Beach games are a fantastic way to bring some excitement and competition to your days on the sand. While tanning or relaxing with a cold drink is great, many of us seek more active ways to have fun and spend our time in the sun. 

With so many fantastic games to choose from, we didn’t have an easy time picking out the best of the bunch. This article will walk you through the best beach games available, enjoyed by beachgoers worldwide. We included games for kids, adults, and all the different skill levels, so everybody can have a blast.

How To Choose A Beach Game – Buying Guide


Size and Portability

While it’s not the first thing that comes to mind when buying a game, portability is very important to think about. Considering that you’ll be bringing a lot of other equipment with you, the beach game shouldn’t be too large or too heavy to carry. For this reason, we feel that beach games should break down and pack easily, so you can take them with you without trouble.

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Materials and Durability

Since all of these toys will be used around water, so they should be made of high-quality materials that can withstand these conditions. For example, high-quality PVC is a great option since it’s waterproof and won’t get damaged by salt or sand. Also, many balls are made of materials like rubber or wood because these materials float well if they end up in the water.


Once you reach the water, we doubt that you’re willing to lose a lot of time assembling the game. The game needs to be user-friendly and ready to be played in less than a minute. We chose our products with this in mind, meaning that even the larger games like the GoSports cornhole toss or Spikeball can be assembled really quickly.

Age of the Player

Player age is another important consideration when looking for beach games ideas, especially if you plan to play with small children. Some games require a higher level of coordination and physical prowess, and might not be suitable for very small kids. While products like Djubi are aimed toward older kids and adults, Activ Flyer rings will be perfect to toss around with your little ones.

eryone would want to have value for their hard-earned money. Durability is one factor you should consider while buying the beach games. You do not have to be budgeting for the games equipment every other summer.


Most of the beach games are played outdoors. It is important to look into the portability of game equipment when buying it. Game equipment that is easy to pack and carry will be the most suitable.



Q: Are Beach Games Safe To Play With My Family?


Yes, they are very safe to play. When designing games to play at the beach, manufacturers pay a lot of attention to safety. This means that the balls and flying discs can’t cause any serious injury to larger kids and adults. However, pay attention when playing with smaller kids, because some items may be too hard or present a choking hazard.

Q: Can These Games Be Played By Kids Under Five Years?


Yes, but not all of them. Some of these games require higher coordination and physical ability, so they might not be suitable for kids under five. Many manufacturers give age recommendations for their games, but it’s ultimately up to you to assess whether your kid can play it or not.

Q: Must All Beach Games Be Played Outdoors?


No, many of these are very versatile and can be played indoors too. If the game is made of soft materials and doesn’t involve throwing over large distances, it can be played inside. Good examples of this type of game are GoSports cornhole toss and the Franklin Washer game.

Globo Surf Overview

If you’re not the type of person lays around and tans all day, the beach games will make your beach adventures infinitely better. From simple disc throws to more demanding games, you can be sure that our games will give hours of fun to both kids and adults.

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