15 Creativity Boosting Beach Activities For Kids


Spending the day at the beach can be a wonderful experience, but children may lose interest if all they are doing is swimming. Luckily, the beach offers a lot of opportunities to be creative and keep your children engaged. 

What’s great about these activities is how easily they can occupy your little one’s attention. Furthermore, they will challenge them just enough to boost their creativity. In this article, we will present you with the 15 best beach activities for kids you can try next time you’re out in the sun.

Best Creative Beach Activities for Kids

1. Building a Stone Landmark

Let your children explore everything the beach has to offer. Have them gather sea glass or stones of different sizes and then let them build whatever they want. This is their opportunity to get creative while having fun at the same time. Also, they will work on their coordination. 

It is important to make sure you are monitoring them at all times, especially if they are very young. Your toddler may mistake real glass for sea glass, which can be dangerous. However, most private beaches are properly taken care of, so you shouldn’t experience any problems.

2. Making Sand Angels

Who said that making angels can only be done in winter? The experience can be even more fun on the beach, especially because there’s no risk of getting cold. Making sand angels is one of the best beach activities for toddlers because it doesn’t require additional equipment.

Your little ones will love the idea that they can recreate their favorite winter activity in summer! Let them enjoy designing their beautiful masterpieces but also make sure you clean them up afterward.

3. Making Sand Masterpieces

Creating sand masterpieces is one of the most engaging beach activities for toddlers since it boosts their creativity. Your children shouldn’t limit themselves to only making a castle, even though they are always fun. 

If you ask your youngsters to create something of their own, their imagination will run wild and will overflow with amazing ideas. You can sit back and relax in your beach chair while your kids are having an amazing time!

4. Drawing in the Sand

Have your kids draw a picture, write letters, or even whole words in the sand. This activity is one of the best creativity boosting beach activities for kids since it lets their imagination run wild and free. 

Also, it can help them practice spelling in a fun way. If your kids can’t come up with ideas, you can challenge them to draw a family portrait or draw what they see on the beach. They can use a stick, rock, shovel, or their hands to complete this activity. 

5. Building a Sandman

Here’s another way you can transfer fun and creative winter activity to the beach! Let your children play with sand using buckets and shovels. Once they’ve gathered enough material, they can start building their sandy friends!

This activity will make your kids focus on gathering the best-looking seaweed and pebbles to create the sandman’s arms, nose, clothing, etc., which will allow their creativity to bloom. Make sure your children often take breaks and rest under the umbrella

6. Beach Photographers

Borrow your children a camera you don’t mind them using and let them take different creative pictures such as portraits, pictures of the sandman, pictures of the sea, etc. This is one of the easiest beach activities for kids which increases their creativity and keeps them engaged. 

You can even create a theme for your kids to follow such as pictures of the sky or pictures of them making different faces, among other ideas. Just don’t forget to let your children know that they shouldn’t be taking pictures of other people to avoid embarrassing situations.

7. Painting Pebbles

Painting pebbles is one of the most exciting beach activities for kids. It will keep them entertained for a long time as well as give them a chance to express their creativity. This activity is great because you won’t have to worry about getting your house messy.

Besides, it will encourage your little ones to create unique paintings, as well as write different creative messages. It is important to get non-toxic paint as well as take the pebbles with you to keep the environment in the best possible condition.

8. Print Making

Your children can benefit from collecting interesting stones, shells, and driftwood on the beach. Show them that they can make different shapes by pressing them into the sand. They can either talk to you about the shapes or use them to make a drawing.

Printmaking is one of the most beneficial beach activities for toddlers since it can teach them about basic shapes and patterns but also keep them engaged. If your child is not old enough to collect the required items from the beach, you can do it on your own. While you’re searching, it is important to protect your head from the sun with a beach hat.

9. Footprint Game

Creating footprints in the sand is one of the easiest creativity boosting beach activities for toddlers. You can even join your kids and turn this activity into fun family time. There are many different ways to boost your children’s creativity by making footprints on the beach.

For example, you can take different paths and then follow each other, compete in making the longest chain, or make a giant doodle out of the footprints. Since this activity can be tiring, make sure you always have fresh fruit and water in your beach cooler

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10. Collecting Sand

Sand is an awesome resource that can be used in many different ways to boost your children’s creativity. If you have access to different beaches, you can help your kids collect sand from a few different locations.

In case you’re lucky and you find many different shades of sand, you can instruct your children to lay them in a jar. They can even place some seashells or interesting pebbles in the jar and let their creativity flow freely. This is one of the most interesting beach activities for kids because they can bring their creations home or give them as gifts.

11. 2D Creations

Help your kid collect as many shells and pebbles as possible. Make sure they are of different shapes and colors. Once you’ve gathered enough material, you can start creating a 2D scene on the sand. You can let your child design their own, or you can guide them through the process.

Remember, the more details the better! You can also use seaweed and driftwood to make the scene more realistic. This activity is one of the most engaging beach activities for toddlers because it lets them work both on their coordination and creativity. 

12. Sand Bakery

Sand is perfect for creating different shapes, so why not allow your children to express themselves? Let them imagine they are in a bakery and are in charge of making all the cookies, cakes, and pastries. Make sure they are aware they can use different sand molds or their own hands.

Besides, tell them they can also use different decorations, such as pebbles and seaweed. You can even go one step further and organize a baking competition. Go ahead and try this idea next time you’re looking for fun and engaging beach activities for kids.

13. Making a Sand Family

So you forgot your camera? No problem! You can still make an awesome family portrait… in the sand. Your children will love this twist to a typical family picture. To make a sand family, all of the members will have to lie down.  Then, someone will have to trace around you to get a silhouette. 

Let your children decorate the sand to make it look like the family members. Use extra clothes, such as board shorts, beach bags, or an additional swimsuit. On the other hand, you can use sunglasses, seashells, or pebbles, to complete one of the most creative beach activities for kids.

14. Making Sea Pools

Making sea or ocean pools is one of the most calming as well as creative beach activities for toddlers. Your kids will enjoy the experience of pouring water and sifting sand on the beach. To help your toddler, dig a small hole. Your child can then start filling it with water to create a pool.

To make this activity more creative, let your children add different pebbles, seashells, and seaweed to the water. Also, they can use beach toys to decorate their pool and turn it into a miniature resort. To protect your little one from the sun, make sure you gather all the beach bag essentials before heading out.

15. Making Stone Faces

Letting your children make stone faces can be a lifesaver whenever you run out of beach activities for toddler’s ideas. Gather various stones of different sizes and give your children non-toxic markers. Let them express their creativity by arranging the stones and then coloring them to make different faces.

You can make this activity a bit more challenging by giving your toddler a task to create your face or the face of a family member. 



Q: What are Some Beach Activities?


There are many different beach activities, some of which require special equipment. For example, the most popular beach activities are mini golf, beach volleyball, flying a kite, beach bowling, etc. In order to boost your children’s creativity, you can let them build stone landmarks, make snow angels, draw in the sand, make stone faces, and paint pebbles, among other activities. 

Q: How Can I Have Fun at the Beach?


Swimming can be a very fun way to spend time at the beach, but there are other fun beach activities. For example, you can play beach volleyball, try playing mini golf, collect seashells and pebbles, collect different-colored sand and create home decorations, paint the stones, or simply read a book. The possibilities are endless!

Q: What Should Kids Bring to the Beach?


In order to protect your kids from the sun, you should invest in quality beach essentials. The most obvious thing to bring is a sunscreen with a high enough SPF. In addition, you should always have a first aid kit in your beach bag since children can easily get hurt while playing. Furthermore, bring some beach towels, snacks, water, and toys.

Q: What Can You Do with Sand?


Sand is very versatile and can be used in many different ways – you can dig in it, you can sift it, or use it to create different objects. For example, you can use it to make a sandcastle or a sandman. In addition, you can make a huge footprint doodle. Also, you can dig and create ocean pools. 

Q: What Should You Not Do at the Beach?


There are some things you should never do at the beach in order to make the experience enjoyable for everyone. Never play the music out loud because some people may be reading or napping. Don’t feed the birds because bread is mostly not good for them. Also, remember not to shake your beach towel near other people.

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Playing in the water can be fun, but it may get too repetitive for children. Luckily, there are many other activities they can engage in at the beach. Such activities will boost your children’s creativity and let them learn basic skills while having fun.

There are many beach activities for toddlers that can be done with or without toys. Whatever choice you make, your kids will love your ideas! You can let them build a stone landmark, make a sandman, sand angels, build a sandcastle, or even make their sand bakery. Just make sure both you and your children are wearing sun-protective clothes and are well hydrated

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