We all enjoy a nice trip to the beach, especially in the summer when the sun is high. However, a beach trip is not complete without the classic beach staple: a beach ball. Most people buy a beach ball without putting much thought into it, but you want a ball that withstands sun and sand without popping after just a few uses.

To make your choice easier, our article reviews the best beach balls we came across in our research. We also give you hints on how to find a ball that will guarantee loads of fun on your beach trip.

How to Choose A Beach Ball – Buying Guide



Finding the right size for your new ball depends on the beach activities you have in mind. In addition, small children will be able to tiny beach balls and throw them around, while oversized beach balls can be more fun for adults. Are you going to be using it in the water? Do you want to play dodgeball or volleyball with it? These are all factors to consider when choosing the size.


The color of your new beach ball comes down to personal preference. Does your child have a favorite color? If it does, go with that. Are you planning a themed party? Match the color of the beach ball to the colors of the party.


While the best beach balls are made of plastic, you can’t expect the same quality level from each product. This is why we recommend that you purchase a ball made of tested high-quality vinyl. The material thickness also plays a significant role – thicker balls won’t pop as easily. Finally, it’s a good thing if the ball comes with reinforced seams, so it doesn’t lose air spontaneously.


As you had the chance to see, the weight varies significantly between different models. If you want to play dodgeball or volleyball, you should get a heavier ball that won’t float in the wind. On the other hand, a heavier ball can be dangerous for small kids. If you’re getting a ball for your child, it’s better to go with a soft and lightweight model.



Q: How To Blow Up A Beach Ball?


Different methods can be used depending on the size and valve of your beach ball. For example, smaller balls can mouth-inflated. Don’t forget that you may have to pinch the valve to allow the air in. On the other hand, medium and large balls may require a hand or foot pump, while giant beach balls are best inflated with electric pumps.

Q: How To Deflate A Beach Ball?


You do this by pinching the base of the air valve to let the air out. You can even put a straw into the hole to hold the valve open. When it’s almost completely deflated, you may need to squeeze the last of the air out. If you used an electric pump to inflate the ball, you can also deflate it by putting the pump in reverse.

Q: What Is The Standard Size Of A Beach Ball?


The standard size of an inflated beach ball is around 12 inches. This is the size most convenient for the majority of beach games. However, some beach balls are well under 10 inches, while beach balls large go well over 30 inches. Keep in mind that some manufacturers list the diameter when deflated, meaning that the ball will have a significantly smaller diameter once you inflate it.

Q: What Are Beach Balls Made Out Of?


Most beach balls are made of vinyl (PVC). This is a good material of choice since it’s lightweight, performs well in the sun and gives the ball some durability. However, as we mentioned in the guide, not all materials are the same. Our advice is to look for thicker vinyl that won’t puncture as soon as it touches something sharp.

Q: How Much Does A Beach Ball Weigh?


Beach ball weight varies significantly from one model to the next. Some balls (like the DomeStar) are extra-light and weigh only 5oz. Others (like the GoFloats Giant) weigh as much as 6 pounds. Lighter balls are better for kids, while heavier balls are great for beach games.

Q: Does A Ball Weigh More When Inflated?


No, not really. Since there isn’t much air inside the ball, the weight it adds is almost insignificant no matter how much you inflate it. In other words, you won’t notice any difference in weight whether your beach ball is deflated or inflated.

Q: Can You Fill A Beach Ball With Helium?


Yes, you can. Similarly to a balloon, filling a beach ball with helium makes it lighter in the air. While a smaller ball wouldn’t float (not enough gas inside), a large helium-filled ball can float in the air easily. However, keep in mind that helium leaks faster than air, meaning the ball will get deflated quicker.

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The best beach ball can make your day at the beach unforgettable – it provides loads of fun for you and your family. Kids or adults, almost everyone likes to take part in beach games. Feel free to choose any of the high-quality beach balls on our list and introduce new fun activities to your beach trip. 

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