwater sound device and it can be a lifesaving safety signaling system in the event of a dive emergency. A scuba signaling device will emit a sound that can easily travel through the water for your dive buddy to hear and be alerted to any event.

Today, there are a lot of different options on the market. Some designs may be electronic, others manual, and some even have a light signal too. It can be hard to choose which scuba noisemaker would be best. With our guide for the best underwater signaling device, you will have all the information you need to find a top-rated option that ensures the safety of the scuba divers.

How To Choose An Underwater Signaling Device – Buying Guide


Intended Use

In the event of an emergency, time is of the essence, and an underwater sound device can get you connected with your friends faster so that you can start communicating the issue. For a diver’s safety, you should look for a top-rated underwater sounding device to add to your dive safety gear. The best underwater sounding device can be used in both emergency and non-emergency situations. The intended use of the underwater sound device is to simply get the attention of your friends or fellow divers when they can’t see you communicate with hand signals.

In the event of an emergency, a scuba noisemaker can be a lifesaving device. By using safety signaling you can get the attention of your teammates faster, which means immediate attention to the emergency situation.

A top-rated underwater sounding device should be small and easily portable. This will ensure that you can take your scuba signaling device on every dive trip to ensure you and other drivers stay safe.

The Size of the Underwater Signaling Devices

There are a variety of sizes of scuba noisemakers and it will depend on the specific design you have chosen to use. Universally, all scuba signaling devices should be handheld, which ensures that they are easily portable.

However, if you have chosen an electronic underwater sound device, it may be slightly larger than other models because of the additional parts. Some designs will be longer in length because they also have a light feature that can be used to further attract your friend’s attention.

Other models are very small and can actually be worn around the wrist and are used with the push of a button or to tap on the side of your tank. You can check underwater signaling device reviews to see what other divers have said about the size of the product. However, no matter which underwater noise maker you choose, you shouldn’t have to worry about them being too large.

The Weight of the Item

The weight will be related to the size of the safety signaling device and as we’ve stated, size can vary depending on the design. Like size, all scuba noisemakers should be handheld and lightweight.

Again, the difference can be down to whether you have an electronic underwater sound device or a non-electronic design. Electronic scuba signaling devices will have a few more parts that can make them heavier than non-electronic designs.

However, all underwater sound devices should be light enough that they don’t add any bulk to your load. Their lightweight designs ensure that they don’t add any unnecessary weight to your gear.

These underwater noise makers are designed with safety in mind. Most designs are lightweight to ensure that there is not a reason for a diver to not carry one on a trip.



Q: Should I use a light or sound signaling device?


Most divers will use a sound safety signaling device over lights. This is because the air horns can get the attention of your dive buddy while their back is turned to you. A light signaling device relies on your dive buddy to look in your general direction to see a light signal emitted by the underwater signaling devices.

Most scuba noisemakers can emit a small but audible sound from several feet away, which can be a more reliable alert to your friend. If you think about your hand signals, you can wave your arms underwater, but your dive buddy may never see. The movement isn’t enough to grab their attention. The same can go for a light signal. A dive buddy may not see the light and be alerted to an emergency.

However, there are some safety signaling devices that use both light and sound. These underwater noise makers have the added feature of light to get your dive buddy’s attention but use the security of sound to emit a safety signal further.

Q: When should I carry a signaling device?


Every dive trip. If you think about how hard it can be to communicate underwater, you should always have an underwater sound device for emergencies. It is safe to scuba dive, but you are in an uncontrolled environment and underwater navigation can be difficult. Unexpected situations can happen, but you can prepare for the worst.

A scuba noisemaker will ensure that you are always prepared for your dive. The devices are small and lightweight, which means they can easily be added to your gear and carried with divers on every trip they take.

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Whether you are on your first scuba dive or on your hundredth trip, safety is always important. You should always be prepared and a top-rated underwater sounding device can ensure that you are always in communication with a dive buddy or other divers.

There are a lot of different designs for you to choose from, but if you know exactly what you want or need, you can find the best underwater signaling device to take with you on every trip.

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