A visit to the beach is a joy, especially in the summer when the sun is high in the sky and spirits are up there too. A beach trip is not complete, however, without the classic beach staple: the humble inflatable beach ball, and if you are going to purchase a beach ball, you may as well purchase the beach ball there is.

Or you could take the best 10!

That is what we have for you here. Nobody wants to waste their time researching beach balls, and thankfully you do not have to. We have researched the 10 best beach balls in 2019, and here they are.

Beach Ball Reviews

How To Choose An Inflatable Beach Ball – Buying Guide



What are you going to be using the beach ball for? A small child will be able to grab a small ball and throw it around, while a large ball can also be fun. Are you going to be using it in the water? Do you want to play dodgeball with it? These are all factors to consider when choosing the size of your beach ball.


The color of beach ball is personal preference. Does your child have a favorite color? Then go with that. Are you planning a themed party? Match the color of the beach ball to the colors of the party.


The style also comes down to what you like. Who is going to be using the beach ball? What is it going to be used for? Is it for a party? Is it for an event? Think about where the beach ball is going to be and who is going to use it and then match the style to that.



Q: How do you Blow up a Beach Ball?


Depending on the beach ball you have, you may use different methods to inflate your  beach ball.  A smaller ball can be blown up with your mouth, though you should watch out for air valves which are one way. You may have to pinch the valve to allow the air in as you are blowing into it.

Medium and large-sized balls may require a hand or foot pump, while giant beach balls can be inflated easily will electric pumps.

Q: How do you deflate a Beach Ball?


The saddest part of the day is when you come to deflate your ball. You will feel deflated too. You can pinch the base of the air valve to let the air out quicker. A Globo Surf tip is to push a straw into the hole to hold the valve open and let the air out. When it is almost completely deflated, you may need to squeeze the last of the air out.

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A day at the beach is made all that better with the simple beach ball. I have not met anyone who does not like to bat at a beach ball when it is thrown towards them. Take advantage of this list and find a beach ball which is perfect for you.

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Do you have one of our beach balls on our list? Which one is your favorite? Let us know how you like it in the comment section below.

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Im so glad I found this article. It has so many beach ball choices. I bought my kids the Emoji Beach Ball and they love it.

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