Did you know that picnics were originally elaborate feasts the wealthy hosted to demonstrate their status! Today, picnics are a simple luxury all of us can enjoy when the weather is warm and bright. The picnic basket is a very important part of the picnicking experience. It makes packing and carrying everything easy and it adds style to the picnic setup. Below are our top ten picks of the best baskets for picnics based on quality, utility, ease of carrying, and of course aesthetics. Our list includes all kinds of baskets from traditional hampers, modern picnic basket sets to insulated totes.

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How To Choose A Picnic Basket – Buying Guide


Decades ago, all picnic baskets were woven from wicker, had a handle on the top, one larger compartment, and a red-and-white checkered lining. The traditional picnic hampers available today still have this classic style. There are also modern baskets for picnics with all kinds of designs, materials, layouts, and features. When shopping for a picnic basket, there are some features you’ll want to pay attention to so you can pick the best picnic basket that will suit your needs and serve you well on many outings


Whether you will only have to carry the basket a short distance from the car to the picnic spot or have to lug it a long distance, it should be easy to carry. A good picnic basket should have a handle that is sturdy and comfortable to hold and carry even when packed with food and drinks. Large handles you can carry over your arms when the basket is heavily packed are great.


The material a picnic basket is made of is something to consider if you want to choose the best picnic basket. You want a picnic basket that is high quality and lasts and that is easy to clean and the material plays a role in all these qualities.

Willow, the classic picnic basket material, is tough and malleable thus easy to weave and doesn’t split easily. It adds a warm, decorative touch to the picnic setup. Rattan is often used to make picnic basket handles because of its strength and durability. Polyester canvas is flexible, durable, stylish and easy to clean.  


A picnic basket is an investment you expect to serve you for years to come. This requires purchasing a quality basket that can handle being packed with food, drinks and other picnic essentials, being carried through parks and beaches and being exposed to the sun for hours. Quality baskets for picnics are well made using tough materials, sturdy weaving, and strong handles.


The lining in a picnic basket cushions items and protects the interior of the basket. It is also a decorative element that adds to the basket’s style. A picnic basket without a liner wouldn’t offer a good experience. Look for a basket with an inbuilt liner and choose a color or pattern that will match the picnic theme. A line that is removable is good, as it is easy to wash.


Compartments make it easy to neatly organize items in the basket. Many picnic hampers have a large compartment for packing food and drinks and straps for securing utensils. Some modern picnic baskets have insulated compartments that keep hot and cold foods fresh while some also have blanket and wine bottle holders. The number of compartments to go for comes down to personal preference. 


Interior storage space is one of the most important things to look at when choosing a picnic hamper. You want to make sure the basket you get has enough room to hold the food, drinks, utensils and other essentials for everyone. Think about the number of diners and how many items you’ll need to pack and choose the size that will suit your needs.

Picnic baskets are sized according to the number of people they are designed to cater to. There are two person picnic baskets, picnic baskets for four, and larger picnic baskets for 6 people or more.

Additional Features

Modern baskets for picnics are equipped with all kinds of features and packed with a variety of picnicware and handy accessories. Some sets come with plates, wine glasses, cutlery, bottle openers, and table linens. Some even come with picnic blankets. Some luxury picnic baskets come with high-quality ceramic plates and linen napkins. Extra features include insulated compartments or cooler inserts and collapsible designs for easy storage. What additional features to go for is a matter of personal preference.



Q: What Is A Picnic Basket?


A picnic basket is a container designed to hold and carry food, drinks, and other picnicwares when going for a picnic. There are traditional wicker hampers and modern picnic baskets.

Q: What Are The Benefits Of Using A Picnic Basket?


A picnic basket makes it easy to pack and transport food, beverages, utensils and other picnic necessities. It is space efficient, keeps items neatly organized and ensures everything gets to the picnic destination in one piece. And it adds style to the picnic setting. An insulated picnic basket keeps food and drinks at the right temperature.

Q: How Do I Clean My Picnic Basket?


Used to hold and transport food and drinks into the outdoors, it is inevitable that your picnic basket will collect dust, dirt, and grime. Here is how to clean your picnic basket:

Remove all the items from the basket. Turn it upside-down and give it a good shake to eliminate loose debris. You can also put raw rice grains into the basket and shake vigorously to dislodge dust, sand, dirt, and other debris embedded in the weaves.

Remove the lining and hand wash it or give it a quick, gentle spin. If the liner isn’t removable, you can use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the loose crumbs.

Use a sponge or microfiber cloth dipped in warm soapy water to clean the inside and outside of the bag. You can also use a mixture of equal parts vinegar and water. Stubborn smears and debris may require scrubbing with a small brush.

Sprinkle baking soda inside to get rid of any odors. Let the basket dry completely before placing the picnicware back inside. Brush or vacuum the baking soda when the basket is dry.

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Whether it is a romantic date, a family outing, an outdoor cultural event such as a concert, a relaxing day at the park with friends, or just enjoying a meal and a book on your own, a picnic basket will be at the center of the picnicking experience. Whether you prefer a traditional hamper or a modern set, it is important to invest in the best picnic basket that will accompany you outdoors again and again.

Whenever the weather looks inviting and you have some free time, you can then head out to a park, beach, outdoor event or favorite spot, spend quality time with loved ones and have fun while enjoying the rejuvenating, stress busting and mood-boosting benefits of breathing some fresh air and basking under the sun

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