Summer 2022 Beach Games For Adults Guide


We all love lounging on the beach on a hot summer day jumping in and out of the water every half an hour. But, this can get a bit boring if this is your beach routine day by day. This is why you should try some beach games for adults – to make going to the beach even more exciting. Also, going to the beach with a group of people that you love to spend time with will make beach games even more enjoyable and fun!

Staying entertained and active is much better than just tanning on your towel, right? If this is your mindset keep reading this article to find out what beach activities for adults you should try next time you go to the seaside! 

Top 15 Beach Games For Adults

1. Spikeball

You will need a special circular net to play this game, but you can get this beach toy at most beach and local stores. The game consists of 2 teams (2 vs. 2 is best). The last thing you need is a ball and a hot summer day! 

One of the players starts the game by serving the ball by bouncing it off the net. Then the opponents need to bounce it back off, but they are allowed a maximum of 3 hits between each other. If a team misses the net they lose a point. Decide what is the maximum of negative points a team can receive before they lose the game. This is one of the beach games for adults that require fast reflexes, quick thinking, and teamwork! 

2. Tug of War

Tug of war is probably one of the most popular beach activities for adults because the beach provides everything you need for the game – a lot of friends and open space! You probably wondered in the past about this game and why do people keep playing it. It has been popular for hundreds of years, and it was also included in the Olympic games in the past century. 

The main goal is to test the strength between the two teams. All you need is a long rope and as many friends as there are. Someone has to mark a line before you start the game and that line will determine the winner. The first team that crosses the line loses. Each team has to pull the rope as hard as they can to make the opposing team go over the line. Make sure you don’t forget your sun hats when playing this game since you will be in the direct sun for some time! 

3. Volleyball

This is just a classic one. If you ever went to the beach you probably played a game of volleyball there. It is usually played with 6 people, but you can do it with just one friend. Three touches are allowed before you need to hit the volleyball back over the net. When playing in teams one person is not allowed to touch the ball two times in a row. Failing to return the ball over the net and hitting it out of bounds means points go to the opposing team. 

Determine the number of points needed for winning the game. Use tanning lotion when playing volleyball to get that beach color while having fun!  

4. Gritz

The game was invented by Oregon University back in 2000. It combines frisbee with volleyball and it is a great beach exercise! 

The only rule you need to remember is that you can’t have your feet on the ground and frisbee in your hand at the same time. Very similar to volleyball, right? The above section tells you more about the volleyball rules. So, just use a Frisbee instead of a ball and follow those rules and you are good to go! 

5. Flick ‘n’ Sticks

Another one of the beach activities for adults that requires frisbee to play it. Besides frisbee, you will also need  4 cups, 4 sticks, and a group of people. Divide into 2 teams and balance 2 cups on 2 different sticks. Decide what will be the throwing distance. 

Once you set it up you will be ready to play. The goal is to hit the opposing team’s sticks and knock the cup off. Take turns between teams when throwing. The team gains a point each time they manage to knock the cup off. 

6. Beach Beer Pong

When it comes to partying this is one of the best beach games for adults and summer parties! Usually, there are two teams with as many players that want to play. You need 2 ping pong balls and 20 cups to set everything up for the game. Shape the cups in a triangle and pour a bit of beer in each of them. 

Determine the throwing distance and choose which team will go first. The goal is to toss the ping pong ball directly into one of the opposing team’s cups. Someone from the opposing team needs to drink the beer from the cup with the ball in it. The team that loses all the cups first loses the game. 

7. Bocce Ball

If you need a perfect evening summertime game this traditional game of boules will be one of your best options! It can either be played in teams of 2 or with individual players. You will need 8 large LED balls (2 colors) and one smaller ball to play bocce ball. 

The objective is to roll the larger balls as close as you can to the smaller ones as possible. Each team is assigned a ball color before the game starts. Once both teams toss all the balls the round ends. This is one of the most popular beach games and you probably saw it many times when you were at the beach. 

8. Limbo Dance 

What’s the lowest you can go? You probably played this game when you were little at birthday parties. But, can you pass under a limbo stick now? The main objective is to go under the stick without touching it with any part of your body. You are disqualified if you fall or touch the stick. 

The difficulty will increase with each round. Stick will be placed lower to the ground each time everyone successfully (or not) passes below it. 

9. Musical Blankets

Another one of many beach games for adults that will take you back to your childhood! Instead of using chairs, use beach towels to play this intense game. Lay your towels on the sand, and if you remember, you need one less towel than people are playing. 

The game starts when you play music. This is when everyone needs to dance around the blankets until someone turns off the music. Everyone needs to find their spot on a blanket when the music stops. The player that can’t reach a blanket is out. Repeat everything until there’s only one person in the game! 

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10. Hot Potatoes Beach Ball

We just love these beach activities for adults that we all used to play as kids! Suggest this game to your friends if all of you are tired of running around. Sit in a circle, grab a beach ball, and play some music that everyone likes and you are ready to go. 

Pass the ball to the person on either of your sides once the music starts. When the music stops, the player with the ball in their hands at that moment is out of the game. The last one remaining is the winner! 

11. Tidal Ball

You need a TidalBall set in your beach bag if you like partying and playing games at the seaside. Also, this is another game that you can use bocce balls for. Besides them, you also need a cornhole and 4 koozies. This is one of those beach games for adults that can be accompanied by a couple of drinks to make it even more fun. 

Dig a few trenches and a couple of holes. Try to toss the balls into them and collect as many points as you determine is needed for a win. 

12. Sand Darts

Swap the darts for pebbles and the board for hand-drawn rings in the sand (don’t forget the cooling lemonade too for refreshment). This is all you need for an afternoon of hot competition and quick math. Draw whatever shapes you like to customize the board and setpoints for each target. 

What makes beach activities for adults great is simplicity – and this game has it set. Determine the throwing distance and draw a throwing line. Let kids join you in this game too, just make their throwing line a bit closer to make it easier for them. 

13. Scatch 

The sound of a tennis ball being ripped from a Scatch pad is probably one of the most reminiscent sounds of childhood beach days. Sadly, families don’t play this game that much nowadays, but during the 90s this was one of the most popular beach games for adults and kids without a doubt. 

The game is suitable for all ages and will be fun for everyone. This simple catch and throw game can be adapted if you can make up your own rules and set boundaries. Use multiple balls to make the game more intense and faster. 

14. Jazzminton 

You might think that badminton is an ideal game for a beach, but that’s not true. Beaches are usually windy, making badminton just a headache. So, we recommend you trying Jazzminton as a simple variation of badminton. 

It is played with feathered birdies and wooden paddles instead of shuttlecocks and racquets. Two of the birdies in the set have long feathers that slow the pace of the game. The other two are designed to move faster through the air, making Jazzminton one of the most interesting beach activities for adults! 

15. Waboba Ball

If you enjoy diving in the sea while playing a beach game then this type of ball is definitely for you. It bounces on water, and with some interesting spins and throws it can be incredibly hard to catch this little ball. 

Play a simple game of catch with your friends with this ball and you will see how hard can it be to catch. Try using it as if you were skimming stone and watch your friends having a really hard time trying to catch it. 



Q: How can I have fun on the beach?


For most people, just going to the beach is fun. So, if you are one of those you will be excited just seeing the sand and the sea. Swimming in water, playing different games with your friends and family, and enjoying a few drinks are always good ways to enjoy a few hours on the beach!

Q: What activities can you do at the beach?


There are many activities you can do at the beach. Depending on your physical strength and health you might find some activities more fun than others. However, swimming and playing beach games with friends and family are probably the best activities you can do at the beach.

Q: What to take to the beach with you?


There are a few essentials you shouldn’t forget when you’re going to the beach. Beach towels and blankets are a must. In addition, sunscreen, water bottles, bug spray, beach bags, and snacks should always be near you, especially if you’re going with kids. 

Globo Surf Overview

Just going to the beach means you are going to have a great time swimming in the water and sun tanning. But, it is always good to make everything more interesting for everyone if you include some beach games while you’re there. Bring your friends and family to the beach and decide what game you’re going to play. These games don’t have strict rules so you can change them to your likings. We hope you will try out at least one of these games next time you hit the beach and that you will have a great time

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